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Chapter 4726: Unqualified

“Pardon me, Junior Chu Feng.”

Seeing that there was no room for negotiation here, Yang Chen and Song Zhi released their auras.

It turned out that they were both at rank seven Utmost Exalted level, putting them on the same level as Chu Feng after releasing his Lightning Mark.

The two of them swiftly charged toward Chu Feng to curb him.

In terms of fighting prowess, they were indeed far stronger than Xia Ran, but surprisingly, they found themselves unable to down Chu Feng with their coordinated assault.

“It looks like Chu Feng does have some means.”

Seeing how Yang Chen and Song Zhi were unable to curb Chu Feng despite joining forces, their evaluation of Chu Feng rose another notch.

Unlike Xia Ran, who was fortunate to have a powerful godsister, Yang Chen and Song Zhi had slowly trudged upward with their own hard work and talent.

They were the real deal.


The cry of a ferocious beast suddenly echoed loudly.

Yang Chen had used his Divine Power to raise his cultivation up to rank eight Utmost Exalted level.

But surprisingly, instead of making a move right away, he backed away and said, “Junior Chu Feng, its still not too late for you to admit defeat here.”

Yang Chen didnt want to harm Chu Feng, and he had only raised his cultivation in order to intimidate the latter into backing down.

Song Zhi also activated her Divine Power too and raised her cultivation to rank eight Utmost Exalted level.

“Junior Chu Feng, were all disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Theres nothing we cant sit down and talk over.

Just apologize to Xia Yan, and itll be all over,” Song Zhi said.

“Yang Chen and Song Zhi, why are you acting like good people here Chu Feng shamelessly claimed that he has broken Lord Dugu Lingtians record, disrespecting him and sullying his reputation.

As disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, you should be enraged by his brazen words! Let me put it out to you straight.

If you dont pummel Chu Feng up well here, you shouldnt even dream of entering the Snowdomain Divine Palace!” Xia Ran bellowed.

This put both Yang Chen and Song Zhi in a spot.

“Senior Yang, Senior Song, feel free to make your move.

Think of it as a spar.

Allow me to have a taste of what the disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect are capable of.

Theres no need to go easy on me… for I have no intention of going easy on you either.”


After saying those words, lightning began to crackle around Chu Feng, and it quickly morphed into a set of armor around him.

With that, Chu Fengs cultivation further rose to rank eight Utmost Exalted level.

“He actually managed to unlock both the Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor at Utmost Exalted level Its no wonder why he doesnt fear the Senior Yang and Senior Song!”

The crowd was astonished to see Chu Fengs means.

“Since thats the case, we shant hold back either.”

Not wanting to waste any time, Yang Chen and Song Zhi quickly made their moves.

However, it was the same as before.

They couldnt claim the advantage here despite it being a 2-on-1.

After trading blows, two weapons made out of martial power eventually fell right before Yang Chen and Song Zhis necks.

Chu Feng had managed to curb the two of them, becoming the victor of this battle.

Even though they didnt resort to Incomplete Exalted Armaments in this battle, everyone could tell that neither Yang Chen nor Song Zhi had held back in this battle.

It was not that the two of them were weak, but that Chu Feng was simply too strong.

“Looks like its my win.”

Instead of making things hard for Yang Chen and Song Zhi, Chu Feng took the initiative to dissipate his weapons, freeing them.

“Junior Chu Feng, thanks.”

Yang Chen and Song Zhi dispelled their Divine Powers and bowed to Chu Feng.

Even though Chu Feng had said that he wouldnt go easy on them, he didnt hurt them in the least.

They knew that the only reason why they were unharmed was due to Chu Fengs kindness.

“Xia Ran, Ive already done what you asked me to.

There isnt much time left to cultivate here at the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

Hurry up and open the doors so that we can cultivate in there,” Yang Chen said.

“Useless trash.

You cant even defeat someone of the lowest aptitude like Chu Feng, and you still wish to enter the Snowdomain Divine Palace Youre unworthy!” Xia Ran bellowed with gritted teeth.

“Senior Xia, open the doors.

Otherwise, well be put in a spot if Lord Protector pursues responsibility for this matter,” Bi Jingjing also stepped forward to advise him.

“Ill open the door, but those from the North Tortoise Hall are forbidden from entering.

As for those from the East Dragon Hall and West Dragon Hall, you have to make a vow here to make Chu Feng your nemesis, or else you arent qualified to step into Lord Dugu Lingtians Snowdomain Divine Palace either!” Xia Ran declared loudly.


Many people were put in a spot from those words.

“Chu Feng dares to brazenly sully the reputation of Lord Dugu Lingtian.

I, Zhao Pu, will view him as my nemesis from this day onward!”

But soon, some of the disciples from the East Dragon Hall began making their vows.

“Chu Feng deserves to die! He shall be my nemesis from this day onward.”

Soon, more and more disciples raised their hands to make their vows.

All of the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall spoke their vows, except for Bi Jingjing.

The disciples of the North Tortoise Hall had been excluded right from the start, so there was no need for them to do anything.

40 out of 100 of the disciples of the West Tiger Hall spoke their vows, and 137 out of 300 of the disciples from the East Dragon Hall did so too.

Surprisingly, most people would rather not enter the Snowdomain Divine Palace than to swear to make Chu Feng their enemy.

This surprised not just Xia Ran but Chu Feng.

Yang Chen walked up to Chu Feng and said, “Junior Chu Feng, Im grateful for your kindness earlier.

I, Yang Chen, will be a friend to you from now onward.”

He was one of those who didnt make the vow.

A few other disciples of the East Dragon Hall also walked over, and Tu Yuanyuan was amongst them.

However, what was surprising was that Hua Xu also came over too.

Chu Feng knew how much Hua Xu hated him, but instead of befriending Xia Ran, the latter chose him instead.

This really surprised him.

One must know that Hua Xu had even attempted to publicly humiliate Chu Feng before.

Soon, Song Zhi also led a group of disciples from the West Tiger Hall over to Chu Fengs side.

Of course, while there were many people who didnt make the vow, only a few of them chose to walk over to Chu Fengs side to explicitly support him.

They simply wanted to uphold their dignity and conscience, but they had no intention of befriending Chu Feng here.

In other words, they were choosing to offend neither side.

“Very well! All of you are unworthy of cultivating in the Snowy Heavenly Peak and entering the Snowdomain Divine Palace!” Xia Rans face darkened in fury.

He turned to those who had made the vow and said, “Fellow disciples, you have made a wise choice here.

You didnt let Lord Dugu Lingtian down here.

Youre the ones who are qualified to enter the Snowdomain Divine Palace.

Lets enter!”

The crowd quickly rushed toward the spirit formation gate, hoping to make use of the little time they had remaining.

But to everyones astonishment, they ended up cramming up the entrance instead.

It turned out that none of them could enter.

“Senior Xia, may I ask you to allow us in” someone asked Xia Yan.

Typically speaking, everyone should be able to enter the Snowdomain Divine Palace without any problem.

It was just that the seal in Xia Rans hand had the ability to seal the spirit formation gate off, preventing a person from entering.

Thus, when no one was able to enter the spirit formation gate at all, they couldnt help but think that Xia Ran had intentionally forbidden them entry.

“I didnt seal the spirit formation gate.

Are none of you able to enter” Xia Ran asked in bewilderment.

“We cant enter.”

Bi Jingjing also gave it a try, but the spirit formation gate was tightly sealed.

“Thats impossible!”

Seeing this, Xia Ran quickly rushed forward to give it a try, only to realize that he wasnt able to enter either.

“Senior Xia, stop messing around.

Weve already made the vows you told us to, so hurry up and allow us in!”

“Indeed, Senior Xia! Time is running out! Were going to miss this precious opportunity by at this rate!”

The disciples exclaimed in irritation.

“Im not the one whos sealing off the entrance.

Why did things turn out like this”

Xia Ran was flustered too.

He tried his best to activate the token in his grasp, but it was futile.


A peal of laughter suddenly sounded at this moment.

It was from Chu Feng, and his laughter was filled with ridicule.

“What are you laughing at” Xia Ran asked in displeasure.

It looked like Chu Feng was making a fool out of them right now.

“My apologies.

I wasnt intending to laugh, but seeing a group of unqualified individuals attempting to enter the Snowdomain Divine Palace simply amused me so,” Chu Feng replied with a chuckle.

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