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Chapter 4471: Too Many Secrets

Chu Fengs heart skipped a beat upon hearing the words of the old man.

It seemed like the old man really knew the reason behind his grandfathers disappearance!

“Elder, do you know where my grandfather went to What was he planning to do” Chu Feng asked.

“Youre his family member.

Do you really not know anything at all” the old man looked at Chu Feng with a deep look on his eyes.

But before Chu Feng could answer, he had already answered his own question with a murmur, “But again, its his nature to hide things from those whom he cares about.

He probably doesnt want you to worry about him.”

Hearing how the old man was beating around the bush really left Chu Feng feeling deeply frustrated.

He had a feeling that the old man was reluctant to tell him about his grandfather.

Seeing this, Chu Feng decided to get straight to the point and ask directly, “Elder, I need you to tell me what my grandfather was up to.”


The old man looked at Chu Feng with uncertainty flickering in his eyes.

He seemed to be wavering between two decisions at the moment.

As it turned out, Chu Fengs guess was right.

The old man was intentionally withholding the truth from Chu Feng.

However, regardless of what considerations the old man had in mind, Chu Feng was determined to learn the truth from him.


Chu Feng kneeled down before the old man.

“Elder, it isnt only me who hasnt met my grandfather before.

Even my father hasnt met him before either.

According to what I heard, my grandfather left the clan at a very young age, and he has never come back ever since then.

My father was sent back to the clan by an anonymous person with nothing but a skill manual on him.

“For many years now, my father, my clan, and I have been very worried as to whats going on with my grandfather.

If you do know something about my grandfather, I beseech you to tell me!” Chu Feng spoke anxiously.

For many years now, the Chu Heavenly Clan had completely no idea how Chu Hanxian was doing.

Not only did they not know whether he was alive or dead, but they didnt even know who Chu Fengs grandmother was either.

According to what the Chu Heavenly Clan said back then, Chu Xuanyuan didnt have any injuries or blood on him back then, but there was an overpowering stench of blood on him.

That didnt bode well.

It likely meant that Chu Xuanyuan was carried out of a place filled with blood.

No one knew what the exact circumstances were, but it would appear that Chu Hanxuan had only sent Chu Xuanyuan back to the Chu Heavenly Clan as a last resort.

“Elder, please tell me.

Didnt you mention that you have been waiting for me If thats the case, why arent you willing to tell me anything”

Chu Feng was so agitated that his tone was quivering, and his eyes had turned red.

“I allowed you in here to find out about how your grandfather is doing, but I didnt think that this would be the case.


The old man sighed deeply.

After hearing Chu Fengs words, his eyes finally firmed up once more.

He had decided to tell Chu Feng what he wanted to know.


But just as the old man was about to speak, his face suddenly warped in pain.

His body collapsed to the ground from the pain as he clawed at his head desperately.


Alarmed, Chu Feng rushed forward to help the old man, only to find that he was completely helpless.

None of his means was able to alleviate the old mans pain.

The old man grew weaker and weaker, to the point that his body grew faint.

At this rate, it seemed like the old man might really pass away.

This really panicked Chu Feng.

However, just as Chu Feng was despairing, the old mans condition suddenly began to improve once more.

Soon, he was well enough to speak once more.

“As you see, its not that I dont want to tell you.

Rather, there are just some things that Im unable to talk about.

Ever since I was trapped here, I was no longer a free man.

Your grandfather also has extenuating circumstances around him as well.

While your grandfathers name is written on the map, the true owner of this place isnt him,” the old man told Chu Feng feebly.

It turned out that the old man had his difficulties too.

There was some kind of power controlling him, preventing him from talking about the affairs surrounding Chu Fengs grandfather.

“If the master of this place is not my grandfather, who is it” Chu Feng asked.

He had a strong feeling that the true culprit behind his grandfathers disappearance was the person whom the old man claimed to be thetrue owner of this place.



But all of a sudden, the entire hall began shaking intensely.

Following that, the wolf-head human-body creatures began to surface from the ceiling, the ground, and the walls all around.

This time, there were over tens of thousands of them.

“Intruders shall be shown no mercy!”

“Intruders shall be shown no mercy!”

These creatures directed their killing intent toward Chu Feng as they marched in his direction.

This abrupt turn of events made Chu Feng realize that there was something a lot deeper going on here.

It was just a moment ago that these creatures called him their master, but in the blink of an eye, they were baring their fangs toward him once more.

“Stop, you bastards!”

The old man raised his hand as he bellowed at the creatures, and a mysterious light burst forth from the old man.

The creatures immediately froze in place at the old mans command.

But following that, the face of the old man began to contort in pain once more.

It seemed like even though the old man could control these creatures, he had to pay a heavy price to do so.

“Hurry up and leave.

There are too many of them this time around, I wont be able to control them for too long.

This place will open once again.

It could be decades later, it could be millenniums later, but itll surely open once again.

If you wish to know the truth, put your all into cultivating and grow stronger.

Until you are strong enough, you mustnt enter this place!

“Also, you just need to know that your grandfather isnt an evil person.

If it looks like he has done anything wrong, you have to believe that he has his reasons for doing so.

You mustnt blame him!” the old man shouted at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng could feel a powerful force shrouding around him, and all of a sudden, his surroundings were overwhelmed by a surge of white light.

By the time the white light dissipated, he found that he was no longer in the hidden place anymore.

He had returned back to the mountain range, and he was currently standing at the entrance of a cavern.

“Damn it! Just who in the world is the true owner of that hidden place What relation does he have with my grandfather Why is he stopping the elder from telling me the truth Just what is it that my grandfather is seeking to do that the elder is telling me that my grandfather might do something bad”

Chu Fengs mind was filled with questions, but there was no way of getting any answers anymore.

The runes inside the cavern had vanished without a trace, and no matter what Chu Feng did, he was unable to bring back that mysterious spirit formation gate anymore.

Even if he wanted to return to the hidden place, he couldnt do so anymore.

Chu Feng felt like his mind was in a mess, and he was unable to calm himself at all.

He realized that his grandfather must have undergone something major inside the hidden place.

Initially, Chu Feng thought that it was an invaluable fortuitous encounter as his grandfathers name was written on the map, but after everything that had just happened, his perspective had changed completely.

It might have been a trap instead.

The hidden place had secrets far beyond Chu Fengs imagination, be it the powerful guards, the old man who had existed since the Ancient Era, the map that had his grandfathers name, the mysterious owner of the hidden place, the mission that his grandfather had set out to achieve…

Chu Feng felt like his mind was in utter chaos.

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