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Chapter 4706: Fight Over the Spirit Waterfall

“Looks like they are really trying to challenge us over here.

Lets go! Everyone will be following me there.

I want to see what their South Vermilion Hall is up to over here!”

Song Xi stood up, and everyone quickly followed him.

The strongest disciples of the North Tortoise Hall grandly left the banquet to head for a place known as the Wintry Spirit Waterfall.

While the place was not useful for the more talented disciples, it was still a fairly valuable cultivation resource for most disciples of the North Tortoise Hall and the South Vermilion Hall.

The Wintry Spirit Waterfall would open for fifteen days every month.

Most of the disciples of the East Dragon Hall and West Tiger Hall had no need to cultivate there, so it was mainly dominated by the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall and North Tortoise Hall.

During these fifteen days, the disciples of the two halls would take turns cultivating there on alternate days.

It should have been the turn of the North Tortoise Halls disciples today, but the South Vermilion Hall actually drove them out of the area, sparking this confrontation.

As for the Fang Yunshi and Bi Jingjing the disciple mentioned earlier, they were some of the more outstanding disciples in the South Vermilion Hall.

Fang Yunshi, like Song Xi, was at rank four Utmost Exalted level.

Bi Jingjing was slightly weaker than Fang Yunshi, but she was born in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, which meant that her family members were in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect too.

It was said that she actually had outstanding talent, and if not for her family members being in the South Vermilion Hall, she would have surely been a disciple of the East Dragon Hall.

“Song Xi, are the elders not going to interfere in this matter” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng felt that it was weird how the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect didnt enforce rules regarding such matter.

If they were to leave it to the strongest to call the shots, it could result in other disciples being robbed of their opportunity to grow stronger.

So, he felt that this matter should have been resolved by the elders instead of the disciples.

“Junior Chu, you have just joined the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, so its little wonder you dont understand how things work here.

We could indeed bring the elders in to resolve the matter, but that would only shame us, disciples of the North Tortoise Hall.

Putting aside the other three halls, even our own elders might start looking down on us.

“So, if its within our means to handle the situation, well do so.

Only if its far beyond our control will we bring the elders into the picture.

Today is the final day that the Wintry Spirit Waterfall will remain open.

Last month, the opportunity to cultivate was given to the South Vermilion Hall, so going by the rules, it should be our turn this month.

“The fact that they are stirring trouble on that shows that they are looking down on us.

If we alarm the elder over something as minor as this, well surely be looked down upon,” Wang Ziyan explained.

“I understand now,” Chu Feng replied.

To put it simply, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect permitted some level of competition and rivalry amongst the disciples.

Most likely, the North Tortoise Hall was unable to compete with the other three halls for many of the better cultivation areas, resulting in the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall being robbed of their opportunities.

As a result, it created a vicious cycle where those of the North Tortoise Hall continued to grow weaker and weaker.

Anyway, as they were rushing their way over, it didnt take them long to arrive before the Wintry Spirit Waterfall.

Above the clouds towered a copper cauldron ten thousand meters tall.

Water was flowing out from the top of the cauldron, forming a humongous waterfall.

The water emanated a chilling aura that harnessed a special kind of spirit energy that was beneficial to cultivators.

At this very moment, there was a huge crowd standing beneath the waterfall.

However, they were all disciples of the South Vermilion Hall.

The disciples of the North Tortoise Hall, on the other hand, were watching helplessly by the side, unable to stop them at all.

Some of them had bruises on their faces with a couple even passed out.

Chu Fengs gaze was more focused on the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall.

The South Vermilion Hall had brought many disciples here, but most of them didnt enter the waterfall to cultivate.

Instead, most of them stood at attention, seemingly awaiting the counterattack of the disciples from the North Tortoise Hall.

There were also disciples from the East Dragon Hall and Wst Tiger Hall around.

There were few of them, and most of their cultivation wasnt too high.

They could be here to cultivate, though it was also possibly that they were here to watch the commotion too.

“Oh Isnt that Song Xi from the North Tortoise Hall Are you here to cultivate at the Wintry Spirit Waterfall too Ahhh, given your subpar talent, I can understand why youd need to cultivate here.”

Before Song Xi and the others could land, a mocking voice had already sounded from the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall.

It was coming from a fairly good-looking man, but his attitude was extremely vile and arrogant.

It was clear from his gaze that he thought little of the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall.

“Fang Yunshi, dont you know that its our disciples turn to cultivate here” Song Xi landed right in front of the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall as he began questioning sharply.

“Of course I do,” Fang Yunshi replied.

“Since you know, why did you bring your men here to snatch our spot and injure our disciples” Song Xi asked.

“Im not the one who injured your disciples, but its indeed our people who did it.

However, you cant possibly blame me for the weakness of the disciples of your North Tortoise Hall, right As for why our disciples of the South Vermilion Hall want to cultivate here today… we simply want to do it, so we came.

What about it” Fang Yunshi said.

“So, youre intending to break the rules weve agreed on” Song Xi asked.

“What about it” Fang Yunshi replied disdainfully.

“Fang Yunshi, it looks like you really think little of our North Tortoise Hall.

Men, drive all of the disciples of their South Vermilion Hall out of the Wintry Spirit Waterfall!” Song Xi ordered loudly.

“Disciples of the South Vermilion Hall, beat him anyone who dares to drive you away! Make sure to hit them back in their faces!” Fang Yunshi bellowed.

Seeing that the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall and North Tortoise Hall were going to make a move on one another, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Hold it right there! This is a place to cultivate, not to fight!”

The person who spoke was a young female disciple.

She had a beautiful appearance, but there was a haughty look on her face.

Chu Feng could tell right away that she was likely to be the disciple who was born and grew up in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, Bi Jingjing.

“Junior Bi, you know the rules of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect the best.

Why didnt you stop this matter from happening” Song Xi stepped forward and questioned.

Compared to Fang Yunshi, Song Xis attitude was much more polite to Bi Jingjing.

“Song Xi, the Wintry Spirit Waterfall opens for fifteen days every month.

According to the rules, the disciples of the East Dragon Hall can cultivate for six days whereas the disciples of the West Tiger Hall, South Vermilion Hall, and North Tortoise Hall take three days each.

Its only because the disciples of the East Dragon Hall and West Tiger Hall rarely come here that it became an equal split between your North Tortoise Hall and our South Vermilion Hall.

“If you really want to go by the rules, your North Tortoise Hall should only have three days here.

I can tell you that the rules are decided by the sectmaster himself.

Are you trying to question his judgment here” Bi Jingjing asked.

“Junior Bi, what are you trying to say here” Song Xi asked.

“Do you know why the East Dragon Hall is granted more time here than the other halls Its because theyre the strongest.

In the end, the slots for the Wintry Spirit Waterfall is determined by whos more qualified.

Your North Tortoise Hall is clearly weaker than our South Vermilion Hall, so why should we stand for an equal split” Bi Jingjing asked.

“Its an agreement between our seniors that the South Vermilion Hall and North Tortoise Hall take alternate days to cultivate at the Wintry Spirit Waterfall,” Song Xi said.

“Like you said, it was an agreement by our seniors.

Since its just an agreement, it can naturally be changed.

Today, Ill be changing it!” Bi Jingjing said.

“What do you want to do” Song Xi asked.

“Very simple.

Of the fifteen days, your North Tortoise Hall will be taking the first five days whereas our South Vermilion Hall will be taking the remaining ten days,” Bi Jingjing replied.

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