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Chapter 4446: The Prowess of Exalted Taboo


As Yu Lie used his rank three Exalted Taboo Heavens Inferno, a bizarre sight occurred in the sky.

Silvery clouds had appeared out of nowhere and covered the sky.

Heatwaves were emanating from these silver clouds, as if blazing inferno was hidden amidst them.

Looking at these silver clouds, the gaze of the crowd turned a little grave.


All of a sudden, the clouds billowed, and a massive fireball descended from the sky.

This fireball boasted a diameter of over several hundred meters, and it emanated a purple glow.

Warping into a purple streak of light, it plummeted from the sky with a frightening momentum.

It was an exceptionally beautiful sight reminiscent of a shooting star, but the aura the fireball emanated instilled a deep fear in those standing before it.

They could sense the devastating might concealing within the fireball.

And this fireball was currently headed straight toward Yu Lie!

“Its indeed Chu Fengs means.

He was prepared for Yu Lies move!”

The Yu Heavenly Clans Clan Chief and the other elders all stared at Chu Feng intently with a contemplative look on their faces.

They were still looking down on Chu Feng initially, but ever since he defeated Yu Lie in a clash of swords, they knew that this young man was not to be underestimated.

While they were still very confident in Yu Lies prowess, they still couldnt help but feel worried on Yu Lies behalf.

It was not that they doubted in Yu Lies strength, but they knew that the opponent Yu Lie was facing today was an exceptionally difficult one.

“Heavens Inferno!”

Despite standing in the path of the terrifying fireball, Yu Lie didnt show the slightest hint of panic.

Instead, with a furious roar, he pointed his sword toward his fireball.


A burst of silver flame blasted out from Yu Lies sword, engulfing the sky like an erupting volcano.

In just a split instant, the silver flame had already devoured the descending fireball.


However, a moment after the silver flame devoured the fireball, even more fireballs suddenly burst through the layer of silver clouds and plummeted down to the sky.

It was just that this time, there were several hundreds of them.

Several hundred fireballs of devastating might falling all at once; just how terrifying a sight would that be

To make things worse, every single one of these fireballs was heading toward Yu Lie.

Faced with such a situation, Yu Lies eyes widened in astonishment.

However, there was no backing down anymore.

He furiously maneuvered the might of the Heavens Inferno to fend against the falling purple fireballs.

“This aura… Could that be a rank three Exalted Taboo too”

“But why would this rank three Exalted Taboo emanate a purple glow”

There was one thing that the crowd simply couldnt make sense of after feeling the might of the purple fireballs.

Exalted Taboo Martial Skills had a unique nature where each rank was denoted with a certain color.

Rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skills were denoted with silver, and that was also the reason why Yu Lies flame was silver in color.

Chu Fengs means was clearly a rank three Exalted Taboo, but somehow, it was emanating a purple glow.

“That is a skill that came from a Lower Starfield.

Its the Purple Star Halls hall protection treasure, Purple Meteor Shower.

I once saw a Supreme Elder of the Purple Star Hall executing it.

Due to the peculiar color of this martial skill, I have a deep impression of this technique even though that Supreme Elder wasnt very powerful.

However, why does young friend Chu Feng know the Exalted Taboo Martial Skill of the Purple Star Hall” Elder Gongsun asked in confusion.

His voice was very loud, so everyone present could hear his words loud and clear.

It was a perplexing but acceptable explanation.

In this massive world they lived in, there were many different peculiar existences.

It was not entirely implausible for there to be Exalted Taboo Martial Skills that would emanate light of a different color.

“The Purple Star Halls Purple Meteor Shower That does really appear to be the case!

“But based on what I know, the Purple Meteor Shower was a technique that only those who are trained in the Purple Star Martial Technique can use.

Could it be that young friend Chu Feng is a disciple from the Purple Star Hall

“No, thats not right.

As a practitioner of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, it shouldnt be possible for him to train in the Purple Star Martial Technique.”

An elder of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect who recognized the Purple Meteor Shower remarked wistfully.

“Those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect sure knows how to talk nonsense.

What do you mean by those words Are you trying to say that Chu Feng is able to do what others are unable to do”

“What utter rubbish.”

Those from the Yu Heavenly Clan felt repulsed by the remarks made by the elders of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

They felt that they were spinning up ridiculous lies in order to boost Chu Fengs reputation.



At this very moment, a resounding explosion sounded in the sky.

Taking a closer look, the faces of those from the Yu Heavenly Clan immediately tensed up.

The silver clouds were billowing furiously as purple fireballs continuously smashed through them to descend upon the world.

The fireballs were swiftly getting closer and closer to Yu Lie, and correspondingly, the silver flame that Yu Lie commanded was also getting weaker.

At this rate, Yu Lie was going to lose the battle.

“Yu Lie is actually in a disadvantageous position”

Such a sight left everyone in a state of disbelief.

Even those who werent from the Yu Heavenly Clan found this situation hard to believe.


But all of a sudden, a series of thunderous rumbling sounded in the sky.

Following that, the crowd noticed that the glow emanating from Yu Lie and his sword was changing from silver to green.

At the same time, innumerable green lightning bolts were racing down from the clouds like serpentine dragons.

With the descent of a greater power, it didnt take long for the purple fireballs to be completely devoured by the green lightning bolts.

“Thats the Yu Heavenly Clans hall protection treasure, rank four Exalted Taboo, Rumbling Thunder Sword Formation!”

The crowd was able to quickly recognize the means that Yu Lie was using.

Even though the rank four Exalted Taboo Yu Lie had used managed to overcome Chu Fengs rank three Exalted Taboo with ease, the complexion of those from the Yu Heavenly Clan still didnt look too good.

From the moment Yu Lie was forced to use his rank four Exalted Taboo, it was already evident that Yu Lie was no match for Chu Feng in a clash of equal martial skills.

All this while, they had looked up to Yu Lie as the most talented prodigy of the Yu Heavenly Clan, and they were proud of him.

Seeing him getting overpowered in such a manner made them feel deeply uncomfortable on the inside.


All of a sudden, Yu Lie pulled back the sword in his hand before piercing it forth swiftly.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

A barrage of green sword rays flashed across the sky.

These sword rays were over several hundred meters in length, and they fell upon Chu Feng like a relentless storm.


On the other hand, Chu Feng calmly raised his sword and slashed it in a horizontal arc.


A powerful gale burst forth.

Like a ravenous beast, it swallowed all of the green sword rays in the sky whole.

“This feeling… It cant be that…”

As soon as the gale appeared, everyone in the older generation widened their eyes in astonishment.

Even the Dragon Clans Clan Chief and the Monstrous Herd Temples sectmaster looked deeply shaken by what they had just seen.

It was as if they had just witnessed something huge!

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