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Chapter 4695: Proving Myself

“Disciple Which disciple is it How did he disrespect you” Hua Xus master asked.

“That person insulted me.”

“Who is it”

As expected, Hua Xu turned his gaze toward Chu Feng.

“Master, its that person.”

Hua Xu pointed to Chu Feng as he spoke.

“I wont make things difficult for you.

Apologize to my disciple, and we can let this matter slip,” Hua Xus master ordered Chu Feng.

“If I had done wrong, I would be more than willing to apologize.

However, since I havent erred at all, why should I apologize” Chu Feng replied.

“Audacious! Chu Feng, you dare to disobey my master” Hua Xu bellowed coldly.

However, Chu Feng didnt bother to even look at Hua Xu, choosing to focus his attention on Hua Xus master instead.

“Elder, your disciple slandered me without any reason.

As his master, shouldnt you punish him” Chu Feng replied.

“Are you saying that my disciple is lying” Hua Xus master asked.

“Of course.

He said that I was disrespectful to him, but does he have any evidence All of the disciples and the elders can bear witness to everything that has happened ever since our meeting.

When have I shown him disrespect” Chu Feng asked.

“You insulted me through voice transmission, so naturally, theres no evidence,” Hua Xu argued.

“In other words, theres no evidence to back up your words” Chu Feng refuted.

“Master, I swear that everything Ive said is true.

Please redress my grievances!” Hua Xu actually kneeled down and made a vow right before his master.

“I believe in my own eyes.

The disciple I chose cant possibly be of bad character.” Hua Xus master supported Hua Xu back to his feet as he spoke.

After that, he turned his eyes toward Chu Feng and said, “Ill give you a chance.

If you apologize right now and admit your fault, I wont hold it against you.

However, if you refuse to repent, I believe that theres a need to show you that there are rules in our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect!”

“ Chu Feng, arent you going to admit your mistake”

Some of the elders present immediately began forcing Chu Feng to bow down without caring about the truth at all.

“This elder over there, since you have no evidence to back up your words, how can you deem that its Chu Fengs fault just because of what Hua Xu said Arent you being too biased here”

Someone finally spoke up for Chu Feng.

It was Tu Yuanyuan.

However, barely after Tu Yuanyuan said those words, her master immediately shot a glare at her.

Her intent was clear—she didnt want Tu Yuanyuan to get involved in matters that didnt concern her.

It was possible that Tu Yuanyuan had sent her a voice transmission to inform her of something, but Tu Yuanyuans expression turned a little conflicted.

“This young friend here, your words do make sense.

However, should justice not be served just because theres no evidence” Hua Xus master said.

Tu Yuanyuan lowered her head, not saying a word at all.

It was a sign of compromise.

Hua Xus master had made his attitude clear over here.

He was determined to stand up for Hua Xu no matter he was right or not.

Everyones gazes immediately fell upon Chu Feng.

Some of them were looking at him in sympathy, pitying that he had to suffer such injustice right after entering the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

However, most of them had a gleeful look on their faces.

They felt that Chu Feng was acting too arrogantly and deserved to be punished.

“Elder, it looks like you really believe in your own judgment.”

Chu Fengs lips curled up into a deep smile before he walked back into the square.

Everyone thought that Chu Feng was going to succumb and apologize to Hua Xu.

“You have to kneel down,” Hua Xus master supplemented.

However, those words only deepened Chu Fengs smile.

Right before everyones eyes, Chu Feng walked past Hua Xu and his master, heading right toward the dueling ring.

Then, he struck the bell with the wordIndignance on it.


Everyone was shocked to see this sight.

They didnt think that Chu Feng would actually make such a move, except for Tu Yuanyuan.

She was the only one who wasnt surprised by Chu Fengs action, and she smirked in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

“Chu Feng, which elders decision do you feel indignant over” Elder Dao Qinian asked.

“Im not indignant with any of the elders decision,” Chu Feng replied.

“Audacious! Elder Dao Qinian has already told you the significance of the bell.

Since you dont feel indignant about the decision made by any of the elders, how could you hit the bell Are you intending on causing a mess here”

Before Dao Qinian could say anything, some of the elders present had already begun criticizing Chu Feng.

They were speaking against Chu Feng not because they held a grudge against him, but that they simply wanted to fawn on Hua Xus master.

“Chu Feng, speak of your intent.”

On the other hand, Dao Qinian didnt rush into criticizing Chu Feng.

Instead, he chose to probe on.

“Elder, I would like to prove a fact over here,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it” Dao Qinian asked.

“Hua Xu said that I insulted him secretly, but I would like to prove that he isnt even qualified for that.

Even if I wish to insult him, I would have done it openly.

Theres no need for me to resort to underhanded means like using voice transmission,” Chu Feng replied.

“In other words, you wish to challenge Hua Xu” Dao Qinian asked.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng replied.

“The one you are challenging by hitting the bell isnt Hua Xu but me.

You wish to prove that youre above Hua Xu But that white token you wear already proves your inferiority.

Even if your cultivation surpasses Hua Xu at the moment, its only a matter of time before youre overtaken.

“However, Im not an unreasonable person.

Since you wish to prove yourself, Ill give you an opportunity to do so.

“Xu Cheng,” Hua Xus master shouted loudly.

“Yes, master!”

A man flew out from the crowd in the sky, landing right before Hua Xus master.

This man named Xu Cheng was also his disciple, making him Hua Xus senior.

“Someone has doubted my judgment and wishes to challenge your junior.

You shall be fighting in your juniors stead in this battle,” Hua Xus master said.


Xu Cheng accepted the orders and leaped right onto the dueling ring.

This sight brought about a huge commotion from the crowd.

Based on the discussions going around, Chu Feng learned that Hua Xus master was named Ouyang Che.

His disciple, Xu Cheng, was not a junior anymore, being in his 500s this year.

His cultivation was also impressive as well, having reached rank one Utmost Exalted level.

“Elder, is this in line with the rules” Chu Feng asked Dao Qinian.

“The doubted elder has the choice to select any of his disciples to fight the battle in his stead.

Chu Feng, if you admit defeat right now, you can avoid the battle,” Dao Qinian said.

“Thank you for your advice, elder.”

Knowing that Dao Qinian was saying that out of goodwill, Chu Feng bowed slightly to him in acknowledgment.

Nevertheless, he still chose to turn around to step onto the dueling ring too.

“Do you really intend to fight with me in place of Hua Xu” Chu Feng asked.

“Since youve already stepped on the dueling ring, theres no longer any room for you to back down anymore.

I wont give you the chance to admit defeat.

Ill teach you a lesson that youll never forget for daring to doubt my masters judgment!”

Xu Chengs words were composed, but his eyes were filled with viciousness.

It was almost as if he was determined to devour Chu Feng whole.

Without a doubt, he wouldnt go easy on Chu Feng despite not being a junior.


But all of a sudden, Chu Feng vanished from view.


A dull thud sounded, and a figure was sent flying down from the dueling ring.

Taking a closer look, everyone, be it disciples or elders, was all shocked.

The one who had flown down from the dueling was actually Xu Chengs senior, the rank one Utmost Exalted level Xu Cheng!

As for Chu Feng, he was standing in place of where Xu Cheng previously was.

At this moment, Chu Feng was finally revealing his cultivation too.

“Chu Feng, he… Hes actually at rank one Utmost Exalted level!”

Everyone stared at Chu Feng in astonishment.

They never thought that Chu Feng would actually be this strong.

This was definitely not a feat that could be accomplished by someone of ordinary aptitude!

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