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Chapter 4544: Who Doesnt Have Connections

While this city was prepared by Lu Wantong in order to trap those from the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan, he didnt go so far as to do it blatantly.

At the very least, the guards securing this city were all hidden in the shadows.

The ones guarding the entrance were still from the clan members of the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan, such that it appeared that the city belonged to them if one were to just look at it from the surface.

Due to this, Chu Feng and Gu Yang were able to enter the city unimpeded.

After entering the city, Gu Yang continued leading the way for Chu Feng until they finally stopped before a residence.

“Young friend Chu Feng, Lingxi and Mingyuan are inside the residence.

I wont be following you in,” Gu Yang said before taking his leave.

Chu Feng was able to peer inside the residence directly without much problem, and he could see Gu Mingyuan in the front yard.

Chu Lingxi was nowhere to be seen, but in any case, he still allowed Gu Yang to take his leave too.

Chu Feng had noticed that there was a peculiar look in Gu Yangs eyes when he walked away, and the direction the latter was heading toward was the city gates too.

These clues made it very obvious to him what Gu Yang was up to, but this simply played to Chu Fengs favor.

So, he didnt pay Gu Yang any heed and walked straight into the residence.

“Elder Gu.”

Chu Feng called out before even entering the residence.

While the residence was formed out of spirit power, it didnt have the effect of voice isolation.

As such, Gu Mingyuan was able to hear Chu Fengs voice loud and clear.

“Chu Feng It really is you! I didnt think that I would be able to meet you here!”

Gu Mingyuan immediately rushed out upon hearing that voice, and an overjoyed expression appeared on her face when she saw that it was indeed Chu Feng.

If not out of consideration of the difference in their standing, Gu Mingyuan might have just given Chu Feng a hug.

After all, Chu Feng was a junior whom she favored a lot.

“Chu Feng, Ive heard of your recent affairs.

It seems like youre quite a formidable figure now, arent you I heard that you even managed to defeat Wuming Doutian, making the Chu Heavenly Clan the true overlord of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

No one would dare to oppose you anymore.

It looks like youve grown a lot since we last met!” Gu Mingyuan remarked.

“Hehe, its all thanks to elders teachings that I was able to come this far,” Chu Feng replied with a chuckle.

“Hoh, your mouth is still as sweet as ever.

However, I must say that youre really improving at an unbelievable pace.

I reckon that you are already a match for your father!” Gu Mingyuan said.

“Elder, youre flattering me.

How can I be compared to my father I still have much to work on.”

Chu Feng was definitely not saying these words out of mere humility.

His impression of his father was an extremely powerful figure who possessed unfathomable strength.

While he didnt know for certain what his fathers cultivation level was, he knew deep well that there was still a huge rift standing between him and his father.

“Alright, you should quit it with the humble act.

At the very least, the accomplishment you have made at your age surpasses that of your father.

“Ah right, I dont think that you would be here just to join in the commotion.

Youre here to participate in the tournament too, right” Gu Mingyuan asked.

“Youre right, elder.

I did come here to participate in the tournament.

I happened to meet Gu Yang while I was taking a look around, and I learned from him that youre here too.

So, I came over to pay you a visit,” Chu Feng said.

“Gu Yang Gu Yang was the one who brought you here What is that fellow up to this time around…”

Upon hearing that name, Gu Mingyuans face visibly darkened in hostility.

Her response was more than enough to tell Chu Feng that she carried a deep abhorrence for Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang brought me here with the intention to talk to Lingxi,” Chu Feng said.

“He told you about Lingxis current situation” Gu Mingyuan asked.

“Yeah, he told me that you coincidentally met a person named Lu Wantong as soon as you arrived here, and that Lu Wantong person is currently insisting on marrying Lingxi,” Chu Feng said.

“Coincidentally Hah! I never knew that Gu Yang is such an actor!” Gu Mingyuan spat through gritted teeth upon hearing Chu Fengs words.

Gu Mingyuans response made Chu Feng realize that there was something more to the situation than he knew about.

“Elder, calm down first.

Why dont you tell me what happened”


Meanwhile, Gu Yang had already left the city.

As soon as he was outside, he immediately approached one of Lu Wantongs subordinates hiding in the shadows.

After a quick conversation, the two of them flitted off into the distance hurriedly.

However, what neither Gu Yang nor the subordinate knew was that a group of people was watching their actions from afar.

And this group of people was made of Long Xiaoxiao and the prodigies from the four behemoths of the Holy Light Galaxy.

Long Xiaoxioa and the other prodigies did say that they wouldnt tag along, but they still chose to follow Chu Feng secretly.

It wasnt just that.

They also heard the conversation Chu Feng had with Gu Yang loud and clear too.

“That old Gu-something fellow must be heading off to send a tip-off to Lu Wantong, huh” Yu Hong muttered as he watched the two departing figures disappearing into the distance.

“Hes thinking of playing the role of a backstabber Hah, Ill slaughter him right now!” Yu Yin sneered.

But just as he was about to make a move, an oppressive might suddenly held him in place, stopping him from doing anything.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, why did you stop me”

Yu Yin turned to look at Long Xiaoxiao in astonishment.

It was Long Xiaoxiao who had used her oppressive might to stop him.

She was the one who was the closest to Chu Feng amongst them all, so she should have been more furious than anyone else after seeing Gu Yangs despicable actions.

As such, Yu Yin had no idea why she was stopping him from going after Gu Yang.

“Have you heard of Lu Wantong before” Long Xiaoxiao turned to the crowd and asked.

“I have heard of him.

Hes a Dragon-mark Saint Cloak World Spiritist, but if one were to just look at his mastery of world spiritist techniques, hes still sorely lacking.

He has only grasped rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation thus far.

“By a stroke of luck, he managed to gain possession of a prophecy-related treasure, allowing him to foretell the future with a decent level of accuracy.

In fact, he could be said to be one of the most skilled prophets in the Holy Light Galaxy apart from the All-seeing Heavenly Master.

“However, hes also known for being lustful and despicable.

As long as its aligned with his interests, he has no qualms with working with anyone at all.

Due to that, he has quite a massive network of connections.

There are many powers that are on close terms with him.

“In view of the prophecies that Lu Wantong are able to make for them, they dont hesitate to lend their strength to Lu Wantong regardless of what vile deeds hes intending to do.

Far too many innocent women have fallen prey to his tyranny.”

The Cloudsky Immortal Sects Fu Feiyue told Long Xiaoxiao.

“Do you think that we need to fear Lu Wantong” Long Xiaoxiao looked at the crowd and asked.

“Fear him Hah, who does he think he is Putting him aside, even those connections of his means nothing to our Yu Heavenly Clan!” Yu Hong harrumphed proudly.

“Those powers that Lu Wantong are acquainted with are mere small fries from Middle Starfields.

They are nothing more than ants in the eyes of our Monstrous Herd Temple!”

Kui Wudi and Bao Yues eyes were filled with contempt.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, why dont you get straight to the point” Fu Feiyue asked.

“Chu Feng has saved all of our lives before.

To be more exact, hes the benefactor of the Dragon Clan, Cloudsky Immortal Sect, Yu Heavenly Clan, and Monstrous Herd Temple.

Do you think that its necessary for us to repay this favor” Long Xiaoxiao asked.

“That goes without saying!”

The group of prodigies exclaimed.

“So, isnt it a good chance for us to do so That arrogant Lu Wantong has gotten far too used to getting his way that he thinks that he can climb over the head of my little benefactor.

Hah, he must be thinking that our little benefactor has no connections!” Long Xiaoxiao mocked coldly.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, I get your point.

Ill return to my clan right now and report this matter to our Lord Clan Chief!” Yu Hong said.

“Lets make a move right now.”

The lips of the juniors curled up in delight after hearing Long Xiaoxiaos plan, and they immediately got to action.

Before Long Xiaoxiao took her leave, she turned to Long Ning and the other juniors from the Ancestral Martial Starfield and said, “Long Ning and Kong Ci, you should stay here.

Well be right back.”

After saying those words, she quickly soared into the air and left the area.

The others refrained from showing contempt toward Long Ning and Kong Ci out of respect for Chu Feng, but in truth, they looked down on these juniors from the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

The only one who truly accepted them was Long Xiaoxiao.

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