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Chapter 4796: Someone Who Had Reached the Peak

Chu Fengs heart skipped a beat upon seeing the coffin.

He could feel unprecedentedly powerful energy coming from it.

Even those world spirits who had made him feel like a speck of dust earlier suddenly became insignificant in the face of the coffin.

This powerful energy wasnt martial power but spirit power.

It was spirit power that Chu Feng had never felt before.

He immediately came to a realization.

“Disciple Chu Feng pays respect to the sect founder.”

Chu Feng bowed deeply to the coffin. 

Astonishingly, the moment Chu Feng made such a movement, the coffin that floated out of the forest of stones suddenly halted its movement, and all of those powerful world spirits also stopped their footsteps to look at him.

Their gazes placed an unimaginable amount of stress onto Chu Feng.

Even Yu Sha, who was in the World Spirit Space, could feel the frightening weight of their stares.

She quickly closed her eyes, not daring to look back. 

However, Chu Feng didnt back down here.

He looked straight ahead, facing the gazes of the world spirits head-on.

It was not that he couldnt feel the pressure coming from them—on the contrary, the pressure he felt far exceeded that of Yu Sha—but he didnt want to back down.

He had a feeling that this was a test.

Even though he stared back at those powerful world spirits, there was no disrespect in his eyes at all.

All that could be seen was admiration and respect.




A weird sound echoed from the coffin, and a ray of light suddenly burst out and shrouded Chu Feng.

It sealed off Chu Fengs line of sight, leaving him unable to see anything but brilliant white light.

But soon, the white light dissipated, and he found himself transported into another space. 

Everything in this space was white in color, be it the land, the sky, the trees, the mountains, and even the waterfalls as well.

“Where are we”

As the feeling of pressure vanished, Yu Sha finally opened her eyes once more.

However, when she saw the scenery before her, she felt a peculiar emotion welling up inside of her. 

Everything in this world was pure and immaculate, but it didnt feel divine.

There was no feeling of inviolability here.

Nevertheless, Yu Sha was still very fond of this clean environment, though the happiest one of all was Chu Feng.

“Its a success! Ive managed to trigger the fortuitous encounter! The auras bestowed upon Zuoqiu Youyu and Zuoqiu Yanliang would soon dissipate.

Even if they reach the destination pointed out to them, they wouldnt be able to obtain the treasure.

Perhaps, Zuoqiu Youyu might even meet with danger!” Chu Feng said.

“Would Xia Yan and the others be in danger too” Yu Sha asked.

“They wont.

The only one who is in danger is Zuoqiu Youyu.

I saw the map of his aura, and the place hell be heading to is a treacherous land,” Chu Feng replied.

“Thats a good thing.

Speaking of which, Chu Feng, how did you know that the person inside the coffin is the founder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect” Yu Sha asked.

It was only after Chu Feng bowed to the coffin that the latter came to a halt and bestowed a ray of light upon Chu Feng.

While it might be a bit simplistic to think of it in such a manner, Yu Sha had a feeling that this had something to do with the power behind Chu Feng.

“The moment the coffin appeared, I didnt just feel spirit power.

I also sensed a familiar aura too,” Chu Feng replied.

“A familiar aura Whats that” Yu Sha asked. 

“Its the aura of the formations in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

I thought that these formations had been sustained by their respective formation cores to this day, but the moment I saw the coffin, I realized that the source of energy in the entire Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is no other than that coffin.

“Ive no idea how it was done, but the spirit power inside the coffin was being transmitted to all of the formations in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect in some way.

Considering that the one who set up all of the formations is the sect founder, it would stand to reason that the person inside the coffin is him,” Chu Feng said.

“Does that mean that theres a powerful treasure hidden inside the coffin” Yu Sha asked.

“It could be a treasure or the sect founders own power,” Chu Feng replied.

“The sect founders own power Does that mean that the sect founder isnt dead yet” Yu Sha remarked in astonishment.

“Its likely that hes already dead,” Chu Feng said.

“Dead How could a dead person have such powerful spirit power” Yu Sha asked.

“It sounds illogical, but Im not making a blind guess over here.

It was a thought that surfaced in my mind the moment I saw it, as if the coffin was relaying it to me,” Chu Feng replied.

“If he retains such great power after his death, just how powerful could he be when he was still alive” Yu Sha asked in bewilderment.

Yu Sha was usually a composed person, but the current situation far surpassed her imagination that left her unable to remain calm.

Even those world spirits were powerful existences that could easily become powerhouses anywhere they went, but all of them chose to lower their heads before that coffin.

If what was within the coffin was really just a corpse… 

Yu Sha shuddered to imagine just how powerful the sect founder was.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the sect founder was someone who had reached the very peak of the world of cultivation!


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