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Chapter 4647: The Injured Milady Queen

The body of the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit was no longer indestructible anymore.

He was still fending against the black aura, but the demons in the black aura had begun leaving lacerations on his body.

One slash, two slashes, three slashes, four slashes…

Claws sunk into his flesh and tore out bloodied gorges, causing his injuries to gradually pile up.

Under such circumstances, the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit immediately lost his courage.

He knew that things were turning against him, so his first thought was to turn tail and flee.

However, he immediately realized that his escape route had also been sealed by the black aura, thus putting him in a desperate position.

As a result, his injuries grew more and more severe, such that it didnt take long for his flesh to be marred with blood, making him look like a walking horror.

It was hard to look at him in his current state.

On top of that, his aura also started to weaken too.

“That lass is really quite frightening.

Its no wonder why she was able to trigger such a phenomenon.

It almost feels like theres no limit to her strength at all.

Even the legendary Asura Blood Tribes world spirit isnt a match for her.”

The crowd sighed lamentably as looks of despair appeared on their faces.

Chu Fengs world spirits were simply too terrifying.

Even with the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit on Gongsun Yuntians side, they couldnt see any hope for victory here.


It was then that pain suddenly surfaced on Milady Queens face.

It was so excruciating that she found herself unable to maintain her stance and squatted down.

Fresh blood spurted out of her mouth.

At the same time, she also stopped releasing her black aura as well, causing the current onslaught of demons to slowly wither out before dissipating.


Seeing that Eggy was injured, Chu Feng immediately darted forward to her side.


However, barely after Chu Feng took a few steps, the black aura suddenly appeared once more, holding him in place.

“What are you shouting for Im fine.”

Eggy turned her head over to look at Chu Feng with a smile.

She blinked her eyes cheekily, trying to assure him that she was fine.

However, Chu Feng still keenly noticed her pale complexion.

It had only just been a moment, but she was sweating profusely.

It was obvious that she was in a frail state.

She must have been undergoing unbearable pain.


It was then that the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit suddenly laughed frenziedly.

“Damned harlot, your power might be formidable, but it looks like you have reached your limit.

Ill give you one last chance.

Either become my concubine or die right here!”

As soon as Eggy halted her attack, the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit revealed his arrogant side once more.

“Mere small fry like you arent even worthy of serving as this Queens servants.

The only fate that awaits you is death in my hands!” Eggy said.

“Very well.

You may die now!”

Provoked by Milady Queens words, the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit launched his attack once more.

Even though his body was in a mess, the speed he moved at was still not to be trifled with.

All it took was the blink of an eye for him to arrive before Milady Queen, and his massive palm shot right for Eggys head.

It looked like he was planning to smash Eggys head into smithereens!

Since he couldnt obtain her, he would just ruin her


Unexpectedly, just as it looked as if the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit was about to succeed, Eggy suddenly vanished from view.

When she finally appeared once more, she was already standing in midair, right behind the world spirit.

In her hand was a black dagger, and there were several droplets of blood on the dagger.

“You… You darned harlot!”

The Asura Blood Tribes world spirit realized that the situation had gone awry, and indignance surfaced in his eyes.


In the next moment, blood splattered all over the place as the head of the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit was sent flying.



With two dull thuds, the Asura Blood Tribes world spirit fell to the ground, his head severed from his body.

“Did you think that this Queen is only capable of far-ranged attacks Think again.”

Eggy descended to the ground as she gazed down condescendingly on the decapitated world spirit.

“Ki ki ki… Darned harlot, I have indeed underestimated you.

Very well, I shall let you off the hook today.”

To everyones astonishment, the decapitated Asura Blood Tribes world spirit was still able to speak! His severed head and body morph into blood-red aura in unison before drifting toward the spirit formation gate opened by Gongsun Yuntian.

“You wish to flee”

However, a vicious look flashed across Milady Queens face as she began pouring out black aura once more, forming a huge wall across the dueling ring to block off the blood-red auras path of escape.


The battle has already concluded.

Theres no need to continue on anymore.”

Unexpectedly, the Wretched Black Demon suddenly spoke up at this moment.

“Young friend Yuntian, are you still intending to continue the duel” the Wretched Black Demon turned to Gongsun Yuntian and asked.

“I admit defeat.”

Gongsun Yuntian was obviously unwilling to do so, but he still lowered his head respectfully.

With those words spoken, the surroundings fell completely silent.

Everyone from the Gongsun Clan hung their heads in shame, not daring to look up at all.

With Gongsun Yuntians admittance of defeat, it was all over for them.

To them, this wasnt just a defeat for Gongsun Yuntian.

It was a defeat for the Gongsun Clan clan, as well as the Nine Souls Galaxy.

“You nasty lass, that lad has already admitted defeat.

Are you still going to continue stopping me”

The Asura Blood Tribes world spirit was still able to speak in his blood-red aura form.

However, perhaps out of fear that Milady Queen would persist in killing him, his words and tone became a little milder than before.

“Eggy, let him off,” Chu Feng also spoke up too.

“Small fry.

If this Queen ever sees you again, you can certain that Ill take your life.”

Eggy retracted her black aura before turning around to return through the spirit formation gate with candid footsteps.

All of the world spiritists watched as Eggy departed in envy.

Such a world spirit was everything world spiritists like them hoped for.

However, Eggy suddenly stopped right before the spirit formation gate and turned to look at Chu Feng.

“What did I say Small fry like him isnt a match for this Queen, right”

Eggys lips curled up in glee before she hopped through the spirit formation gate.

Yu Sha also did the same too.

“I hereby declare that the ones to proceed on to the final trial are Gongsun Yuntian from the Nine Souls Galaxy and Chu Feng from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy.”

The Wretched Black Demons words had shown plenty of respect to Chu Feng.

He had chosen to abide by Chu Fengs will and address the Holy Light Galaxy as the Ancestral Martial Galaxy.

“Young friend Chu Feng, young friend Yuntian, I need the two of you to follow me somewhere else.”

The Wretched Black Demon first kept the dueling ring before he rose to his feet and headed off.

Chu Feng and Gongsun Yuntian quickly followed after him.

However, the Wretched Black Demon simply separated the two of them and arranged for Chu Feng to rest by himself in a palace.

He told Chu Feng that he should rest here and wait for the next trial to start before leaving the premises.

While Chu Feng had no idea what the Wretched Black Demon was up to, he was more than happy with the current situation.

He finally had some time to pay a visit to Eggy and catch up with her.

So, he quickly entered his World Spirit Space and dashed straight for Eggy.

“Hold it right there.

Are you thinking of taking advantage of this Queen again”

Seeing the excited Chu Feng dashing over, Eggy quickly raised her hand to stop him.

“Milady Queen, how are your injuries Im here to help you take a look.”

Without caring about whether Eggy was willing or not, he grabbed her fair wrists and began diagnosing her condition.

“Eggy, why is your aura so unstable” Chu Feng asked in agitation.

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