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Chapter 4423: Astonishing the Crowd With Skills

“Come at me together!”

Standing in midair, Chu Feng looked down at Fu Feiyue and the others with a regal air as he spoke.

This scene left the other six people petrifying on the spot.

Their eyes were widened in shock, and they looked almost as if a bolt of lightning had fallen on them.

They simply couldnt believe their ears.

Even Long Xiaoxiaos mouth had opened in astonishment, and her adorable face had shock written all over it.

While she had known that Chu Feng wasnt one to let others trample over him, the five people who were present here were no pushovers either.

She didnt think that Chu Feng would go so far as to challenge the five of them simultaneously.

“Arent you looking down on the Ancestral Martial Starfield and the Chu Heavenly Clan Since thats the case, I would like to see just how powerful you self-proclaimed experts from lofty backgrounds are.

“Lets not waste each others time.

The five of you should come at me at once,” Chu Feng said.

His expression was extremely calm, and there was not the slightest hint of rage to be seen on his face.

But his demeanor and his words seemed to be overflowing with one thing—confidence.

He was acting so confidently that it seemed almost as if he was the one who called all of the shots here.


All of a sudden, great, piercing laughter sounded in the air.

It echoed into the surroundings, such that even those from a thousand li away would be able to hear it loud and clear.

It was from Fu Feiyue.

He was laughing hysterically out of the sheer ridiculousness of the situation.

After he finally calmed down once more, he turned to look at Long Xiaoxiao and said, “I really must ask, where in the world did you find this clown Did you bring him here as a joke to us A mere lowly lifeform dares to challenge us, beings chosen by heaven Just what in the world gave him confidence to do so His ignorance”


All of a sudden, a figure flitted discreetly like a specter and appeared behind Fu Feiyue in the blink of an eye.

That person was Chu Feng.


Sensing Chu Fengs abrupt approach, Fu Feiyues widened his eyes.

Horror could be seen in the depths of his pupils.

He was certain that Chu Feng was in the air a moment ago, but before he could even react, the latter was already right behind his back!

And this wasnt all.

More importantly, from the moment Chu Feng appeared, he could feel chills on his back, and all of his goosebumps rose up.

It was a natural reaction toward grave danger.

His instincts were telling him that the person standing before him was an extremely dangerous person to deal with.

Sensing that the situation was not in his favor, Fu Feiyue dared not to get careless.

He immediately reached into his Cosmos Sack to draw his Incomplete Exalted Armament to face his enemy.

At the same time, he also began moving his feet to create some distance away from Chu Feng so that he could regain the momentum of the battle.


But before Fu Feiyue could really get to action, a cry of agony escaped from his lips.

Blood spurted forth from his chest.

A brilliant golden sword had already pierced through his chest, and the culprit was, needless to say, Chu Feng.

Right after the golden sword was plunged into Fu Feiyues chest, Chu Feng released his sword and kicked Fu Feiyue in the guts, sending him tumbling for hundreds of meters.

“With such skills, you have the cheek to call yourself a person chosen by heaven” Chu Feng sneered at Fu Feiyue coldly.

“You despicable scoundrel! How dare you assault me Ill…” Fu Feiyue bellowed furiously as he quickly attempted to get back to his feet, intending to launch a counterattack.


But before he could rise back up, another bone-chilling cry sounded from his guts.

Golden lightning had enveloped Fu Feiyues body, and like a chain, it wrapped itself around Fu Feiyue and traversed within his body.

Facing such excruciating pain, Fu Feiyue couldnt move at all.

He could lie on the floor as he twitched uncontrollably while bellowing in gain.

Clearly, he had already been incapacitated and couldnt fight anymore.

“T-thats… world spiritist technique!”

“He actually defeated Fu Feiyue with his world spiritist technique”

“Could it be that hes a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, a person who has grasped rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation”

The golden sword was no ordinary weapon.

It was a tool that was formed from spirit power, and the golden lightning was a world spiritist technique.

The realization of this really shocked Yu Hong, Yu Yin, and the duo from the Monstrous Herd Temple.

It was just a moment ago that they were shocked by how Chu Feng had the galls to challenge the five of them at once, but in this very moment, what they were shocked by was the strength that Chu Feng was displaying.

How could a junior from the Ancestral Martial Starfield actually be a rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist

With such skills, wouldnt that mean that he was even more formidable than the disciple of the Dao Enlightenment Sage Exalted, Lu Jie

That would make him the strongest junior world spiritist of the Holy Light Galaxy!

“How dare you hurt my senior You shall pay with your life!”

Chu Feng suddenly felt a surge of killing intent coming from his back.

It was from Yin Daifen.

She was wielding a pink sword in her hand.

It was an Incomplete Exalted Armament.

As she spoke, the pink sword had already morphed into a pink streak of light that was bolting right toward Chu Feng.


However, Chu Feng simply lowered his posture slightly, and that allowed him to evade the sword with ease.

Yin Daifen was stunned that her assault was actually overcome so easily, but at the same time, the fury in her eyes intensified.

She twisted her sword and slashed right toward Chu Fengs neck, aiming to decapitate him.

In response, Chu Feng leaned his body backward, and once again, he was able to dodge Yin Daifens attack with ease.

Yin Daifen clenched her jaws tightly out of frustration.

She didnt think that Chu Feng would have been able to evade her attack so easily.

So, she decided to go all out and launch a barrage of attacks instead.

Her sword morphed into a pink streak once more and she stabbed relentlessly toward Chu Fengs vitals, aiming to claim his life.

However, Chu Feng actually managed to dodge all of her attacks with the simplest motions.

This sight caused a frown to appear on Yu Hong and Yu Yins foreheads, and those two from the Monstrous Herd Temple even opened their mouths in shock.

Chu Feng might have been able to dodge Yin Daifens attack once or twice by sheer luck, but the fact that he was coping against her barrage of attacks without getting injured was more than enough to show that he possessed true capabilities.

Yin Daifens attack was getting more and more intense by the moments.

From using just basic movements, she was already executing martial skills by now.

Yet, it was all futile.

No matter how powerful her attacks became, she simply was unable to hurt Chu Feng.

It was all dodged by Chu Feng with great ease.

It was almost as if Yin Daifen herself posed no threat to Chu Feng at all.

“How is that fellow that powerful”

“Even if grasping rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation would grant him powers on par with a rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivator, it still shouldnt be possible for him to fight with a cultivator face-to-face! It feels like his strength is actually above that of the miss from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect!”

“Is he really from the Ancestral Martial Starfield”

The two men from the Monstrous Herd Temple remarked in astonishment.

They couldnt believe what they were seeing at all.

They could tell that Yin Daifen was actually not weak at all, but Chu Feng was still able to unravel her moves easily.

There could only be one possibility in this situation, and that was that Chu Feng was stronger than she was.

In this instant, they realized why that hideous fellow dared to challenge them.

It wasnt just blind courage that he dared to do so, he really possessed the strength to defeat them.

The decapacitated Fu Feiyue on the ground and the fuming Yin Daifen who was desperately launching attacks but couldnt hurt Chu Feng at all were proofs of that.

“In view of your elder sister, I wont hurt you.

Stop right now, and Ill let this go.

Otherwise, dont blame me for being merciless!” Chu Feng said as he continued to dodge Yin Daifens attacks.

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