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Chapter 4728: Righting Chu Fengs Name

Chapter 4728: Righting Chu Fengs Name

“Why would this be the case”

The crowd was baffled.

It was understandable if all of them were unable to enter the spirit formation gate, but why was Song Zhi able to do so but the rest of them were unable to

“Song Xi and Tu Yuanyuan, you should enter too.”

Chu Feng gestured to Song Xi and Tu Yuanyuan.

The two of them obediently gave it a try too, and they managed to pass through without any issue.

“Chu Feng, whats going on”

Everyone turned to look at Chu Feng in bewilderment.

By this point, it was obvious that this bizarre phenomenon had something to do with him.

“Its because of this.”

Chu Feng took out a token and showed it to everyone.

“That is…”

Upon seeing the token, everyones face warped in astonishment.

The token was actually made out of the same material as the one Xia Ran had in his possession, emanating the same aura as the Snowy Heavenly Peak!

The only difference was that the token was inscribed with Chu Fengs name.

“Junior Chu Feng, did you really… manage to break Lord Dugu Lingtians record”

Song Zhi stared at Chu Feng with a look of disbelief in her eyes, and even her breathing hastened as well.

“If not so, how could I have this token in my possession” Chu Feng replied with a chuckle.

“Junior Chu Feng, you were the one who disallowed these people from entering the Snowdomain Divine Palace” Yang Chen stepped forward and asked.

There was a hint of inconcealable excitement in his tone.

He was incredibly displeased by how Xia Ran had threatened them with that token in his hand earlier, and now Chu Feng was returning the favor to them.

It was simply exhilarating to see how the tables had turned on them.

Chu Feng nodded in response to Yang Chens question, admitting to the matter.

Then, he turned his gaze toward the other disciples, raised the crystal token up high, and shouted, “Those who didnt make the vow earlier, you may enter the Snowdomain Divine Palace now.”

“Thank you, Junior Chu Feng!”

The crowd excitedly rushed toward the spirit formation gate, and as expected, they were able to pass through without any problem.

Only those who had made the vow earlier were unable to enter no matter what they did.

This made their guts turn green in regret.

They carried no grudge against Chu Feng, and the only reason why they made the vow was so as to earn the opportunity to cultivate inside the Snowdomain Divine Palace.

After all, this was a once-in-a-millennium opportunity here.

Under normal circumstances, such an opportunity wouldnt have fallen into their laps, for the East Dragon Hall and West Tiger Hall would have surely sent their strongest disciples over.

Yet, who could have thought that things would turn out like this

However, there were always a few thick-skinned people around.

Some tried approaching Chu Feng to apologize to him, hoping that he would give them a chance.

However, Chu Feng simply paid them no heed.

While everyone was heading into the Snowdomain Divine Palace, the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall did the same too.

Most were able to enter without a hitch, but Hei Yao and Wang Ziyan were the only exceptions who were blocked out.

“Junior Chu Feng, this…”

Wang Ziyan and Hei Yao looked at Chu Feng pitifully.

“Dont even bother.

You know best yourself whether youre qualified or not.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng turned to Bi Jingjing and said, “Senior Bi, youre the only one in the South Vermilion Hall who is qualified to enter the Snowdomain Divine Palace to cultivate.

If you wish to enter, Ill welcome you in.

If not, I wont force you either.”

After saying those words, he turned around and entered the Snowdomain Divine Palace himself.

The reason why he said those words was because he understood the plight Bi Jingjing was in.

While she carried no enmity for him, she was still a disciple of the South Vermilion Hall.

Unlike the others, Bi Jingjing was a principled person.

Chu Feng had a feeling that even if he granted Bi Jingjing permission, the latter wouldnt enter.

And things turned out as he had thought.

Bi Jingjing didnt enter the Snowdomain Divine Palace in the end.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng still said those words to her so as to let her know that he appreciated what she had done for him, and he would repay the favor in due time.

By the time Chu Feng entered the Snowdomain Divine Palace, most people were already in there.

There was hardly any time left for them in the Snowy Heavenly Peak, so they didnt want to waste any more precious time.

However, there was still a small number of them who chose to surround a stone pedestal out of curiosity.

Chu Feng could tell right away that it was the same stone pedestal he had seen at the top of the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

“Whats with this stone pedestal Based on the records of the Snowy Heavenly Peak, this shouldnt have been here in the Snowdomain Divine Palace.”

“Isnt that token Junior Chu Fengs”

Yang Chen and Song Zhi were also standing around the stone pedestal, discussing curiously.


As soon as Chu Feng approached, the stone pedestal began to react.

A series of words surfaced: Change the name token, leave your name in the annals of history!

It was the exact few words he had seen on the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

“Junior Chu Feng, did you forget to change the name Look, its still Lord Dugu Lingtians name at the back of the pedestal,” Song Zhi said.

“Ah, is that so”

Chu Feng walked over and noticed that there was still an indentation behind the stone pedestal for him to leave his name.

“Junior Chu Feng, give it a try,” Yang Chen urged.

Hearing the commotion, most of those who had started cultivating halted their cultivation and rushed over to take a look.

If Chu Feng could really change the name, it would mean that he had really broken Lord Dugu Lingtians record.

This was no trifling affair.

If that was really the case, they would be witnessing history in the making.

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng waved his right hand over the indentation, and the wordsDugu Lingtian vanished.

Then, with his finger, he inscribed the wordsChu Feng on the indentation.

“Let me head out to take a look!” the excited Tu Yuanyuan shouted before rushing out.

Soon, she returned with an even more excited look on her face.

“It changed, it changed! The name on the plaque changed! Chu Feng, you sure are incredible! You arent just the strongest prodigy of the Holy Light Galaxy anymore.

You actually broke Lord Dugu Lingtians record!”

Tu Yuanyuan was so excited that she couldnt stop hopping about.

“Ill take a look too.”

More people rushed out to take a look.

Overwhelmed with excitement, they werent in the mood to cultivate anymore.

“It really changed! Junior Chu Feng, you really broke Lord Dugu Lingtians record!”

All of those who came back looked at Chu Feng with a different light in their eyes.

Their expressions spoke of respect and admiration.

“Junior Chu Feng, congratulations.”

While Yang Chen, Song Zhi, and a few others didnt head out to take a look, they still offered their congratulations to Chu Feng.

It was obvious that Chu Feng had managed to do something unbelievable here, breaking Lord Dugu Lingtians record.

Once the news started spreading, it would surely shake the entire Hidden Dragon Martial Sect at its core!

“Wait a minute, that junior over there.

What did you just say Did you mention that Junior Chu Feng is the strongest prodigy of the Holy Light Galaxy” one of the disciples from the East Dragon Hall looked at Tu Yuanyuan and asked.


To be honest with you, Chu Feng is indeed the most talented prodigy of the Holy Light Galaxy at the moment.

Even Shengguang Yu of the Holy Light Clan isnt a match for him.

Not only so, hes also a hero who has salvaged the reputation of our Holy Light Clan,” Tu Yuanyuan said.

The crowd continued asking for more details, and Tu Yuanyuan answered their curiosity without any reservations.

In truth, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was filled so many powerful experts that even the reputation as the strongest prodigy of the Holy Light Galaxy wasnt that big of a deal.

In fact, it was much less shocking than Chu Fengs feat of breaking Dugu Lingtians record.

Nevertheless, this title was still an additional halo on Chu Feng, deepening the admiration that others had for him.

“Fellow seniors, you should hurry up and cultivate,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah yes, we should quickly cultivate!”

Knowing that their time in here was limited, the excited crowd quickly sat back down on the ground and started cultivating.

“Chu Feng.”

However, while everyone was busy trying to make their best of the little time they had left, a person suddenly walked up to Chu Feng.

It was Hua Xu.

“I know that I was a scoundrel in the past for provoking you for no good reason, but may I ask for your forgiveness here” Hua Xu said.

He had already lost his previous conceit, and he didnt even dare to raise his head to look at Chu Feng when they spoke.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng could sense that he was sincere in admitting his mistakes and apologizing this time around.

“Let bygones be bygones.

However, I heard that Elder Ouyang Che has been demoted to an outer elder due to you.

I dont wish for him to be implicated in this because of our earlier conflict,” Chu Feng said.

“I understand.

Ill speak to Elder Hua Shengping about this so as to get Elder Ouyang Che back to the East Dragon Hall,” Hua Xu replied hurriedly.

Seeing how earnest Hua Xu was, Chu Feng said with a smile, “Alright, you should go and cultivate.

Ill be cultivating too.”

Hua Xu heaved a sigh of relief as the boulder crushing down on his heart was finally relieved.

So, he quickly ran off to cultivate.

In truth, shortly after entering the Snowdomain Divine Palace, Chu Feng noticed that the energy in here was the exact same as the one in the Snowy Heavenly Peak, just that it was far more concentrated.

That being said, it was lacking compared to the energy he had absorbed earlier at the top of the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

It was just that the Snowdomain Divine Palace appeared only once every millennium and granted all disciples entry, regardless of their level of willpower.

In such a sense, it was indeed a rare opportunity for them.

However, for Chu Feng, who had reached the top of the Snowy Heavenly Peak, the energy in here wasnt too useful.

That being said, he didnt want to waste this opportunity either, so he sat down and started cultivating too.

He was hoping to see if he could use the energy in here to further unlock the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor so as to push his cultivation to greater heights.

Just that, he didnt get what he wished for.


All of a sudden, the energy started to dissipate.

Along with the dissipation of energy, the Snowdomain Divine Palace also began to disappear as well.

Chu Feng and the others quickly got to their feet and rushed out, only to see Protector Zhao standing outside.

The disciples waiting outside were all standing respectfully behind him, including the injured Xia Ran and Fang Yunshi.

From the looks of it, it seemed like Protector Zhao had been standing outside for quite a while now.

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