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MGA: Chapter 473 – Emperor


Immediately after the Monstrous Monkey King finished speaking, the eight powerful Beast Spirit Worlds World Spirits howled while facing the sky, then their four legs stepped on air and speedily ran.

They opened their huge fang-filled mouths, flew towards experts of the Jie clan and four big powers, preparing to begin a massacre.

Facing that scene, everyone from the Jie clan and four big powers shut their eyes from terror, as they couldnt bear seeing the bloody scene.

On the other hand, the people from the World Spirit Guild had faces looking like they were venting resentment.

Not only was there not the slightest trace of sympathy on their faces, rather, they secretly cheered for the eight World Spirits and hoped that they could quickly exterminate the grand enemy.

However, there was no one who dared to come out to help out because they were very afraid of the eight World Spirits as well.

They were deeply afraid that if they entered the battlefield, they would be mistakenly injured by the eight World Spirits.

If that happened, the gains would not be worth the losses.

“All of you, stop right now!!”

However, in that crucial moment, a voice suddenly burst out from the distant sky.

Simultaneously, boundless might descended.


After that voice rang out, the eight immensely powerful World Spirits had actually also growled quietly and then, one after the other, they retreated to the Monstrous Monkey Kings back and cast their fearful gazes towards the southern horizon.

At the same time, everyones gazes were also cast over because the voice just now did come from exactly there.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

Very quickly, bursts of rumbling noises came from the southern horizon.

Several golden-coloured chariots appeared under the night sky and were coming over in the air, flying towards the World Spirit Guild.

The chariots were all pulled by an enormous Heaven realm Monstrous Beast.

They were extremely overbearing, and in the darkness, the golden light flickered, and it was extremely dazzling.

Behind the golden-coloured chariots was an army of several tens of thousands of people.

Those people all wore golden-coloured armor and rode battle horses that could fly.

Within the army, there were even a few war banners erected and on them, the two big words “Jiang Dynasty” were written.

“So, the Jiang Dynasty has finally made its move huh” Chu Feng muttered to himself when he saw the army of the Jiang Dynasty.

“But they seem to be a bit late.” Zi Ling also said on the side.


From what I see, they have come just in time.” The Monstrous Monkey King shot a chuckle at Chu Feng and Zi Ling, then cast his lightly squinting eyes towards the Jiang Dynastys army.

Finally, the Jiang Dynastys army, when being stared by countless gazes, stopped in mid-air.

They didnt stop above the World Spirit Guild, but outside of it.

“Jie clan chief, World Spirit Guild head, come out here!!”

Suddenly, from one of the huge chariots, another explosively yell came.

When that voice rang out, a burst of extremely strong power also blew out from the chariot and engulfed the region of land over there.

The Monstrous Monkey Kings bindings over the Jie clan and the four big powers were also dissolved by the strong burst of power.

“Its the emperor! Its the Jiang Dynastys emperor!” At that instant, the high ranking members of the World Spirit Guild tightly knitted their brows.

From hearing, they could already tell who came.

It was the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty.

“Its the emperor, its the emperor! This is great, this is great! Hahaha…” But compared to the tightly frowning people from the World Spirit Guild, the people from the Jie clan and four big powers had smiles all over their faces, like they grabbed onto their only hope.

As they wiped away the cold sweat on their foreheads, they could not stop smiling.

*whoosh* At the same time, Jie Xingpeng was also endlessly elated.

He leaped and flew towards the chariot that the emperor was in.

The head of the World Spirit Guild didnt hesitate either.

Similarly, he flew up and in a blink, entered the chariot.

“Monkey Bro, what do we do now” Just at that time, Chu Feng asked.

“No need to rush.

It is but a brat waiting along with a group of garbage.

I would quite like to see what tricks he can play.” The Monstrous Monster King stood in the air without panic, not putting the Jiang Dynasty in its eyes in the slightest.

A moment after, the closed chariot doors reopened and this time, a middle-aged man with overbearing might was wearing a golden-crown on his head and golden-robe on his body while walking out of the chariot, and behind him, Jie Xingpeng and the head of the World Spirit Guild came out as well.

That man was very strong.

With Chu Fengs current cultivation, he could not see through the mans strength.

Looking back at Jie Xingpeng and the head of the World Spirit Guild, they seemed to have a very respectful appearance to the man.

Without even thinking, Chu Feng knew that he was definitely the true ruler of the entire Nine provinces.

The master of the Jiang dynasty, the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty.

“I am the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty.

I greet the Monstrous Monkey King and Gu Tianchen.” After the emperor walked into the space above the World Spirit Guild, he had actually brought a light smile on his face.

Along with clasped hands and a bent waist, he paid his respects to the Monstrous Monkey King and Gu Tianchen.

“Oh You little boy, you know my title” As the Monstrous Monkey King lightly squinted its eyes, a hint of surprised emerged.

“Senior, a hundred years ago, you shocked the continent.

At that time, my Jiang Dynasty had went everywhere to inquire your identity.

So, a hundred years ago, my Jiang Dynasty already know your grand name.”

“Seniors, it can be said that I grew up hearing about your achievements.

I never would have thought that in my life I would be able to see you two.

It is truly an honor.” The emperor didnt have the tiniest bit of arrogance.

Rather, he seemed quite humble.

“Milord, youre too kind.” Gu Tianchen also returned a greeting to the emperor.

Although in terms of seniority, he was indeed above the emperor, in terms of status and position as well as current strength, he was far from the emperor.

When treating the emperor, he didnt dare to be disrespectful.

“Little boy, youre quite interesting.

Youre quite clear when determining seniority, but as the ruler of the continent of the Nine Provinces, you ignore your subordinate powers wicked actions.

This is your neglect of duty.

Do you know your wrongs” The Monstrous Monkey King curled its mouth and actually reprimanded the emperor in front of the crowd.

“You monster, you even dare to be so arrogant in front of the emperor! You are truly looking to die!” Seeing that, Jie Xingpeng behind the emperor pointed at the Monstrous Monkey King and furiously rebuked.

“Shut up!” But who would have thought that the emperor was furious instead, and fiercely glared at Jie Xingpeng.

“This one has erred!”

At that moment, it completely terrified Jie Xingpeng.

His body couldnt help but violently quiver, then quickly after, he went one step back, lowered his head, and no longer dared to say anything.

“Senior, your words are very true.

The reason why the continent of the Nine Provinces has turned into what it is right now is indeed my neglect.”

“But I really did have some matters to attend to and have left the continent of the Nine Provinces for two years.

Ive just returned to the continent recently, and after knowing about this war that shouldnt even occur, I hurriedly came here to stop it.

But I didnt expect that I still came one step late.”

“Right now, what has happened has already happened.

Senior Jie Shi has also been killed by you.

No matter who was wrong or right, everyone paid the price that they should have paid.”

“From what I see, why not turn a huge matter like todays into a smaller one, and a smaller one into nothing Let todays things pass and dont go any deeper into anything.

I wonder how everyones opinions are” The emperor swept his gaze over all the experts on scene.

“Milord, your words are extremely true.

We are willing to follow them.” At that instant, almost everyone there bent their waists to show their respect.

Even Gu Tianchen didnt dare to refuse.

But who would have thought that the Monstrous Monkey King wasnt willing to buy that.

It widely opened its eyes, curled its mouth, and howled, “No!!”


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