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Chapter 4795: World Spirits That Almost Reached the Level of a God

The forest of stones was massive, and there were countless stones in it.

However, when those monsters started appearing, Chu Feng realized that the stones had begun shimmering with a faint radiance.

Taking a closer look, he realized that the number of shimmering stones tallied with the number of monsters.

As more monsters rose from the ground, the number of shimmering stones increased correspondingly as well. 

It felt like the two of them were related to one another, which led to Chu Feng guessing that he wasnt in a forest of stones but a cemetery filled with tombstones.

Every stone was a tombstone, and the monsters were beings that had been buried here. 

It was just that these monsters were rather special too.

Every single one of them wielded devastating prowess, but their bodies were half-translucent, making them resemble a soul instead.

Chu Feng couldnt tell for sure, but they did feel a little peculiar.


There was a flash of golden radiance, and yet another figure rose from the ground.

But this time, it wasnt a monster but a human.

No, they werent exactly humans.

Every single one of them looked incredibly beautiful, and their stature was far taller than that of an ordinary human.

They were dressed in graceful robes, and they gave off an air of divinity that couldnt have come from a human.

“World spirits… They are all world spirits,” Chu Feng blurted out loud.

“World spirits”

Yu Sha was surprised to hear that.

She was a world spirit too, but she couldnt sense the aura of world spirits from these beings.

“Theres no way I could be mistaken.

They are all world spirits from the Fairy Spirit World and Monstrous Spirit World,” Chu Feng spoke affirmatively.

More beings were still rising from the forest of stones, and they came in different races.


Yu Sha began to believe what Chu Feng had said. 

While these beings looked a little different from normal world spirits, they did have the unique traits that fitted to the different categories of world spirits, be it Ghost World Spirits, Beast World Spirits, Demon World Spirits, Buddha World Spirits, Demon World Spirit, and Fairy World Spirits.

It was just that their aura was a little off.

They didnt feel like world spirits.

Instead… they felt like beings who were born in this very world of cultivation.

Had it not been for Chu Fengs words, Yu Sha would have never thought that they could possibly be world spirits. 

Chir chir chir.

A mysterious rumble suddenly sounded from beneath the ground.

Soon, a humongous beetle that spanned a length of ten thousand meters rose from the ground.

It wore a heavy armor filled with sharp spikes, looking rather imposing.

Its size was one thing, but the aura it emanated was far stronger than that of every other world spirit present. 

Yet, it turned out that there were more than one of these beetles.

They were rising from the ground one after another.

In the blink of an eye, there were already more than fifty of them.

“Yu Sha, if these are world spirits too, do you think that they are Monstrous World Spirits or Beast World Spirits” Chu Feng asked.

He couldnt really tell what species these beetles were from.

“If we have to categorize them, they are more likely to be Insect World Spirits,” Yu Sha replied.

“Insect World Spirits”

This was the first time Chu Feng was hearing of such a classification, but he wasnt too surprised by that.

The Seven Spirit Worlds only referred to the seven more famous and powerful spirit worlds, but the truth was that the world spirits that could be liaised with extended beyond just the Ghosts, Beasts, Monsters, Buddhas, Demons, Fairies, and Asuras.

There were also Dao World Spirits, Elf World Spirits, Snow World Spirits, Flower World Spirits, and so on.

It was just that they were much rarer and weaker, so world spiritists didnt acknowledge their existence.

There were even some who went as far as to claim that world spiritists who didnt contract with the Seven World Spirits werent qualified to be called world spiritists.

What he was surprised about was these Insect World Spirits commanding a presence that subdued all of the other world spirits present in the area, changing his perception of the power rankings of the world spirits. 

It turned out that it was not that all world spirits outside of the Seven World Spirits were weak.

It was just that very few world spiritists were able to contract with the truly powerful ones. 

At the very least, these insects that had appeared were already powerful beyond imagination.

The pressure they emanated left Chu Feng feeling asphyxiated. 




But all of a sudden, a series of thumps echoed.

It sounded like the organized marching of a human army.

As expected, a huge army walked out of the stone forest.

They were Fairy World Spirits, just that they were dressed in uniform armor and were wielding weapons.

Their footsteps were also surprisingly harmonized. 

They looked like an elite army prepared for war.

Their appearance immediately suppressed the imposing presence of the Insect World Spirits.

It was clear that these Fairy World Spirits were the stronger ones here.

Any single one of them could bring about a calamity.

Watching this unbelievable scene made Chu Feng feel utterly awestruck.

His mouth went dry as cold sweat wouldnt stop flowing from his forehead.

Putting all things aside, even the Monstrous World Spirits already wielded strength beyond his imagination, but everything that came afterward topped that.

It made Chu Feng realize just how insignificantly weak he was before the real experts. 

Compared to these powerful world spirits, he couldnt even be considered as a weed; just a mere speck of dirt in the air. 

After the emergence of the army of Fairy World Spirits, there were even more powerful world spirits from the Ghost Spirit World, Beast Spirit World, Monstrous Spirit World, Buddha Spirit World, and Demon Spirit World appearing.

They were all stronger than the Insect World Spirit, possibly even reaching the height of the gods. 

Chu Feng was utterly dumbfounded by the sight before him.

He had seen truly strong experts before, but even they were nothing compared to the unimaginably powerful line-up standing before him.

“Just what kind of place is the Yinyang Withered Well Realm Why are there so many powerful world spirits here Wait a moment, that is…”

Chu Feng was in the midst of his thoughts when he noticed something.

A coffin had risen out of the stone coffin under the encirclement of the powerful world spirits.

The moment the coffin came into appearance, all of the world spirits present suddenly appeared incomparably small. 


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