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Chapter 4419: The Hypocritical Clan Chief

Upon hearing the wordsSima Xiangtu, Chu Fengs heart skipped a beat.

He knew just what kind of person Sima Xiangtu was.

Sima Xiangtu was an old friend of his master, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, and he was an exceptional world spiritist too.

Due to their close relations, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was extremely trusting of him.

However, as the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had always stood above him in terms of world spiritist techniques, he began to hold a grudge against the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

Eventually, he resorted to colluding with the Dao Enlightenment Sage Exalted to scheme against the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

This was also why the Ox-nosed Old Daoist ended up losing the world spiritist duel against the Dao Enlightenment Sage Exalted back then.

As a result of that, the Dao Enlightenment Sage Exalted replaced the Ox-nosed Old Daoist as the strongest world spiritist in the Holy Light Galaxy.

Due to how high profile the Dao Enlightenment Sage Exalted was, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist could easily find him and exact vengeance whenever he wanted to.

On the other hand, however, Sima Xiangtu had already gone missing for many years.

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist had been trying to track down Sima Xiangtus whereabouts for a long time now, but there had been no results thus far.

“Master, you received some news regarding Sima Xiangtu” Chu Feng asked.

“I received some leads, but Ill need to check on it first,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist replied.

“Master, Ill go with you!”

Chu Feng felt a bit worried about this matter.

He had a feeling that Sima Xiangtu wouldnt be an easy foe to deal with.

“What are you coming with me for Do I look like someone who will need the protection of my own disciple” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said with a smile.

He quickly added on, “Rest assured, I wont be taken advantage of by the same person twice.

Besides, Im just tracking down on a clue I received.

Im not even certain whether the clue will lead me to Sima Xiangtu or not, let alone fight with him.

You should just focus your efforts on the Godwish Palace instead!

“The training at the Godwish Palace isnt as simple as you think it out to be.

Remember, observe closely with your heart.

Dont just go with the flow and do what youre asked to, do you hear me” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said.

“I understand.

Ill make sure not to waste this opportunity!” Chu Feng said.

After that, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist left the place.

Not too long after the Ox-nosed Old Daoist left, Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao, her mother, and the Dragon Clans Clan Chief began setting off to the Godwish Palace.

But other than the four of them, there was another person that Chu Feng was familiar with traveling with them, and he was no other than Long Busheng.

Long Busheng had always been Long Xiaoxiaos personal bodyguard.

Even when Long Xiaoxiao had already become the most important person within the Dragon Clan, the relationship she had with Long Busheng was still incomparable to that of the other elders.

As such, Long Busheng was still tasked with the important job of protecting Long Xiaoxiao.

Along the way, Chu Feng finally got an opportunity to see the so-called Godwish Pearl.

In truth, the Godwish Pearl wasnt just an ordinary pearl.

It was a treasure that was forged out of metal, and while it was spherical in shape, it seemed to resemble a weapon.

Based on Chu Fengs observation, it seemed like there was a formation embedded within the pearl.

However, this formation was extremely powerful, far exceeding Chu Fengs current capability.

While the Godwish Grandmother had chosen to scatter the eight Godwish Pearls within the Holy Light Galaxy, based on the directions provided by the Godwish Pearl, it would appear that the entrance into the Godwish Palace was still located within the Nine Souls Galaxy.

While the Holy Light Galaxy was in close proximity to the Nine Souls Galaxy, the group still had to traverse across two galaxies in order to get there.

As such, it was inevitable that they would take some time in order to get to their destination.

Nevertheless, they still successfully arrived at the location indicated by the Godwish Pearl without facing much trouble.

At this very moment, they were in the Celestial Anchor Upper Realm of the Nine Souls Galaxy, in the middle of a desert.

According to the instructions indicated on the Godwish Pearl, they were to head further into the desert.

As they walked and walked, they soon arrived before an invisible barrier.

This barrier rose from the ground to the sky, and it stretched on endlessly beyond what their eye could see.

On top of that, the barrier was also exceptionally resilient, such that it was nigh indestructible.

The group found themselves unable to bypass the barrier.

Chu Feng tried to use his spirit power to breach it, but it was futile.

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief also attempted to blast it open with his martial power, but the barrier didnt budge at all.

It appeared like they had come to a dead end.

After trying out all sorts of things, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief finally sighed deeply and said, “It looks like we can only see you off till here.”

They knew that this was a barrier set up by the Godwish Grandmother in order to keep away outsiders.

As long as Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao made the Godwish Pearls acknowledge them as their masters, they should be able to pass through the barrier.

Knowing this, Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao also didnt hesitate to do so.

After the Godwish Pearls acknowledged Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao as their masters, they turned into a silver mark on the back of their hands.

With this, they couldnt be used by anyone else anymore.

Even though the Godwish Pearls had melded into their hands, they were still able to point out the direction of the Godwish Palace to them by imprinting the directions into their minds.

After all was done, Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao made their way to the barrier once more, and as they had expected, they were able to pass through it without any difficulties.

“It looks like this is where we have to part,” Long Xiaoxiao turned around and spoke to her parents and Long Busheng.

Even though she was bidding farewell to her kin, there wasnt the slightest look of sorrow on her face.

On the contrary, she appeared to be deeply excited.

She was finally getting some alone time with Chu Feng, so it went without saying that she would be excited about it.

“Xiaoxiao, you must remember that youre in the Nine Souls Galaxy right now.

You mustnt cause any trouble.

If its possible, try not to get into conflicts with the disciples from the Monstrous Herd Temple, Yu Heavenly Clan, and the Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

It would be much better to just get along.

“Of course, if they dare to provoke you, you need not hold back either.

If there are any brats who you are unable to deal with, tell me when you return.

Illl settle him for you!” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief told Long Xiaoxiao.

His words were rather domineering.

He was explicitly telling Long Xiaoxiao that he would back her unconditionally.

Yet, at the same time, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng and said, “Young friend Chu Feng, the disciples from the Monstrous Herd Temple, Yu Heavenly Clan, and Cloudsky Immortal Sect are extremely arrogant.

Geniuses like them tend to have a common weakness, and thats that they think that others are beneath them and behave condescendingly to others.

“If they were to know that youre not from our Dragon Clan, they would surely look down on you.

I know that Xiaoxiao doesnt have a good temper, and she would surely try to stand up for you.

In times like this, I hope that you can try to stop her.

After all, the Holy Light Galaxy is only that big, and its better to have another ally than another enemy.”

The words of the Dragon Clans Clan Chief were extremely direct.

He was convinced that Chu Feng would be looked down upon by the others once he entered the Godwish Palace, and there was no way Long Xiaoxiao would simply allow others to trample over Chu Fengs head.

After all, Long Xiaoxiao was completely infatuated with Chu Feng at the moment.

As such, he could only hope that Chu Feng could become the voice of rationality to restrain her a bit.

“Lord Clan Chief, you need not worry.

Im not an unreasonable person,” Chu Feng replied to the Dragon Clans Clan Chief via voice transmission.

“I know that you are a calm and level-headed person, so I feel assured entrusting Xiaoxiao to you,” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief replied.

Those words were rather hypocritical.

If not for Long Xiaoxiao insisting on bringing Chu Feng with her, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief would have never given this precious opportunity to him.

So, Chu Feng simply smiled politely at those words, not saying anything at all.

“Father, if they were to disrespect me, can I really take care of them” Long Xiaoxiao asked.

“Of course! Ill be backing you, so what do you have to fear If you cant defeat them, I can settle them on your behalf once you return!” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief thumped his chest as he promised her confidently.

The extent to which he doted on Long Xiaoxiao was really envy-inducing.

Despite so, Chu Feng couldnt help but think of the Dragon Clans Clan Chief as a pragmatic person who only cared about the interests of his clan, a hypocrite through and through.

He could still remember just how the other party treated Long Xiaoxiao and her mother before Long Xiaoxiao obtained the Dragon Vein Source.

“Father, I feel assured with those words from you.

Dont worry, as long as no one comes to provoke me, I wont cause any trouble either,” Long Xiaoxiao said with a chuckle.

After that, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief made a promise that he would be waiting here for them to return.

With this, Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao waved their goodbyes before heading in the direction of the Godwish Palace.

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