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Chapter 4733: Can Only Be Mine

“One more thing, Chu Feng.

Take this with you.”

The chief elder passed a jade bottle over to Chu Feng.

“Chief elder, this is…”

Chu Feng took the jade bottle and pried it open, only to see that it was filled with black liquid.

It had a viscous texture and smelled a little pungent.

It looked like poison at first glance.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng was still able to tell that this was an item for tempering ones body, just that he wasnt certain what kind of effects it would bring about.

“Therell be a newcomer cleansing three days later.

Itll do you much good if you temper your body with this first before undergoing the cleansing,” the chief elder said.

“Newcomer cleansing What kind of cleansing is it”

Chu Feng had joined the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect for some time now, so he had some understanding of the practices here.

He would usually be informed of most upcoming events, but he never heard about thisnewcomer cleansing before, which was why he was curious about it.

“The location of the cleansing is a place namedBlackwater Sixfinger Lake.

Its a cultivation formation personally set up by our sect founder.

In truth, the natural energies in our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect far surpass the outside world, and its much easier to assimilate too.

However, the reason why you cant sense them is because you havent undergone the cleansing yet.

“Usually, the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake only opens once every five years, and it has only been four years since its last opening.

However, I just received word that the lake has already opened, and three days from now, all disciples who have joined the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect over the last four years will be entering it to undergo the cleansing.

“Ill be announcing this matter tomorrow, and I believe that the other three halls will be doing the same too.

This bottle I gave you is actually the Blackwater Essence from the lake.

Fill up a tub with water, add in a suitable amount of Blackwater Essence, and soak yourself in it.

Repeat this thrice a day over the next three days.

“When you finally enter the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake three days later, your body will be in a much more optimal condition to benefit from the effects of the lake.

“Ah, I should also tell you that the Blackwater Essence is an incredibly valuable resource.

I cant afford to spare a set for all of the newcomers in our Black Tortoise Hall, so I hope that you wont tell anyone about this,” the chief elder said.

“Thank you, chief elder,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

He knew that the chief elder was according to him special privilege here.

“Theres no need to thank me.

Youre the most outstanding disciple in our North Tortoise Hall, and Im counting on you to bring honor to us.

There are also some records in the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake, and they are held by Lord Dugu Lingtina at the moment.

If possible, I hope that you can put those records under your name instead.”

The chief elder looked at Chu Feng with eyes filled with anticipation.

“Ill do my best not to disappoint you,” Chu Feng replied.

To be honest, he wasnt too interested in the cleansing, but he looked forward to clearing the records.

He continued chatting with the chief elder for a little longer before finally returning to his residence.

As the chief elder instructed, he tempered his body with the Blackwater Essence.

It did bring about some special effects to his body, though it was a relief to him that it didnt bring about any harmful side effects.

The following day, the news about the Blackwater Sixfinger Lakes imminent opening in two days time started spreading throughout the sect, and the newcomers learned that they had to undergo cleansing there.

Early in the morning, Chu Feng prepared a tub of water, poured the Blackwater Essence in, and tempered his body.

After he was done, he walked out of his residence and tried perceiving his surroundings.

To his surprise, he could feel the natural energies around him growing a bit more concentrated.

This showed that the chief elder was indeed speaking the truth.

Only those who had undergone the cleansing would be able to sense the natural energies in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“Chief elder”

Just as Chu Feng was returning back to his residence, a person suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall.

“Chu Feng, lets talk inside.”

The chief elder walked into the residence, and Chu Feng quickly followed behind him.

“Whats wrong, chief elder”

Chu Feng noticed that there was a grave look on the chief elders face, hinting that something huge had just happened.

“I dont know whether this is a good thing for you or not, but you need to be mentally prepared.

Some things simply arent meant to be in life, and theres no need to force it,” the chief elder said.

“Does it have something to do with Zi Ling”

Chu Feng could guess from the chief elders words that something must have happened to Zi Ling.

“Just last night, the sectmaster came out of his closed-door training, and she made an announcement.

Shes going to find a husband for Zi Ling through a selection,” the chief elder said.

“Find a husband for Zi Ling through a selection How so” Chu Feng asked with a frown.

“All disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect are eligible, but based on what Ive heard, there are four conditions.

First, one must be a junior.

Second, it must be within a month,” the chief elder said.

“Junior and within a month Does that mean that only juniors are eligible, and shell select a husband for Zi Ling within a months time” Chu Feng asked.

“Im not too sure either, but thats likely to be the case.

The other two conditions havent been announced yet, so I think the sectmaster will explain the meaning behind those words afterward.

This news will start spreading very soon, and Im certain that the Hidden Dragon Disciples will give it a try.

Chu Feng, while youre eligible to join the selection as well, I advise you not to go,” the chief elder said.

“Chief elder, Im willing to listen to you on other matters, but for this, I have no choice but to go.

Zi Ling can only be mine,” Chu Feng replied.

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