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Chapter 4727: Chu Fengs Might

Chapter 4727: Chu Fengs Might

“You dare claim that were unqualified Do you not see whose name is on the plaque of the Snowdomain Divine Palace This place belongs to Lord Dugu Lingtian, and Lord Dugu Lingtian is from our South Vermilion Hall!” Xia Ran pointed to the plaque as he said smugly.

“I see it, but what a pity.

None of you are qualified to enter… but the rest of us are,” Chu Feng said.


Those words sounded ridiculous not just to Xia Ran but even Song Xi and the others.

“Senior Song, you should try entering the spirit formation gate,” Chu Feng told Song Zhi.

“Ah Youre asking me to enter the spirit formation gate” Song Zhi was at a loss as to what to do.

“Dont worry, youll be able to do it,” Chu Feng replied.

“Alright then.

Ill give it a try.”

With a doubtful look on her face, she began making her way toward the spirit formation gate.

“Hold it right there.

You arent qualified to enter!”

However, before Song Zhi could come close, Xia Ran had already walked in front of the spirit formation gate to block her way, putting Song Zhi in a spot.

To be fair, Song Zhi was strong enough to overpower Xia Ran with ease, but Xia Ran was backed by Xia Yan, whom she dared not to offend.

The situation came to a standstill as a result.


It was then that a bolt of lightning gushed over.

Chu Feng rushed over to Xia Rans side, and without any hesitation, he sank his fist into Xia Rans abdomen.

The Lightning Mark crackling on Chu Fengs forehead showed that he had raised his cultivation to rank seven Utmost Exalted level for this blow, and it was a square hit on Xia Ran.

With a loudbam, Xia Ran kneeled onto the floor from the sheer pain, and a bloodied vomit poured out of his mouth.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing!”

Everyone was shocked to see Chu Feng had actually struck Xia Ran, and Bi Jingjing even howled in fury.

It was true that Xia Ran had lost to Chu Feng in the spar earlier, but it was Xia Ran who had provoked him first.

Thus, it was understandable for Chu Feng to fight back.

This time around, however, Chu Feng had taken the initiative to attack Xia Ran, and his strike was definitely not light.

“Senior Bi, as I have said, Im only sparing him out of consideration for you.

However, if he still continues messing around, I wont go easy on him.

Ive already held back for this punch.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng grabbed Xia Ran by his hair and raised his up.

Compared to being held up by the throat, being held up by the hair was clearly much more humiliating.

“Xia Ran, remember this.

If you dare provoke me once more, it wont just end with just a punch.”

Then, he flung Xia Ran callously toward the wall of the Snowdomain Divine Palace.

It was quite a powerful fling, causing Xia Ran to crash heavily onto the wall and vomit out even more stuff.

The disciples of the South Vermilion Hall immediately rushed over to help Xia Ran up.

Bi Jingjing was amidst the group too.

Meanwhile, Fang Yunshi shot a vicious glare at Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, youre dead meat.

After how you treated Senior Xia, theres no longer a place for you here in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect!”

“No place for me” Chu Feng sneered.

With a swift movement, he appeared right in front of Fang Yunshi.

“W-what are you going to do”

Fang Yunshi was intimidated by Chu Fengs sudden approach, such that his face distorted in fear.

“What did you say earlier You said something about there not being a place for me in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect”

Instead of attacking Fang Yunshi, he glared down on him with a chilling gaze from a close distance.

“I… I…”

Fang Yunshi dared not to look back at Chu Feng.

He suddenly regretted saying those words of threat toward Chu Feng in an attempt to fawn on Xia Ran.

He could feel hair-raising killing intent focused on him, piercing through his soul.

Faced with such powerful killing intent, he dared not even speak a word at all.

He felt like Chu Feng would really kill him if he misspoke.

He was just a minor figure in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, and no one would take pity on him if he were to get killed here.

Since Chu Feng dared to beat up even Xia Ran, naturally, killing him was as easy as crushing an ant.

“I… I…”

Fang Yunshi was really scared out of his wits, such that his voice wouldnt stop quivering.

He wanted to bow down and admit hie fault, but his pride put him in a dilemma.

But all of a sudden, Chu Feng bellowed sharply, “Kneel down!”

His voice seemed to explode within Fang Yunshis body, causing his knees to cave him and fall onto the floor.

He was really kneeling before Chu Feng!

He seemed to have lost control over his tears, for they kept streaming down his distorted face ceaselessly.

This sight bewildered the crowd.

They could understand why the angry Chu Feng would ask Fang Yunshi to kneel down, but they couldnt understand why Fang Yunshi was kneeling just like this.

Was Chu Feng really that frightening

As fact would have it, Chu Feng was indeed that frightening, but the only one who could feel it right now was Fang Yunshi.

“Chu Feng, arent you going overboard here How can you do this To think that Ive spoken up on your behalf thus far!”

Bi Jingjing glared at Chu Feng angrily.

She bore no hostility toward Chu Feng, or else she wouldnt stop Xia Ran from oppressing Chu Feng again and again.

However, she was ultimately still a disciple of the South Vermilion Hall, so she was obliged to step forward to speak up against him.

“Overboard Senior Bi, if I may ask you, have I, on my own accord, attempted to provoke Fang Yunshi or Xia Ran They used a fake evaluation rock to demean me and snatched the possession of our North Tortoise Hall and tried to turn the tables on me.

Its only due to my strength that I didnt suffer any grievances here.

“However, had I been weaker than him, can you imagine what he would have done to me” Chu Feng asked.

Bi Jingjing fell silent.

“Senior Bi, I appreciate the goodwill you have shown to me, and I remember them clearly in my heart.

However, has anything changed because of what youve said Earlier, Xia Ran used a rank one Exalted Taboo on me on his very first strike.

If I hadnt managed to fend against it, I might not even be alive right now.”

Chu Fengs voice wasnt particularly loud, and he was speaking with a normal tone.

Yet, his words were deeply impactful, for they were all the truth.

There was nothing Bi Jingjing could say to refute it.

Even the spectators could tell that Xia Ran was the one who had been scheming against Chu Feng all day long with the purpose of undermining the latter.

If Chu Feng wasnt strong enough to stand his ground, he would have surely suffered a much worse fate.

“Fellow seniors, I, Chu Feng, am a newcomer at the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

I know very little about the rest of you, but its the same the other way around too.

“I am not someone who would oppress the weak.

Were disciples of the same sect, so if you do need help from me, Im more than willing to offer a hand.

I wont allow any outsiders to bully our people.

“However, if anyone tries to mess with me, you shouldnt expect me to lower my head.

If someone has a bone to pick with me, go ahead and do so.

You can be certain that Ill make him regret being born in this world, regardless of the backing he has in the sect!”

Chu Fengs eyes were glowering as he gazed upon the disciples around him.

Regardless of whether they were from the East Dragon Hall, West Tiger Hall, or South Vermilion Hall, no one dared to meet his eyes at all.

The disciples in his line of sight all lowered their heads to avoid meeting his gaze.

It was almost as if they were disobedient children who dared not to face their elders.

It was hard to explain why, but for some reason, they found themselves intimidated by Chu Fengs presence.

“Senior Yang, its so weird.

I havent done anything wrong to Chu Feng, but why do I feel so flustered.

He suddenly became so scary!” one of the female disciples of the East Dragon Hall whispered softly to Yang Chen.

“Its not just you.

I feel the same too,” Yang Chen replied.

“Ah Senior, you too”

The female disciple from the East Dragon Hall was a little skeptical of what Yang Chen had said.

However, when Yang Chen turned his head around to show her the cold sweat on his cheeks, she was left with no choice but to believe him.

“It looks like Junior Chu Feng is quite a terrifying figure.

Ive seen plenty of fearless fools in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect before, but its the first time Im meeting someone like him,” the female disciple remarked.

“It looks like a storm is going to fall upon our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect very soon,” Yang Chen sighed deeply, but at the same time, there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

Meanwhile, looking upon those who dared not to even meet his eyes, Chu Feng couldnt help but think of how Xia Ran made things difficult for him earlier outside the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

All of these people thought that he was a weak newcomer whom they could laugh at, and that was what they did despite having no grudge against him.

But now, they wouldnt dare think of doing the same too.

And the reason for that wasnt out of fear of Protector Zhao or the kindness of their heart.

It was because Chu Feng didnt allow them to.

Through his strength, he had instilled respect into them.

This was also what Chu Feng was aiming for.

“Senior Song, you should enter,” Chu Feng repeated once more.


Song Zhi nodded her head before heading toward the spirit formation gate once more.

This time, there was no one to stop her.

Even so, instead of walking right in, she first put her hand through to give it a try.

Surprisingly, her hand passed through the spirit formation gate without any problem!


Everyone was dumbstruck by that sight, including Song Zhi herself.

One must know that the others didnt even manage to put their hands through the spirit formation gate earlier!

So, Song Zhi bucked up her courage and walked into the spirit formation gate.

She passed through it without any problem.

However, she quickly ran out right after.

“Im able to enter it… Im actually able to enter the palace!” Song Zhi announced to the crowd.

The others outside the spirit formation gate quickly gave it a try too, but to their dismay, they were still unable to enter it.

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