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Chapter 4819: True Goal

Seven Realms Galaxy

Those three words stirred a tsunami in Chu Fengs mind.

That was a place where he had been wanting to go for a long time now, but he wasnt able to due to his limited strength. 

Yet, he was actually going to head there now

This left him a little flustered.

“The Seven Realms Galaxy”

Chu Feng wasnt the only one shocked by the revelation.

Zi Ling and Zuoqiu Youyu were astounded too.

They knew what kind of place the Seven Realms Galaxy was too.

It was the strongest galaxy in the massive world of cultivation at the moment, the place of gathering of the strongest world spiritists. 

It was the holy land of all world spiritists. 

Its tremendous reputation left even Zuoqiu Youyu feeling pressured upon learning that he was just about to head there.

He could flaunt his strength in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but even he knew that he would lose his right to brag if compared with the cultivators in the Seven Realms Galaxy.

“To think that well be heading to the Seven Realms Galaxy! Master, are we going to be training there This is far more interesting than I thought!”

Meanwhile, the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple was exceptionally excited by the revelation.

The sectmaster ignored him and took out a wooden boat.

The boat was initially the size of a thumb, but with the wave of a hand, it swiftly grew to over ten meters long.

This boat looked extremely tattered, especially in its expanded form.

However, it harnessed a powerful formation in it. 

It was a treasure that greatly increased the speed of ones teleportation.

Chu Feng couldnt help but notice that the spirit power coming from the boat was the same as the one coming from the old teleportation formation, which led to him thinking that the boat was a means from the sect founder too. 

“Step on board.”

The sectmaster first got onto the boat, and the others quickly followed suit.


The boat entered the teleportation formation, and from then on, all Chu Feng could see was spirit power flashing across their eyes. 

His heartbeat hastened, and he could feel tremendous pressure on his body.

The boat was simply moving too fast that it was heaping great stress on him. 

It was fortunate that he had reached Martial Exalted level, or else he would have surely struggled to endure such pressure. 

An Exalted level cultivator would have likely been torn right apart by the mere stress coming from this teleportation formation.

Chu Feng was already one of the better faring ones here.

Zi Ling had a strained expression on his face, but the one who was struggling the most was no other than Zuoqiu Youyu.

Even though his cultivation was stronger than Chu Feng and Zi Ling, his ability to endure pain was clearly much lower than the two of them, which was why he was having great difficulties at the moment. 

Chu Feng felt gleeful to see how Zuoqiu Youyus face had become completely distorted under the stress of the teleportation formation, but he couldnt just turn a blind eye to Zi Lings suffering. 

Despite the strain he was feeling, he tried his best to move over to Zi Lings side.

As long as he could get close to her, he would be able to use his spirit power to alleviate her pain.


But before he could get to Zi Lings side, a surge of energy suddenly enveloped them.

The stress they were experiencing a moment ago immediately vanished.

It was from the sectmaster.

“Thank you, master.”

“Thank you, Lord Sectmaster.”

Zi Ling, Chu Feng, and the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple voiced their gratitude whereas Zuoqiu Youyu chose to keep his silence. 

It was only then that the crowd noticed that Zuoqiu Youyu had already fallen unconscious and was bleeding from his seven apertures.

“Utter trash.

Bringing him with us will only sully the reputation of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Master, shall we just throw him away” the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple said.

The sectmaster ignored his remark, but the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple seemed to be accustomed to her cold attitude.

Instead, he continued asking more questions.

“Master, what kind of place are we heading to Will it really be beneficial to me Or are you intending to just make use of me”

Both Zi Ling and Chu Feng were taken aback.

They didnt think that the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple would actually say such audacious words to the sectmaster.

Based on Chu Fengs impression of the sectmaster, the latter was not a particularly forgiving person.

“Shut your mouth.”

The sectmaster directed a displeased glare toward the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple.

“Im just asking a question.

You dont have to be so fierce,” the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple replied.

It would appear that he was equally thick-skinned as well.

“Lord Sectmaster, is Elder Duan not coming with us too” Chu Feng suddenly asked.

He knew that the sectmaster was intending to travel to the Seven Realms Galaxy together with Duan Liufeng in order to find an elder of the sect there, so he was intrigued to see that Duan Liufeng wasnt traveling with them.

“Chu Feng, I know that Elder Duan has already told you about it, so I shant hide it from you.

This journey is indeed a rare training opportunity for you all, but more than that, I hope that you can use your strength to help Elder Duan,” the sectmaster said.

“Help Lord Sectmaster, did something happen to Elder Duan” Chu Feng asked.

“This teleportation formation was set up by the sect founder, and its extremely powerful.

Despite the great distance between both of our galaxies, we can reach the Seven Realms Galaxy within just five days. 

“Elder Duan and I have already been to the Seven Realms Galaxy, but… we met with some trouble.

Hes currently trapped at the moment, and perhaps… you might just be able to save him.” 

The sectmaster finally revealed the truth.


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