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Chapter 4831: Rank Two Martial Exalted

The old man rose to his feet out of nervousness.

His widened eyes showcased not just astonishment but horror.

It was as if he had just witnessed something incredulous.

It was fortunate that the flames receded swiftly.

It continued to burn, but it had returned to the cauldron. 

Seeing this, the old man heaved a sigh of relief.

“Of course.

How could enhancing intelligence possibly require that much energy from the cauldron”

The old man sat back down and closed his eyes once more.


The next moment, lightning began rumbling in the sky above, prompting the old man to open his eyes once more to look at the sky.

There was a sharp glint in his eyes as he peered through the limitations of the ceiling to look at the situation outside.

Nine-colored lightning had covered the entire sky, looking as if it would devastate everything beneath it.

“A lightning phenomenon This lad… is going to make a breakthrough He does have good luck.

It looks like he has reached a bottleneck in his cultivation and managed to arrive at an epiphany.

Ahh, this explains why he chose to raise his intelligence. 

“However, if its just this much, he should have chosen to receive pointers on his cultivation instead.

He could have gained much more out of it.

Forget it, he was the one who chose his own path,” the old man said as he continued gazing at the sky.

“The lightning phenomenon does look quite imposing.

He must have cultivated the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique It looks like he has quite a background.

Its just that his arrogance will get in his way,” the old man sneered.

It seemed like he still had his reservations about Chu Feng not heeding his advice.


Soon, lightning began to bolt down from the sky.

As powerful as it was, it didnt damage the building at all.

Instead, it passed through the ceiling and fell directly on Chu Fengs body.

Not too long later, the lightning began to fade, and Chu Feng walked out from the cauldron. 

“Thank you, elder,” Chu Feng directed a bow at the elder as he spoke.

There was inconcealable joy on his face,

He had finally managed to decipher the final seal on the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor, raising his cultivation up to rank two Martial Exalted level.

Along with the various means he had, he would be able to stand against even rank five Martial Exalted level cultivators.

If he used his Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes properly too, he could stand a chance against rank six Martial Exalted level cultivators too.

With his current level of cultivation, he would be able to challenge even those from the Holy Light Clan.

There was no one in the Holy Light Clan who was a match for him anymore other than its patriarch, Shengguang Xuanye.

On top of that, Chu Feng also noticed that the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor had turned into a rare, invaluable treasure he could control after he removed all of its limitations.

It was a treasure that enhanced his spirit power. 

With the enhancement of the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor, he could feel his soul becoming much stronger than usual. 

While cultivation and intelligence were related to ones willpower and temperament, a powerful soul was the foundation of ones life, making it even more so important to a cultivator. 

And the reason why he was able to enjoy all of these benefits now was thanks to the cauldron. 

The power inside the cauldron was greater than he had expected.

“Its fate thats on your side.

You may leave now.” 

The old man dismissed Chu Feng with a wave of his hand.

“Elder, are you… really not the elder of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect” Chu Feng asked.

“Ive already told you that Im not him, so dont bother asking that question anymore.

Hurry up and leave.

Dont make me chase you off,” the old man said impatiently.

“Ill be taking my leave then.”

Seeing that it was impossible to get anything out of the old man, Chu Feng turned around and left the building. 

The old man closed his eyes once more.

It was only when another junior arrived in the building that he spoke up once more.

“What kind of pointer do you hope to receive” the old man asked.

“Lord True Essence Exalted, Id like to receive pointers on my cultivation,” the junior said. 

“Enter the cauldron.”

The junior quickly entered the cauldron at the old mans orders. 

The old man took out the smaller cauldron and special sheet of paper.

He wrote the wordsenhance cultivation on the paper before tossing it into the smaller cauldron. 

However, the smaller cauldron simply shuddered a little before falling still.

There wasnt even a spark of flame at all. 


Sensing that something was amiss, the old man lifted the smaller cauldron to take a look, but his gaze slowly turned grim.

Upon confirming something, he placed the smaller cauldron in between his hands and infused a mystical power from his body into the cauldron.

Slowly, the cauldron began to react. 

However, the old mans face began warping in shock once more.

“Why would this happen Could it be that lad from earlier on He actually sucked the energy in my cauldron dry in a single breath Just who in the world is he” the old man exclaimed in shock.

He looked in the direction where Chu Feng had departed for a moment before finally retracting his eyes.

“You may leave now,” the old man told the junior in the cauldron.

“Lord True Essence Exalted, has the pointer already come to an end” the junior asked in bewilderment. 

“Im not in a good condition to offer you pointers today.

No, its not just today.

Dont bother scaling the mountain for the next three months.

If you wish to receive my pointers, return three months later.” 

The old mans tone sounded a little unhappy, perhaps angry even. 

Seeing that the old man wasnt in a good mood, even though the junior felt a little indignant at not receiving anything for his effort, he could only leave the building quietly. 

Once the junior was out, the old man activated the mountain formation.


The formation suddenly jolted intensely.

Chu Feng was still descending from the mountain when a powerful force suddenly pushed his body out of the mountain at a breakneck speed. 

It wasnt just him.

Many other figures were being pushed out of the mountain too. 

“How did we come out”

The other juniors were as confused as Chu Feng.

“Crap, it doesnt look like we can go in anymore.”

“What happened”

The confused crowd chattered amongst themselves.

Chu Feng was also intrigued as to why this would happen, but he wasnt too concerned as he had already received his benefit.

Thus, he began making his way toward where the sectmaster was.

In truth, he was feeling extremely uncertain at the moment. 

He didnt know whether the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple had really sent Duan Liufeng down the mountain, and he was worried about Zi Lings safety too. 

It was only when he saw them at where the sectmaster was that his heart finally rested at ease. 

All of them were standing there safe and sound, be it Zi Ling, Duan Liufeng, or the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple. 

On top of that, Duan Liufeng and Zi Lings aura felt stable.

It seemed like they had managed to receive timely treatment.

“Lord Sectmaster, True Essence Exalted said that…” 

Chu Feng was intending to reveal the happenings to the sectmaster when the latter suddenly asked, “You killed Zuoqiu Youyu”

Her eyes looked exceptionally cold.

“Yes,” Chu Feng replied with a nod.

It was impossible to hide this matter, but it was fortunate that Duan Liufeng was here to testify for him.

“You sure are brazen.

Even if he has done wrong, you could have just subdued him.

Its not your position to take his life!” the sectmaster roared angrily. 

“Lord Sectmaster, the situation was desperate back there.

Chu Feng had no choice!” Duan Liufeng said.

“I know of your relationship.

You need not side with him.” 

The sectmaster glared at Duan Liufeng coldly before turning her eyes back to Chu Feng. 

“Chu Feng, do you plead guilty”

“I have indeed killed Zuoqiu Youyu, and Im willing to accept your punishment.

However, I dont think that I have done wrong given the situation,” Chu Feng said. 

“Im not talking about that but something else,” the sectmaster said. 


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