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Chapter 4512: First Slash, Emergence of Heavenly Lightning

Chu Fengs massive sword rays tore through the sky with incredible momentum.

Hun Lei looked nothing more than a measly ant in comparison.

However, Hun Lei stood in his spot fearlessly, not dodging or escaping.

His confident attitude made it clear that he had some other means up his sleeves.


Hun Lei suddenly released a devastating might from his body with a deafening shout.

An invisible shockwave burst forth from his body, destroying everything in his vicinity.

The air quivered before the massive prowess, and a furious gale raged in the surroundings.

Even Chu Fengs sword rays were instantaneously torn apart by the shockwave.

Looking at Hun Lei once more, the crowd could see blue flames shrouding his body, and his aura had also risen to the level of a rank nine Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

This was the Divine Power that Hun lei possessed.

It was through this Divine Power that he managed to raise his cultivation from rank eight to rank nine Utmost Exalted level.

Noticing the transformations that had happened to Hun Lei, the crowd turned to look at Chu Feng once more, some of them carrying sympathy in their eyes while the others in ridicule.

Chu Feng had used his Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Divine Power in order to forcefully raise his cultivation from rank five to rank eight Utmost Exalted level.

His means were indeed formidable, but the gap between him and Hun Lei was simply too huge.

Hun Lei only had this Divine Power to raise his cultivation, but this Divine Power was more than enough for him to defeat Chu Feng today.

This was simply the despairing gap that lay between a rank five Utmost Exalted level cultivator and a rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivator!

“Is he finally going to do it”

But while everyone thought that Chu Feng was going to die here, Shengguang Jinan was still waiting in anticipation.

His deduction was right.

Chu Feng was indeed preparing the most powerful mean he had to date to deal with Hun Lei.

Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash.

It was an extremely difficult martial skill to grasp.

Even when Chu Feng had managed to raise his cultivation by so much, he was only able to grasp the first level of the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash to date.

First Slash, Emergence of Heavenly Lightning.

However, this First Slash was already more than enough for him to obliterate Hun Lei from the face of this world.

As soon as Chu Feng sensed Hun Lei approaching, he had already begun charging up to execute the First Slash of the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash.

And the reason why he had to charge so long was simply because his bloodline power was too weak at the moment.

In order to help the Moon Immortal, he extracted a portion of his bloodline power and fused it into a formation he created.

His bloodline power would recover eventually, but it would take some time to do so.

In the first place, Chu Feng was already in a weakened state, and using the Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor only further worsened the state he was in.

And it just so happened that executing the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash needed him to use his bloodline power too.

For this reason, Chu Feng had to charge much longer than usual.


It was at this moment that Chu Feng suddenly raised his Blue Jade Mandarin Sword, and a spark of lightning flashed across his eyes.


The rumbling of thunder sounded above them as lightning began to congregate right above Chu Feng.

It was a phenomenon that Chu Feng was inducing.

The lightning suddenly scattered all over the area, covering this entire plot of land before anyone could even react.

This was a sight that was more frightening that the Lightning Tribulations that ordinary cultivators summoned with their breakthrough.

More importantly, as soon as the lightning appeared all around them, the Blue Jade Mandarin Sword that Chu Feng was holding onto was suddenly imbued with the same lightning too, making it obvious to the crowd that the terrifying lightning was summoned by no other than Chu Feng.

“What kind of means is that It actually summoned such a great phenomenon!”

“What a terrifying aura! I can feel unimaginable strength harnessed in there!”

At the moment that the lightning appeared, everyone amidst the crowd realized that they had still been underestimating Chu Feng all this while.

It was no wonder why Chu Feng dared to stand against Hun Lei without any fear.

It turned out that he still had such a terrifying skill as his trump card!

“J-just… who the hell are you” Hun Lei asked with a trembling voice.

He had tried his best to keep his calm, but anyone who had eyes could hear that he was frightened.

Indeed, there was no way he wasnt frightened.

Hun Lei could sense destructive power more than sufficient to obliterate him from the lightning around him.

“Does it matter who I am I guess the least I can do is let you die a knowing death.

“Listen well, Hun Lei.

The skill that youre going to die to today is known as the First Slash, Emergence of Heavenly Lightning!” Chu Feng said.

“First Slash, Emergence of Heavenly Lightning”

“What skill is that Is it an Exalted Taboo Martial Skill or a secret skill I have never heard of it before!”

A discussion broke out amongst the crowd.


It was then that Chu Feng suddenly brought the sword in his hand down.

The lightning all around gushed into the sword before releasing simultaneously with the descent of its blade.

Chu Feng couldnt be bothered to waste any time at all.

He wanted to get rid of Hun Lei right away.


However, when Chu Feng finally brought his sword down, a lightning blade didnt manifest.

Instead, it simply formed a few sparks of lightning.

These sparks of lightning were incredibly weak, reminiscent of fishes struggling out of water.

After thrashing around for a bit, they suddenly dissipated into nothing.

“This is bad!”

Upon seeing this sight, Chu Feng immediately knew that the situation had gone awry.

His bloodline power was simply too weak at the moment.

He had charged up a lot for this attack, but when he finally released it all, he finally ran out of strength, resulting in the attack to fall apart.

Without the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash, there was no way he could stand against the rank nine Utmost Exalted level Hun Lei!

The crowd was also stunned by this turn of events.

It was a moment ago that Chu Fengs attack carried such imposing momentum, but right when it was about to strike down, it suddenly just fell apart.


It was then that a bizarre cracking sound echoed.

It turned out that a crack had appeared in the barriers of the Divine Cavern and Demon Cavern.

Upon seeing this situation, Chu Feng immediately turned around and headed through the barrier.

However, instead of heading toward the Divine Cavern, he darted toward the Demon Cavern instead.

Everything happened so quickly that Chu Feng was already gone before anyone could react.

The crowd raised their head in a daze to look at the lightning still crackling around them, and realization suddenly came to them.

“What the heck! It was all bull**, what First Slash Emergence of Nonsense!”

“I thought that it was some overpowered means, but it turns out to be an empty scare!”

The disciples of the Locksoul Sect began cursing Chu Feng angrily.

They felt that Chu Feng was just putting on an imposing front to scare them earlier on so that he could find an opportunity to get away.

“No, thats not right.

Why did that fellow dash into the barrier instead of running away”

“Thats not all, he even entered the Demon Cavern of all places! Did he not know that its a death zone where not even the disciples of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa dare to enter”

The crowd was baffled by the turn of affairs.

The disciples of the Locksoul Sect had their own answer to that question.

“Isnt that an easy question That fellow might look calm on the surface, but he has already been frightened out of his wits by our Senior Hun Leis might.

In his moment of panic, its not surprising that he would run in the wrong direction!”

It went without saying that the disciples of the Locksoul Sect were intending to humiliate Chu Feng, but there were many amongst the crowd who agreed with their view.

Chu Fengs actions were hard to understand, but if he had really just run in the wrong direction out of a moment of fluster, that would make perfect sense.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng turned into the laughingstock of the crowd.

Even Shengguang Jinan couldnt help but shake his head in disappointment.

In contrast, the disciples of the Locksoul Sect had a look of glee on their faces.

Chu Fengs earlier performance was simply too formidable that they could tell that Hun Lei would have definitely been no match for Chu Feng had they been in the same cultivation level.

Yet, such a Chu Feng was sent running in a fluster, and he was so disorientated that he even ran into the death trap known as the Demon Cavern.

In their view, there was no way Chu Feng would have been able to get out of the Demon Cavern alive.

To have such a powerful opponent defeated by one of their own, it went without saying that they were happy about it.

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