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Chapter 4823: Woman With a White Skirt

“Brother, I was wrong! I was blind! I had eyes but failed to see Mount Tai! Please, have mercy on me.

Dont hold it against a useless toad like me!”

The arrogance in the mans eyes had already faded, and he was shivering out of fright. 

“I dont care who you are, but anyone who disrespects my woman has to pay the price of their action!”

Chu Feng raised his leg and stomped it downward.

The man with the foldable fan immediately let out a chilling howl. 

This single stomp had crushed his manhood. 

He wasnt just crippling the man physically; the damage extended down to his very soul.

Even the most formidable world spiritist wouldnt be able to heal him.

He was doomed to remain a eunuch for the rest of his life.

However, Chu Feng had no intention to let things go with just this.

He turned his gaze toward the other disciples.

“Young hero, we know our mistakes now.

Please spare us!”

“It was Senior Zhao who forced me to talk to that lady.

It wasnt my intention to get involved in this! Please, let me off!”

The woman who had initiated the conversation with Zi Ling cried out of deep fear.

Even her skirt had gone completely wet. 

“Young hero, please spare us! This has nothing to do with us!”

The others werent faring any better either.

Some of the more timid ones had already lost their consciousness, and the others were sobbing helplessly. 

Fear and remorse could be seen all over their faces. 

How could they possibly not feel remorse

They actually provoked a Martial Exalted level cultivator on their own accord! Had they known that Chu Feng was this powerful, they would have never dared to do this.

But despite their frightened looks, Chu Feng had no sympathy for them at all.

He had no intention of letting them go.

“Big brother Chu Feng, forget it,” Zi Ling suddenly grabbed Chu Fengs elbow as she spoke.

Under normal circumstances, the best way to deal with this situation was to silence them so as to ensure that there were no further implications.

These people were definitely not kind souls anyway, 

But the problem was that there were people from other powers here. 

This might have nothing to do with them, but the fact that there were other witnesses for this incident made this matter much trickier to deal with.

They couldnt possibly slaughter everyone here just to ensure that this matter didnt get out, right

Thus, it was best to let them off here.

If their master was a sensible person, there might still be some room for reconciliation. 

“Remember, theres always a taller mountain out there.

Dont think that you can act as you please just because you are a tad bit stronger than your peers.

Ill spare you today, but you better not appear before me ever again.

Otherwise, Ill make you regret having been born in this world!” 

Leaving those words behind, Chu Feng and Zi Ling left the square through one of the spirit formation gates. 

The next moment, they found themselves returning to the forest, just that the scenery behind them was different from the path they previously took.

Nevertheless, it was fortunate that the pathway to the top was still clear in Chu Fengs mind. 

So, the two of them continued heading upward.


But not too long later, Zi Lings face suddenly distorted in pain as she collapsed to the ground, unable to walk anymore.

“Whats wrong, Zi Ling!”

Chu Feng quickly rushed forward to check on Zi Lings condition, only to be horrified to see that her soul was in an unstable state.

It was no exaggeration to say that her soul might just dissipate at any moment.

But the soul was the foundation of a cultivator.

A cultivator could continue living even after his physical body had been destroyed, but once the soul was gone, it would spell the end of his life too. 

Zi Lings current condition was extremely precarious.

“How did this happen!”

Chu Feng tried his best to stabilize her condition, but he realized that nothing was working at all.

This sent him into a fluster.

“Big brother Chu Feng, Im sorry.”

Zi Ling didnt reply to his question directly, but her eyes began turning moist.

“Whats going on Who was the one who injured you Was it the elder back at the Abandoned Land” Chu Feng asked.

The one who was the most likely to have placed Zi Ling in such a state was that mysterious expert.

“No, it has nothing to do with him or anyone else.

Its me… Its my fault.”

Zi Ling was growing feebler with each passing moment.

“Zi Ling, dont speak for now.

Close your eyes and try to focus on fusing your soul together.”

Zi Ling quickly did as she was told while Chu Feng started to construct a formation.

Once the formation was completed, a surge of energy began gushing into Zi Lings body, stabilizing her condition for the time being. 

“Youll die at this rate,” a womans voice suddenly sounded.

Zi Ling quickly opened her eyes upon hearing those words.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you!!!”

Zi Ling was horrified to see Chu Fengs current state. 

His face had gone completely pale, and his body was as scrawny as a twig.

Even his hair had turned white.

It looked like he had overexerted himself and was now on the verge of death.

It was immediately obvious to Zi Ling what had happened.

Chu Feng must have used a world spiritist technique that sapped his own vitality in order to forcefully help Zi Ling.

“Zi Ling, do as I say,” Chu Feng said.

“No, I wont! Stop!”

Zi Ling tried to rise to her feet, but she realized that she couldnt move at all.

Chu Feng was keeping her in place with his power.

“Youngsters nowadays sure are noble.

To think that youd be willing to expend your own soul in order to save your lover.

However, theres really no need for you to do this.

After all, youre already lucky enough to have encountered me,” that woman said.

She was a woman dressed in a white skirt.

It was a simple-looking skirt, but its pure white color gave her a saintly appearance, though it somehow looked incongruent at the same time.


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