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Chapter 4704: Ill Be the One to Protect You

Chapter 4704: Ill Be the One to Protect You

“Chu Feng, you should know about the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, right Thats the ruler of the Nine Souls Galaxy, and the Nine Souls Galaxy is far stronger than our Holy Light Galaxy.

The Nine Souls Sacred Clan is not a power that we can trifle with,” Song Xi supplemented, fearing that Chu Feng wouldnt understand the implications.

“I know about the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

Is the organization youre working for just a subsidiary under the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, or does it strictly do its bidding” Chu Feng asked.

If the organization had done all sorts of vile deeds behind the Nine Souls Sacred Clans back, the matter could still be resolved fairly easily.

However, if the Nine Souls Sacred Clan was behind it all, the significance of the matter would change entirely.

The difficulty in dealing with the organization would be much higher.

“My silly brother, they were acting under the orders of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan of course! The organization has no name, but its very existence is to handle the darker side of things for the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

Thats why I dont dream of exacting my vengeance.

You shouldnt bother thinking about it either because it will only be futile,” Song Xi said with a smile.

He had already thought things through and let it go.

But while Song Xi was willing to let this matter go, Chu Feng still couldnt turn a blind eye to it, especially after seeing the state Song Xi was in.

He had taken a close examination, and the latters face was utterly disfigured.

Putting aside Chu Feng, even someone of the Godwish Grandmothers caliber would probably be helpless before it.

“Chu Feng, were already in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect now.

It wont be easy for us to leave this place.

However, theres no need for us to leave this place either because the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is wonderful.

As long as Im here, you can be assured that well live a comfortable life!

“You once protected me back at the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, so now, allow me to be the one to protect you.

Dont worry, as long as theres good stuff, Ill make sure to share it with you.

It just so happens that therell be a trial three days from now.

You should come with me.

There are only 20 slots in total, and the candidates have already been chosen.

However, with my current standing, all it takes is a word from me to change the candidates!” Song Xi said gleefully.

“Since the candidates have already been chosen, Ill pass on it,” Chu Feng said.

“No no no, you have to go.

Dont worry about the details.

As long as I give the word, none of them will dare to refute me.

This matter is settled then.

You have to go by hook or by crook! Anyway, Ive already reserved the slot for you.

If you dont go, I wont allow anyone else to go either!” Song Xi said.

“Then… what kind of trial will it be Will the other three halls be participating in it too” Chu Feng asked.

“Naturally, its a trial with good stuff to be obtained.

Youll see! The disciples from the other three halls will also be participating in the trials too, but all of us will just be doing our own stuff.

There wont be any conflicts.

Rest assured, I, Song Xi, have quite some influence in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect at the moment.

Those from the other three halls wont dare to pull anything even if they wanted to!” Song Xi guaranteed proudly.

“I understand.” Chu Feng nodded.

In truth, he just wanted to know more about the trial.

He wasnt worried about the other three halls at all.

Nevertheless, from the short conversation they had, he could tell that Song Xis personality was very different from before.

To put it simply, he was conceited.

However, Chu Feng could understand where he was coming from too.

A change in standing usually brought about a change in attitude as well.

However, that didnt necessarily mean that Song Xi had turned into a bad person.

At the very least, Song Xi still treated Chu Feng warmly.

His invitation for him to join the trial was more than enough to show how much he treasured their relationship.

The two of them continued chatting for a while longer before Song Xi prepared to take his leave.

However, before he walked away, he suddenly stopped for a moment and turned around to look at Chu Feng.

“Right, I almost forgot.

Chu Feng, I dont really want people to know about my past, and the people here dont really know how I was back then either.

If someone asks you about it, you can just tell them that I forbid you from saying anything at all,” Song Xi said.

“I wont divulge anything that you dont want me to talk about,” Chu Feng replied.

“I trust you.


You must be tired after everything that has happened thus far.

Have a good rest.

I have a surprise for you tomorrow.”

With a smile, Song Xi began making his way out of Chu Fengs residence.

Chu Feng also walked him to the entrance and bade him farewell.

He left together with the large group he came with, creating quite a spectacular sight.

Seeing how well Song Xi was faring at the moment, Chu Feng felt a bit more assuaged.

While Song Xi did face a lot of difficulties in the past, at least he was doing well in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

The present was more important than the past, after all.

Song Xi and his group didnt leave too quickly, and they didnt bother to hide either.

Wherever they passed by, all of the disciples would bow down to pay respects to them.

Even some of the elders would greet them too.

This showed that Song Xi and his group did have quite a high standing in the North Tortoise Hall.

“Senior Song, whats Chu Fengs background”

A guy with a pair of black eyes suddenly asked in the midst of their journey.

He was a serpent monstrous beast going by the name of Hei Yao, and he was a rank three Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

Even though he was weaker than Song Xi, there was no doubt that he was still one of the strongest disciples in the North Tortoise Hall.

It was precisely due to his great strength that he was the most authoritative person in the group other than Song Xi and Wang Ziyan.

In fact, before Song Xi came, he was actually the strongest disciple in the North Tortoise Hall.

“Youre asking about Chu Feng Hes a friend I met when I went out for a trial a while ago.

We went through quite a bit together.

Weve helped each other greatly along the way, weathering through multiple difficulties together.

It has been a few years since then, and honestly speaking, I never thought that we would reunite in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“Even less so, I didnt think that he would reach his current level of accomplishment, becoming a rank one Utmost Exalted level cultivator and being able to use his Heavenly Bloodline to raise his cultivation by a rank.

I must say, Im truly happy for him,” Song Xi said.

“Senior Song sure is extraordinary.

Even a friend you meet out on a mission turns out to be an extraordinary prodigy.”

Someone immediately used this opportunity to fawn on Song Xi.

Song Xi smiled in response to the fawning before turning to Hei Yao once more.

“Hei Yao, hows your younger brother doing” Song Xi asked.

“Senior Song, my younger brothers injuries have alleviated significantly, but he hasnt fully recovered yet,” Hei Yao replied.

“Since thats the case, tell him not to go for the trial three days from now anymore.

Chu Feng will be taking his place instead,” Song Xi said.

“Senior Song! My younger brothers injuries wont affect his performance in the trial!” Hei Yao quickly explained.

“Regardless of whether it affects his performance or not, hell have to hand his slot over.

It has been years since I last met Chu Feng, and our reunion only means that our fate hasnt come to an end yet.

As the older brother here, Im obliged to offer him a helping hand,” Song Xi said.

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