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Chapter 4797: Massacre Forbidden Art

“Could all those world spirits belong to the sect founder That would mean that… he has contracted with so many world spirits all at once”

Yu Sha found this incredibly hard to believe.

Typically speaking, a world spiritist would only be able to contract a single world spirit.

Even amongst the talented, it was rare to see a person contracting two world spirits at once.

Furthermore, those who managed to do so would usually have extremely weak world spirits who werent from the Seven Spirit Worlds. 

However, in the army around the coffin, there were world spirits from all of the Seven Spirit Worlds except for the Asura Spirit World.

On top of that, they were all frighteningly powerful too.

Most likely, they were powerhouses even in their respective spirit worlds.

“I was already surprised by the fact that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect towered above the Holy Light Clan, but it seems like Im still underestimating it after all.

Now that I look at it, its obvious that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect has already fallen into decline,” Chu Feng said.

He wasnt able to meet the sect founder in person, but just through the coffin itself, he could safely say that the sect founder was the most powerful person he had met to date.

If even a supposedly powerless corpse was able to wield such great power, he must have been a tremendous figure alive.

Just thinking about it made Chu Fengs blood gush rapidly.

He was starting to feel a little hot-blooded.

It was his goal to reach the level of someone like the sect founder.

No, to be more exact, he wanted to surpass the sect founder.

That was his ultimate aim.

He was still weak at the moment, but he had confidence in himself.

He believed that he could eventually reach the sect founders level and surpass him.

Just imagining himself wielding such great power in the future was enough to send a rush of exhilaration through his body. 

If he could reach such a height, he would definitely be able to protect everyone he cared about.

However, he didnt lose sight of his true aim here.

He might have triggered the fortuitous encounter, but he hadnt obtained it yet.

So, he started searching around the area.

However, despite putting all of his means into action, he wasnt able to sense any anomalies. 

Boom boom boom!

Just as Chu Feng was starting to feel a little helpless, the ground began to shudder.

This trembling wasnt just limited to the ground—to be more exact, the whole world was shaking.

This shaking was growing stronger with each passing moment, as if this world was on the verge of destruction.

“This feeling!!!”

The sudden change brought a look of fright onto Chu Fengs face.

He could sense an extremely dangerous aura appearing inside the world.

He had maneuvered his way around many treacherous places before but never had he felt an aura as dangerous as this. 

Even the powerful world spirits werent able to evoke such a feeling in him.

He felt like he was coming incomparably close to death.

Just the smell was enough for him to see the utter devastation of the world.

“Chu Feng, whats wrong Did you notice something” Yu Sha asked worriedly.

“Theres something very dangerous in here,” Chu Feng said.

Yu Sha started to feel a bit nervous.

She could hear the fright in Chu Fengs voice. 

She had known Chu Feng for some time now, and the two of them had gone through quite a few perils together.

In her perception, Chu Feng was someone who could remain calm regardless of the adversity standing before him.

This was the first time he had shown such deep fear. 

Without a doubt, whatever that was lingering in the air was definitely a terrifying existence.


A furious gale began stirring, and a spatial crack began appearing at the heart of the tempest.

This crack swiftly glowed brightly as a blood-red aura leaked through it. 

This blood-red aura carried a strong stench of blood.

Chu Feng took only a slight whiff, but he felt that he was smelling condensation of the blood of billions instead.

More blood-red aura oozed out as the crack grew bigger, as if demons were descending upon the world.

They swiftly diffused around the pure white world, dyeing everything red.

It was as if a terrifying era of darkness had fallen upon the world.

A pure white world had turned into the state of a living hell. 


An even more terrifying voice that was reminiscent of the cries of billions of demons echoed in the air.

Those who heard the voice would feel utterly creeped out, for this voice was able to directly affect ones mental state.

Even someone with a steadfast mind like Chu Feng also felt the impact of the voice.

His heart began beating in a fluster, and he felt like he was going insane. 

What was even more horrifying was the countless blood-red monsters that had started rushing out of the cracks.

There were humans, monsters, and beasts amongst them, but all of them had their skin tore off, revealing the bloody horror that lay beneath their cover.

They were all stitched together to form a humongous behemoth.

It was impossible to gauge the size of the behemoth, but as soon as it crawled through the cracks to enter this world, it immediately turned its sights toward Chu Feng and rushed over.

Sensing that things were going awry, Chu Feng immediately turned tail and ran.

However, he was still under the effects of the monsters voice, which left him feeling so jittery that he couldnt even control his body properly. 


The monster released a terrifying cry that swiftly morphed into a blood-red aura before seeping into Chu Fengs body.

Due to its humongous size, it took a while for it to fully seep in,

By the time Chu Feng slowly regained his consciousness, the world around him had already reverted back to its initial pure white color.

The red aura and the terrifying monster were already nowhere to be seen.

Even the spatial cracks created by the monster had vanished too.

Chu Feng quickly checked his own condition and saw that he was completely unharmed.

“Was that really just an illusion” Chu Feng murmured under his breath.

“Chu Feng, look! W-whats that”

All of a sudden, Chu Feng heard Yu Shas horrified voice coming from the World Spirit Space.

He quickly turned his attention to the World Spirit Space, only to freeze in shock.

A humongous blood-red scroll had appeared in his World Spirit Space.

It palpated as if it was a living benign with a heartbeat.

There were three words written on it.

Massacre Forbidden Art!


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