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Chapter 4411: Its My Business Too

“Yet another person who doesnt know whats better for him!”

Seeing that Chu Feng dared to stop Yu Ting, a cold glint flashed across the eyes of the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“Young friend Chu Feng, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect has their own rules.

Let them settle their own affairs by themselves.

As outsiders, we arent in a position to interfere in their business,” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief advised.

In truth, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was already here even before Long Xiaoxiaos mother arrived, but he was hiding in the shadows to observe the situation.

He knew everything that had happened during this period of time, and he was well aware that his daughter fancied Chu Feng.

Due to that, he felt obliged to protect Chu Feng too.

Otherwise, if something were to happen to Chu Feng within the Dragon Clan and he didnt make a move to protect Chu Feng, there was a good possibility that it might create a rift between Long Xiaoxiao and the Dragon Clan.

That was something he couldnt allow to happen, especially now that Long Xiaoxiao was the hope of the Dragon Clan.

“Lord Clan Chief, its true that Yu Ting is from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but at the same time, shes also my friend.

The business of my friends is my business too.

So, I cant simply stay out of this matter,” Chu Feng told the Dragon Clans Clan Chief.

These words were more than enough to show his determination to interfere in this issue.

Hearing those words, a complicated expression appeared on Yu Tings face.

This was a matter which even the Dragon Clans Clan Chief dared not interfere in, especially since he would be incurring the rage of enemies far stronger than him, but Chu Feng still chose to step in for her sake.

Just by this in itself, Yu Ting could tell that the sentiments he felt for her were genuine.

Even for someone as cold-hearted as she was, she couldnt help but feel moved.

“Do you think someone of your caliber has the rights to interfere in the affairs of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect” the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect looked at Chu Feng with a derisive look on his eyes, as if the person he was looking at was no more than an ant.

He didnt think that Chu Feng was a threat at all, so his attitude toward Chu Feng was even worse than how he had treated Long Xiaoxiao.

“How can you be so certain that I dont have the right to interfere in this matter” Chu Feng replied.


Right after those words were said, a golden glow that covered the entire sky suddenly released a deafening rumble, causing the ground to tremor.

This was a warning directed to Chu Feng, telling him to recognize his own place.

Despite so, Chu Feng still remained unfazed.

Not only was he showing no signs of backing down here, but there was also not even a sliver of fear to be seen on his face.

“I have long heard of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, and Im aware that there are many hidden experts within your ranks.

Yu Ting is my friend, and I have seen for myself the spectacular skills she possesses.

Yet, she told me time and time again that shes no more than an ordinary disciple in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“To be honest, I cant help but be curious as to just how powerful the other disciples of the HIdden Dragon Martial Sect are.

Its just a pity that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is far too elusive, such that its terribly difficult to find anyone associated with it around.

“Regardless of the reason that brought you here, Im glad to be able to meet you today.

I, Chu Feng, dont want to miss this golden opportunity to experience the prowess of a disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect myself.

Let me see whether your prowess really matches up to what the rumors say about you!” Chu Feng said.

His tone was courteous, fully displaying his respect toward the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but at the same time, his words werent subservient either.

He wasnt intentionally provoking the other party, but at the same time, he didnt allow himself to be viewed as a coward either.

Seeing this, Long Xiaoxiaos mother couldnt help but nod in approval.

This was her first time seeing Chu Feng, and her impression of him was mostly built on what she had heard from Long Xiaoxiao.

However, Chu Fengs earlier performance really pleased her, and she was starting to see just how Long Xiaoxiao was so fond of Chu Feng.

They were in a situation where they could possibly lose their lives if they were to make the wrong move, such that even she wouldnt dare to butt into this matter, but despite so, Chu Feng was still able to bravely step forward and say such words.

This was the air of a true sovereign, and not even the Dragon Clans Clan Chief carried such a disposition.

Even though the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was usually high and mighty, carrying himself like a god before others, before the mysterious expert of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect and the overwhelming power in the sky, he backed down out of cowardice.

However, Chu Feng still stood firmly.

“You are truly brazen,” the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect remarked.

He didnt think that Chu Feng would dare challenge him even after his grandfather had warned the latter.

However, his opinion of Chu Feng didnt change just due to this.

Instead, with the same derisive tone from before, he said, “Its not entirely impossible for me to accept your challenge, but your cultivation should at least be at rank eight Utmost Exalted level to make a worthy opponent.”

“My cultivation isnt at rank eight Utmost Exalted level yet,” Chu Feng replied.

“Then you arent qualified to cross hands with me,” the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect replied.

“This brother over here, Im well aware of your cultivation level.

In a battle of martial power, I know that I wont be a match for you.

I do have that bit of self-awareness,” Chu Feng replied.

“Then why are you challenging me As cultivators, if we dont compete on the grounds of our cultivation, are we to compete on how eloquent our words are” the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect sneered.

“If I may suggest, why dont we compete in our world spiritist techniques instead” Chu Feng asked.


Hearing those words, the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect burst into frenzied laughter.

“I see that youre indeed skilled at finding escape routes.

You know that you wouldnt be a match for me in a true battle, so you want to compete with me in terms of world spiritist techniques.

However, youll be sorely disappointed to know that you have chosen the wrong opponent this time around.”

Right after saying those words, the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect flung his sleeves backward and reined in his oppressive might coming from his martial power.

At the same time, he released a powerful outpour of spirit power from his body.

Despite so, the oppressive might that he emanated from his spirit power was still extremely powerful, matching that of a rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

He was a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist who had grasped rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation.

When he released his spirit power, Long Xiaoxiao, as well as her parents, were slightly astonished,

They didnt think that this disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect would actually be this powerful.

Despite his young age, he was actually skilled in both his cultivation and world spiritist techniques.

If he was just a rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivator, there would still be others in the Holy Light Galaxy who could compete with him.

However, if one were to factor in his rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation in as well, even if one were to search within the Holy Light Clan, it would be hard to say whether one would be able to find a prodigy of his caliber.

Without a doubt, this disciple was monstrously talented.

Regardless of whether one liked him or not, his talent was indubitably top-notch.

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