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Chapter 4467: Intruders Shall Be Shown No Mercy

The two of them were dressed rather bizarrely.

Despite their similar appearances, one of them donned a white robe whereas the other donned a black robe.

Their robes extended all the way to the ground, concealing their feet.

This made it look as if they were floating around the place.

However, that was still not the most shocking of all.

In their hands, Chu Feng actually saw a map in each of their hands that was identical to the one he saw from the Yu Heavenly Clans Clan Chief.

As it turned out, there was more than one map that led to this hidden place!

This made Chu Feng realize that the situation was deeply unfavorable for him.

These two people were definitely here for the treasures in this hidden place.

“Your luck sure is amazing.

The two of us have been searching here for many days but to no avail, but you found this place as soon as you arrived.”

The white-robed old man cackled sinisterly at Chu Feng.

As he laughed, Chu Feng could see two rows of sharp black teeth in his mouth.

It made the white-robed old man look even deeply abhorrent, almost like a monstrous beast.

“Big bro, its all thanks to me.

I told you that this brat looks peculiar.

Instead of searching for the spirit beasts after entering the mountain range, he headed in a single direction, as if he already had a destination in mind.

I knew that there was something wrong with him!

“More importantly, he even hid his own figure using rather advanced means.

If I havent moved fast to lock onto him with a tracking tool before he concealed himself, we might not have been able to find this place!” the black-robed old man said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng swiftly realized what happened.

It turned out that these two old men had followed him here.

He had made sure to proceed warily, but he couldnt have imagined that someone had already started to track him even before he could conceal himself.

But considering how powerful the two old men before him were, it was understandable that they had means far beyond Chu Fengs ability to deal with.

He probably wouldnt have noticed them no matter how careful he had been.

“Second bro, you have done this time.

If not for you insisting on tracking down this brat, we really wouldnt have been able to find this place!” the white-robed old man complimented the black-robed old man.

“Who are you” Chu Feng asked doubtfully.

He had already figured out why the two of them were here and what they were here for.

Now, what he wanted to uncover were their identities.

“Brat, you seem to be quite a curious fellow.

On the account that you have done well leading the two of us in here, I can enlighten you.

“Listen well, we are the renowned Black-White Twin Malevolence.

We were employed by a princess of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan to protect that brat, Zhao Yuzhuo.

It just so happens that a map that we have found some time ago suddenly revealed that a hidden place has opened on this mountain range, so we talked that brat into hunting down a spirit beast here.”

As the white-robed old man spoke, he reached into his Cosmos Sack and took out a gourd.

Light burst out from within the gourd, and a white spirit beast that had the body of a horse but the head of a rabbit suddenly emerged with a magnificent radiance.

Upon seeing this, Chu Feng immediately connected everything together.

As the Black-White Twin Malevolence was tasked by a princess of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan to protect Zhao Yuzhuo, they couldnt afford to leave his side.

Unless they were to lure Zhao Yuzhuo to this mountain range somehow, they wouldnt have been able to come here.

So, they intentionally released the news that a spirit beast was on the loose on the mountain range to bring Zhao Yuzhuo here, and using his identity, they sealed off this mountain range and made use of this opportunity to search for the hidden place indicated on the map.

Once they were done obtaining the treasure, they would pass the spirit beast over to Zhao Yuzhuo, acting as if they had just managed to capture it.

“Brat, its only fair for us to let you know that the matter about us protecting Zhao Yuzhuo is a secret.

Even within the Zhuo Clan, the only ones who know about the matter other than Zhao Yuzhuo is Zhao Batian.

So, arent you curious as to why we are telling you about it then

“Its all so that you wont be so pitiful as to die an unknowing death!”

A vicious glint flashed across the eyes of the white-robed old man.

He was intending to kill Chu Feng!

“If you kill me, you need not dream about leaving this place alive!” Chu Feng immediately shouted out loud.

Those words were extremely effective.

The white-robed old man, who was going to decapitate Chu Feng, immediately stopped what he was doing.

“You are veterans who have spent many years in the world of cultivators.

Arent you curious to know why I was able to find this place so easily when the two of you have searched in futility for so long”

Taking note of the other partys hesitation, Chu Feng immediately pressed on.

“Fine, Ill give you a chance to speak.

Tell me why were you able to find this hidden place right away,” the white-robed old man commanded.

“My name is Chu Feng.

Do you get it now” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng What do you mean by that” the white-robed old man asked in confusion.

“I believe that you should know the name of the owner of this place, right” Chu Feng asked.

“Are you trying to tell me that youre a descendant of Chu Hanxian” the white-robed old man asked.


I am the descendant of Chu Hanxian.

Chu Hanxian is my grandfather.

Youre standing in the territory of my grandfather at this very moment, and yet, you dare to treat me with such insolence.

Are you tired of living” Chu Feng said.

“Hahahaha! Brat, you sure know how to spin up a lie!”

Both the white-robed old man and black-robed old man burst into laughter.

“If you think that its a lie, you are free to give it a try.

Im only warning you out of kindness from my heart,” Chu Feng sneered coldly.

Chu Fengs confident demeanor was beyond the expectations of the white-robed old man and black-robed old man, and it caused them to hesitate a little.

Thinking about how Chu Feng was able to head over to this place directly after entering the mountain range, they felt that there was some credibility to his claim.

But in truth, Chu Feng was just putting on a bravado.

While the chances were extremely high that this hidden place belonged to his grandfather, he still couldnt be entirely certain of the matter.

He was just putting on an act in order to preserve his life.




All of a sudden, a reverberating noise sounded across the passageway.

Every single time that this noise echoed, it would be accompanied by a tremor.

Soon, many pairs of shining blood-red eyes appeared from the depths of the passageway.

As they approached closer and closer, their faces gradually grew clearer.

There were dozens of them.

Each of them was ten meters in height.

Dressed in copper plate mails, they had the body of a human and the head of a wolf.

Every single one of them emanated the aura of a Martial Exalted level cultivator.

Based on the prowess of their aura, they seemed to be even stronger than the two old men.

All of them suddenly seemed to have noticed Chu Feng and the Black-White Twin Malevolence simultaneously, and a powerful killing intent burst forth from them.

Their footsteps hastened as they approached them with increasing speed.

The ground tremored with rising frequency, and the chilling killing intent felt more and more vivid with each passing second.

A terrifying pressure was intensifying swiftly upon Chu Feng and the Black-White Twin Malevolence.

Even Chu Feng couldnt help but reveal his horror at this scene.

With each footstep these creatures took, they would chant furiously.

“Intruders shall be shown no mercy!”

“Intruders shall be shown no mercy!”

“Intruders shall be shown no mercy!”

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