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Chapter 4828: Sect Members Killing One Another

“T-that isnt the Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon.

Whats that” 

Duan Liufeng was so shocked by what he had seen that he actually voiced his thoughts aloud. 

The Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon he knew of didnt have such a powerful technique to it, but there was no doubt that the Exalted Taboo Chu Feng had executed was deeply related to the Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon. 

“Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon Brother Duan, isnt it supposed to be the Three Forms of the Hidden Dragon” Chu Feng replied in confusion as well. 

“What Theres a third form”

Duan Liufeng was astonished to hear those words.

“Arent there supposed to be three forms” 

Chu Feng also started to feel a little uncertain after being questioned by Duan Liufeng.

While he had paid a visit to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sects Martial Arts Hall before, he had never gotten the opportunity to browse through or practice the sects martial skills.

Chu Fengs Three Forms of the Hidden Dragon was a skill he had obtained from the test he underwent prior to entering the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. 

The test consisted of six trials, namelyEnlightenment,Martial,Spirit,Wisdom,Compassion, andPotential. 

In the trial ofEnlightenment, he obtained the Three Forms of the Hidden Dragon.

“Three Forms of the Hidden Dragon Heh… What utter bull**! When did the Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon have a third form”

A third voice suddenly sounded.

Both Chu Feng and Duan Liufeng felt their hearts clenching upon hearing this voice, for it belonged to none other than Zuoqiu Youyu.

They quickly turned their gazes over, only to see that Zuoqiu Youyu had gotten back to his feet.

He actually came back to life once more!

“How is this possible” 

Chu Feng was appalled.

His earlier strike should have killed Zuoqiu Youyu without any sliver of doubt, but the latter was actually still alive! On top of that, his martial power had been replenished, and all of the injuries he had sustained previously had recovered too!

“Its not that easy to kill me!” Zuoqiu Youyu spat coldly.

“I finally got it now.

Its the two Life Preservation Pills obtained from the remnant at the Nine Souls Galaxy.

In other words… Zhao Qie wasnt killed by a monstrous beast.

You were the one who killed him! You stole his Life Preservation Pill, and that was why you were able to come back to life twice!” Duan Liufeng bellowed furiously.

“Indeed, I was the one who killed Brother Zhao,” Zuoqiu Youyu replied.

“You beast! Isnt Zhao Qie your sworn brother How could you kill him over a mere pill!” Duan Liufeng roared.

He was infuriated because he knew of the inside story.

Zhao Qie was decades older than Zuoqiu Youyu.

He used to be the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple while he was still a junior, and needless to say, he was a highly talented cultivator. 

Before Zuoqiu Youyu matured as a cultivator, he would often hang out with Zhao Qie.

The two of them were on close terms with one another, and they even became sworn brothers.

Once, the two of them left the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect for a mission and stumbled upon two Life Preservation Pills in an Ancient Eras remnant in the Nine Souls Galaxy.

Zuoqiu Youyu and Zhao Qie received one each, though to be more exact, it was Zhao Qie who obtained both the pills and gave one to Zuoqiu Youyu. 

But the disciples ended up parting ways due to certain extenuating circumstances afterward.

When everyone finally saw Zhao Qie and Zuoqiu Youyu once more, Zhao Qie was already dead and Zuoqiu Youyu was severely injured.

Based on Zuqoiu Youyus account, they had been assaulted by a terrifying monster.

In truth, it was not as if no one had suspected Zuqoiu Youyu.

After all, Zhao Qies cultivation was above that of Zuoqiu Youyus.

If they had truly come under the attack of a terrifying monster, it would make much more sense for Zhao Qie to survive.

However, in view of the close relationship between Zuoqiu Youyu and Zhao Qie, as well as the lack of evidence to incriminate Zuoqiu Youyu, this matter was eventually dropped.

The Life Preservation Pill didnt have a strong scent, so Duan Liufeng didnt notice it when Zuoqiu Youyu only consumed one of it.

However, the second time he consumed it, he finally noticed a faint medicinal scent enveloping Zuoqiu Youyus body. 

Due to that, he speculated that Zuoqiu Youyu might have come back to life thanks to the Life Preservation Pill he had obtained at the remnant back then. 

“Zhao Qie did treat me well, but this Life Preservation Pill is able to save my life once.

Trading his life for mine is of course a worthy deal!” Zuoqiu Youyu said with a smirk.

“There was only a brief description on the Life Preservation Pill in the remnant.

No one could guarantee that it would really protect a person from death.

Yet, you actually killed Zhao Qie over a mere possibility.

You really are worse than a beast!” Duan Liufeng bellowed.

“Every choice in life is a gamble.

Clearly, I gambled right on this.

This pill does have miraculous effects.

Its just a pity that there are only two of them.

I actually wasted two of them on trash like you due to my carelessness… Ill make you suffer a fate worse than death, Chu Feng!”

Zuoqiu Youyu looked at Chu Feng with eyes that were frighteningly livid.


But right after he said those words, a purple tornado suddenly gushed toward Zuoqiu Youyu along with the howl of a dragon. 

Chu Feng had launched a preemptive strike against Zuoqiu Youyu, hoping to take him down as soon as possible to avoid prolonging the fight.

Due to that, he used a rank six Exalted Taboo right from the start, Roar of the Wind Dragon.


Faced with Chu Fengs powerful assault, Zuoqiu Youyu swung his sword, and a bolt of lightning immediately surged forth. 

The two forces collided with one another, causing shockwaves to devastate the surroundings.

Unfortunately, Chu Fengs attack ended up getting neutralized before it could injure Zuoqiu Youyu. 

To make things worse, the martial skill Zuoqiu Youyu resorted to wasnt a rank six Exalted Taboo but a rank one Exalted Taboo.

Even if Zuoqiu Youyu was stronger than Chu Feng, there was no way he could suppress a rank six Exalted Taboo with a rank one Exalted Taboo under normal circumstances.

“This is bad,” Chu Feng murmured.

To his shock, Zuoqiu Youyus aura was rising once more from rank five Martial Exalted level to rank six. 

It was a forbidden medicine. 

Zuoqiu Youyu also had a forbidden medicine that allowed him to raise his cultivation level.

“Elder, help me!”

Chu Feng immediately asked the Divine Deer for help while sprinting toward Duan Liufeng, intending to take the latter away with him.


But before Chu Feng could reach Duan Liufeng, Zuoqiu Youyu had already flitted right in front of him.

There was a massive gap between each cultivation level.

Even if Zuoqiu Youyu had only raised his cultivation by a single level, it was still not something that Chu Feng couldnt hope to oppose.


There was a spurt of fresh blood.

Using his hand like a sword, Zuoqiu Youyu sliced the arm Chu Feng was holding the Immemorial Heros Sword with.

“Thats a good weapon, but Im more curious to learn about the origin of the martial skill you executed earlier.

Chu Feng, tell me honestly.

What is the martial skill you have used earlier” Zuoqiu Youyu questioned.

However, Chu Feng turned a blind eye to him.

He stood still on the spot and closed his eyes, as if he was prepared to accept his death.

He knew that there was nothing he could do for Zuoqiu Youyu to let him off.

If the Divine Deer was going to turn a blind eye to his plight, he could only rely on himself here.

“Playing mute”

Seeing that Chu Feng was refusing to speak, Zuoqiu Youyu released yet another punch and sent it piercing right through Chu Fengs abdomen.

Then, he proceeded to beat Chu Feng up via his fist. 

Even so, Chu Feng kept his mouth firmly shut, refusing to say anything at all.

“Ill slaughter you!”

However, Duan Liufeng couldnt bear watching it anymore.

With a furious bellow, he dashed straight at Zuoqiu Youyu.


However, with just a mere wave of his hand, Duan Liufeng was sent tumbling across the ground as blood spewed out of his mouth.

Due to the suppression of the formations around him, Duan Liufeng was as good as crippled on True Essence Mountain.

“Dont worry, Elder Duan.

Youre next,” Zuoqiu Youyu sneered coldly at Duan Liufeng before turning his gaze back to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, theres no way youll survive here.

If you know whats best for you, you better tell me what you know.

If so, I might consider treating Zi Ling a little better after your death.

Otherwise, Ill have her serve me as a slave!” Zuoqiu Youyu said coldly.

Chu Feng immediately opened his eyes wide upon hearing those words.


Chu Fengs eyes were crackling with such great killing intent that Zuoqiu Youyu actually trembled out of fear.

He felt almost as if he had been eyed by a ferocious beast. 

Zuoqiu Youyu was initially planning to suppress Chu Feng with his superior cultivation and extract some benefits out of Chu Feng so as to recoup his loss, but he had changed his mind.

He felt that it was imperative for him to kill Chu Feng right away. 

The latter was a huge threat that he couldnt be allowed to continue existing on the face of this world for even a second more. 


But by the time such a thought sprouted in his mind, a burst of lightning had already shot out of Chu Fengs body and struck onto his body. 

Chu Feng had released it the moment he opened his eyes, so Zuoqiu Youyu stood no chance to retaliate at all.


The lightning harnessed unimaginable destructive prowess.

It instantaneously tore Zuoqiu Youyus body, eliciting a miserable shriek from him. 

Just the lightning itself was enough to take Zuoqiu Youyus life, but Chu Feng still took the opportunity to snatch the Immemorial Heros Sword back.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh.

There was a flash of cold light, and blood flew everywhere.

Chu Feng tore through Zuoqiu Youyus body with his sword and sliced him into countless pieces. 

By this point, Zuoqiu Youyu was already utterly dead, but Chu Feng still wasnt willing to give it a rest.

He continued releasing his lightning while slashing at Zuoqiu Youyus corpse.

It was only when he ran out of strength and fell to the ground that he finally stopped.

But even so, he was still afraid that Zuoqiu Youyu would come back to life.

What if the latter still had some other life preservation means

When such a thought arose in his head, Chu Feng tried his best to stand back up and head toward the severely wounded Duan Liufeng, intending to bring him out of here.

But barely after he took a few steps, he collapsed to the ground once more. 

He had overexerted himself to the point where he was too weak to even stand up.

The lightning he had just released was no ordinary lightning.

It was actually the First Slash of the Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes. 

He had closed his eyes tight in order to prepare for this move. 

This attack granted him the power to destroy enemies who were even stronger than him, but it placed great stress on his body too.

Under normal circumstances, he could only use it once in a battle, and forcefully attempting it once more would endanger his life.

However, he had no choice here.

He was already on the brink of death here, so he had to give it a try.

It was fortunate that things worked out, especially with Zuoqiu Youyu getting careless right after he managed to claim the upper hand.

If Zuoqiu Youyu had not been blinded by greed and killed Chu Feng right away, the one who would be dead right now would have surely been Chu Feng.

“Aiyo, how bloody.

Its one thing for fellow sect members to kill one another, but you even did it so viciously.

Chu Feng, if I were to tell the sectmaster and the vice sectmaster about this, do you think that they would try to take your life in exchange for his”

A teasing voice suddenly sounded not too far away.

Chu Feng turned his head over and saw a familiar silhouette standing not too far away.

He was no other than the enigmatic Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple.


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