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Chapter 4472: Xiaoxiao In Danger

After confirming that it was impossible for him to enter the hidden place anymore, Chu Feng took a deep breath and calmed down his raging emotions.

He knew that there was no use getting agitated over this at the moment.

After calming down, he quickly ran through everything that had just happened, and he was able to form his own deductions regarding the clues he received thus far.

His grandfather, Chu Hanxian, had risen through the ranks as a prodigy, stunning the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

His talents eventually alarmed the then overlord of the Ancestral Martial Galaxy, the Wuming Clan.

The Wuming Clan wouldnt permit the existence of a person who could threaten their position as the overlord, so they secretly dispatched their men to deal with Chu Hanxian.

Chu Hanxian managed to survive their assassination, but at the same time, he was also made cognizant of the determination of the Wuming Clan to get rid of him.

Instead of exacting vengeance right away, he chose to leave the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

His intention was to head somewhere free of the eyes of the Wuming Clan to cultivate.

He would rise to a level beyond the Wuming Clan before returning back to the Ancestral Martial Starfield to pull his own clan up through the ranks.

When Chu Hanxian left his home, he was still only a junior.

Chu Feng deduced that shortly after his Chu Hanxian left the clan, he stumbled upon this hidden place due a series of coincidences, spending a long nine thousand years in there.

It was only a thousand years ago that he finally regained his freedom and left the hidden place.

But even though his grandfather was finally free, it appeared that there was something else that he had to achieve, which was why he had never gotten the opportunity to return to the Chu Heavenly Clan in the past ten thousand years.

Everything was pointing to say that his grandfather had many difficulties plaguing him, and he was staying away to prevent harm from coming onto his loved one.

This was extremely bad news.

Everything that he had gathered thus far seemed to hint that his grandfather was likely to be already dead by now.

But after calming down, Chu Feng changed his thoughts.

His father had left a message to him in the Chu Heavenly Clans Forbidden Area, telling him that his father and grandfather would be waiting for Chu Feng in the Outer World.

That meant that his father likely knew his grandfathers whereabouts, which, in turn, indicated that his father had at least verified that his grandfather was still alive.

Going by that logic, his father had likely already met his grandfather, and his grandfather was likely to be in the Outer World.

This was good news.

No matter what, it was relieving to know that his grandfather was still around.

“Grandfather, rest assured.

Your grandson will strive to raise his cultivation as quickly as possible.

Ill make sure to release those shackles tying you down.

Regardless of whether your enemy is a cultivator in the current era or a monster from the Ancient Era, I wont allow anyone to bind your freedom!” Chu Feng vowed to himself.

Chu Feng was still weak at the moment, but his determination to save his family was unwavering.

This was his martial comprehension.

The reason why he was working to raise his cultivation was not so that he could become the conqueror of the massive world of cultivators.

What he sought was the power to protect his people whom he held dear.

After reaffirming his determination, Chu Feng stood up and left the area.

He released his concealment and walked through the mountain range openly, heading toward the exit.

There was no longer any need to hide anymore now that the Black-White Twin Malevolence, who were protecting Zhao Yuzhuo, were dead.

The other people from the Zhao Clan was so weak that it wasnt even worth a mention.

It didnt take Chu Feng long to leave the barrier and return to where the crowd was gathered.

There was a greater crowd out here than before.

Everyone was looking toward the sky as they chattered incessantly, as if something had happened.

Chu Feng turned over to look in their direction, and in the next moment, he felt a clench in his heart.

There were two figures standing in the sky.

One of them was a young man who had a fairly good-looking face but a vile expression.

With just a single look, it was apparent that he was no good thing.

Conceit and tyranny were written all over his face.

That young man was holding onto a woman whom Chu Feng recognized—Long Xiaoxiao.

There were various marks on Long Xiaoxiaos body, and she was desperately trying to struggle free from the young mans grasp.

“I dare you to let me go, and well have another fight!” Long Xiaoxiao bellowed as she tried to struggle free from the young mans grasp.

“Like I told you, as long as you reveal your true appearance for me to take a look, Ill let you go.

Otherwise, I wont stand on ceremony against you,” the young man replied.

Seeing such a situation, Chu Feng immediately glanced in the direction of where the Dragon Clans Clan Chief and the others were at, only to see that they were all around.

Yet, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief didnt seem to have the intention to save Long Xiaoxiao even though she had been captured.

Long Xiaoxiaos mother appeared to be anxious to leap in to save her daughter, but the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was holding her down by her shoulder, preventing her from making a move.

“Whats going on”

Chu Feng quickly made his way over to where the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was and asked them.

“Young friend Chu Feng, youre back.

Its glad to see that youre fine.

Did you manage to find that hidden place”

Everyone seemed deeply relieved to see that Chu Feng was safe, and they began asking about the hidden place.

“Im asking you whats going on!” Chu Feng repeated himself as he pointed to the commotion in the sky.

Seeing how agitated Chu Feng was, the crowd quickly filled Chu Feng in on the story.

As it turned out, the young man in the sky was Zhao Yuzhuos elder brother, the talented Zhao Batian.

It would seem like Long Xiaoxiao didnt return right away after parting with Chu Feng.

She feigned to have left the barrier, but after Chu Feng headed off, she immediately returned back in.

Due to that, she stumbled into Zhao Batian and somehow ended up exposing the fact that she was concealing her appearance.

As a result, an intense fight occurred between the two of them, just that Long Xiaoxiao ended in defeat.

Afterward, Zhao Batian pulled Long Xiaoxiao out of the mountain range, seeming to intend to embarrass Long Xiaoxiao before everyone else.

“Let me go! If you arent going to save Xiaoxiao, Ill do it!” Long XIaoxiaos mother bellowed as she tried to struggle out of the Dragon Clans Clan Chief grip.

She was infuriated, but her voice sounded exceptionally weak.

Needless to say, this was the doing of the Dragon Clans Clan Chief too.

“How can you be so foolish Cant you see that Zhao Batian is intentionally using Xiaoxiao as a bait to lure us out Do you think that I dont want to save Xiaoxiao Shes my daughter!

“Just look at the confident look on Zhao Batians face! His confident look clearly shows that someone is protecting him from the dark.

If we were to expose ourselves, none of us will be able to get out of here alive!” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief replied harshly.

“Madam Long, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief is right.

I dont think that Zhao Batian has any intention to harm Princess Xiaoxiao.

Lets just observe the situation for the time being.

It could backfire on us if we were to recklessly leap in.”

The others present also tried to dissuade Long Xiaoxiaos mother from doing anything.

They were fearful, not just of Zhao Batian and Zhao Yuzhuo but the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

That was the overlord of the Nine Souls Galaxy, wielding the power to utterly decimate their clans from the roots.

Chu Feng could understand the decisions made by the Yu Heavenly Clan, Cloudsky Immortal Sect, and Monstrous Herd Temple.

After all, Long Xiaoxiao had no ties with them, so they had no reason to risk themselves for Long Xiaoxiao.

However, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was Long Xiaoxiaos father!

Chu Feng couldnt understand how he could keep his calm before such a situation.

“Miss, dont worry.

I, Zhao Batian, am not a bad person.

I just want to see your true appearance.

As long as you listen to me obediently and reveal your appearance to me, I wont do anything to you,” Zhao Batian said.

“It was an unfair match.

You suddenly assaulted me.

If you have guts, why dont you fight with me again!” Long Xiaoxiao exclaimed indignantly.

Her reaction made Chu Feng realize that Long Xiaoxiao was unwilling to reveal her true appearance.

Chu Feng guessed that it could be an instruction that the Dragon Clans Clan Chief sent to her through a voice transmission.

It went without saying that the Dragon Clans Clan Chief didnt wish for Long Xiaoxiao to reveal her true identity, or else it could implicate the Dragon Clan.

“You sure are testing my patience!”

With a cold sneer, Zhao Batian grabbed Long Xiaoxiaos robe and tugged on it tightly.



A piercing shriek sounded from Long Xiaoxiaos mouth.

The sleeve of her robe had been pulled away, revealing her snowy white arm before the crowd.

However, faced with the terrified Long Xiaoxiao, Zhao Batian excitedly licked his lips instead.

“If you continue to refuse to show your true appearance, Ill rip your clothes off and expose your body to everyone here!” Zhao Batian declared smugly.

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