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Chapter 4673: World Spirit Female Baby

“Chu Feng, dont go over!”

Both Milady Queen and Yu Sha shouted in unison to stop Chu Feng.

To be more exact, there were three voices shouting simultaneously, with the last one being Wang Yuxian.

They had already recognized just how dangerous the current situation was.

“Young friend Chu Feng, stand there and dont move.

Theres no way out of this right now.

We can only seal it off here!”

Even the Lady of Dao Sea had spoken up too.

She was furiously driving the formation inside the hall as she spoke.

The power within the formation grew stronger and stronger as huge waves of power gushed toward the box, filling its exterior with the runes of the ancient sealing formation.

At this very moment, the formation felt like a swamp, attempting to drag the box into it.

Chu Feng knew that as long as it succeeded, the formation would be able to seal off the box.

However, despite the optimistic situation, he still couldnt help but feel nervous.

The box was simply too powerful that if they failed to seal it, it would spell a calamity.

But at the same time, he also felt a little regretful.

Whatever in the box was likely to be something that could determine the fate of the Asura Graveyard.

Even someone of the prowess and standing of Lord Yunliang was willing to sacrifice himself in order to bring the box out.

He was really curious as to what was within, and it was regretful that he never got to see it.

However, there was nothing that could be helped here.

He simply didnt have enough strength to control the entity in the box.

“This formation is pretty formidable.

Haaa, I really wanted to know what was inside.

Could it be something thats more powerful than this Queen” Eggy remarked as she watched the box slowly sink into the depth of the formation.

Eventually, the ancient sealing formation devoured the entire black box within it.

The formation came to a halt, and the light around swiftly dissipated.

The hall reverted back to normal, just that the box was nowhere to be seen anymore.

“Elder, was it a success” Chu Feng asked.


It looks like Ive underestimated the prowess of this ancient sealing formation,” the Lady of Dao Sea remarked with a chuckle.

She was also surprised to see that she was able to seal off the black box so smoothly.


All of a sudden, the ground began trembling violently.

Following that, all of the monsters on the wall came to life once more as they released terrified shrieks.

An object began bulging out from the middle of the hall.

It was in the shape of a box.

Noticing that the circumstances were turning awry, the Lady of Dao Sea quickly activated the sealing formation once more.

The sealing formation did activate without a hitch, but this time around, it didnt seem to be working anymore.

It was not that the sealing formation had grown weak, but it was unable to stop the box from breaking out from the ground.

Following that, the box finally opened up all together.

“That is…”

When the box opened, Chu Feng, Eggy, Yu Sha, the Lady of Dao Sea, and Wang Yuxian all froze on the spot.

To their shock, the entity inside the box was actually a female baby!

The female baby had her eyes shut, and she was biting onto her own thumb.

She was in a deep slumber.

“Is she… a world spirit” Chu Feng asked.

The reason why he asked this question was because he noticed the aura of Asura World Spirits coming from her.

However, in terms of skin color and appearance, she was obviously not an evil spirit, which meant that she could only be a world spirit.


Wang Yuxian turned to the Lady of Dao Sea, hoping for the latter to explain the situation.

“I cant sense any demonic aura from her.

She doesnt seem to be a threat.

However, we cant let our guard down.

Theres nothing else in the box other than her; the earlier demonic aura must have been released from her!”

As the Lady of Dao Sea spoke, she began to activate the sealing formation once more.

However, the sealing formation didnt work on the female baby at all.

Instead, it only woke the female baby up, causing her to burst out crying.

“Uwaaa! Uwaaa! Im hungry, hungry!”

Those words astounded Chu Feng and the others.

The female baby looked just like a newborn, so how could she be capable of words!

“Hungry! Im hungry!”

Her female babys pitiful crying really spurred the sympathy of those present.

Wang Yuxian reached into her Cosmos Sack to take out a pastry before approaching the female baby.

“Lele, stop! Dont go there!”

The Lady of Dao Sea immediately shouted, and she even released her oppressive might to stop Wang Yuxian.

“Master, if the ancient sealing formation isnt working on her, it could only mean that shes not a demonic being.

Besides, shes crying so pitifully.

We cant just turn a blind eye to her, right” Wang Yuxian said as she tossed the pastry in her hand over to the female baby.

The female baby was still shaking her limbs, wailing loudly a moment ago.

However, as soon as she sensed the dessert approaching, she reached out, grabbed them, and stuffed them into her mouth.

But right after she had a taste of the pastry, she immediately spat them out.

She even threw the remaining bit of the pastry she had in her hand onto the ground.

“Uwaaa! Im hungry, hungry!”

The female baby burst out crying once more.

“Silly Lele, this is a child! How could she possibly eat adult food Go, bring some milk over!”

The Lady of Dao Sea released Wang Yuxians restraints and passed the key, which allowed one to move freely around the underwater ancient city, over to her.

In other words, she was giving Wang Yuxian consent to feed this female baby.


Overjoyed, Wang Yuxian immediately rushed out with the key in hand.

It didnt take long for her to return with milk in her hand.

However, judging from how long Wang Yuxian took to make a to-and-fro trip, it didnt seem like she had left the ancient underwater city at all.

Most likely, there were various places where the Lady of Dao Sea had stowed her possessions away.

This meant that Wang Yuxian was quite familiar with this ancient underwater city too.

However, Chu Feng didnt think too much into it.

He was more concerned about the female baby at the moment.

Wang Yuxian tossed the milk over, and the female baby immediately took a sip.

In the next moment, she tossed the bottle of milk away.

“Master, she doesnt drink milk either.

Should we try goats milk instead” Wang Yuxian asked.

“It doesnt seem like shed eat normal milk,” the Lady of Dao Sea remarked with a frown.

“Could it be that she wants human milk If so, we would need to venture out of the Dao Sea to get someones help,” Wang Yuxian replied helplessly.

“How foolish! Shes a world spirit born amidst a group of evil spirits.

How could she think of raising her the same way as you raise a human child Chu Feng, try feeding her source energies,” Eggy said.


Chu Feng quickly stepped forward and released the source energies he had collected toward the female baby.

“Young friend Chu Feng, its dangerous!”

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually releasing source energies to the female baby, the Lady of Dao Sea quickly shouted for him to stop.

Unexpectedly, as the source energies approached the female baby, the latter began drinking it up in large mouthfuls.

A delighted smile curled on her lips, and her little limbs began wiggling around in joy.

Seeing this, the Lady of Dao Sea fell silent as she began reassessing the female baby with a grave look on her face.

She was extremely intrigued by the female baby.

“Its able to drink source energies” Wang Yuxian remarked in astonishment.

While the female baby was finally eating now, there was another huge problem here—he didnt expect the baby to be such a big eater.

At this rate, he was going to deplete all of his source energies.

So, he decided to stop for now.

“Uwaaa! I want it! I still want it!”

That immediately provoked cries from the female baby.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing Continue feeding her!” Eggy exclaimed.

“Milady Queen, I have saved these source energies for you while you were cultivating.

Should we really feed it to this female baby” Chu Feng asked.

“You dumbo! Those source energies of yours wont help me much.

Just feed it to her.

Hurry hurry! Oh right, let me out too.

This child sure is adorable.

I want to hug her,” Eggy said.

Chu Feng had no choice but to go along with what Eggy said.

He continued feeding the source energies to the female baby while opening up a spirit formation gate.

As soon as the spirit formation gate opened, Eggy, together with Yu Sha, rushed out right away.

They and Wang Yuxian seemed to be extremely fond of the female baby before them.

The bold Eggy even walked over and carried the female baby up.

This single feeding session cost Chu Feng of nearly all of the source energies he had saved up, but fortunately, the female baby seemed to be satisfied for the time being.

It slowly opened its eyes.

“Big sister.”

Upon seeing Eggys face, she called out sweetly.

“Waa, you even know how to address me as big sister.

How obedient.”

Eggy was delighted to be called as such by the female baby.

From this, it could be seen how fond she was of the latter.

The female baby moved her gaze on to scan her surroundings.

When she caught sight of Wang Yuxian and Yu Sha, she also intimately called thembig sister too.

However, as soon as her eyes fell upon Chu Feng, she suddenly began stretching her little hands forth excitedly, as if asking for a hug.

With the same childlike voice as before, she urged, “Daddy, hug! I want a hug, daddy!”

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