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Chapter 4393: Give It a Try

“Hah! Not only do we know each other, but I even accompanied them on a visit to the Soaring Flower Gazebo! Back then, Wang Yuxian and her seniors were in a terrible position, so they wanted to seek help from the Soaring Flower Gazebo, but who could have thought that…”

Following that, Chu Feng revealed what they had encountered back at the Soaring Flower Gazebo to everyone present here.

He was revealing all of this because he felt that there was a need to tear off the hypocritical image of the Soaring Flower Gazebo so that the others could guard against them.

The only issue was that Chu Feng was utterly lacking in credibility at the moment.

No one trusted his words at all, not even the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea.

“Hes really a hopeless case.

Its already intolerable that you try to slander the Soaring Flower Gazebo, but to think that you would try to drag down our little junior too…”

“How could our little junior possibly be acquainted with someone like you”

“You are a lost cause, theres no helping you at all.

Heaven must have been blind to bestow such talent to someone as vile as you!”

The criticisms from the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea grew even sharper than before.

They held great skepticism toward Chu Fengs claim that he knew Wang Yuxian, so they didnt believe his words at all.

“What a despicable person! Not only is he slandering the Soaring Flower Gazebo, but he even wants to pull Lady Wang Yuxian and the others down with him.

How can someone as young as that be so reprehensible”

“I really cant understand why the Sagacious Grandmaster has chosen to help such a person!”

The crowd, who were oblivious to the truth, had no kind words for Chu Feng either.

Despite facing such an aggravating situation, Chu Feng didnt lose his temper.

He was just saying all of this in order to stall for time.

As soon as he was out of this city, he would immediately lose his life to the Soaring Flower Gazebos sectmaster.

So, regardless of whether these people believed him or not, he had to buy as much time as possible so that there could be a reversal somehow.

Ordinary, who had seen through Chu Fengs intention, said, “Young friend, you have to leave right now.

The Sagacious Grandmaster doesnt intend for me to become your bodyguard ut to just escort you out of the city.”

“Elder, I still have some affairs to take care of in the city.

Please allow me to settle them first before leaving the city,” Chu Feng replied.

“Im only responsible for escorting you out of the city.

If you have other business to attend to, please return again later on.”

Right after saying those words, Ordinary grabbed Chu Feng and forcefully dragged him out of the city.

“Elder, why must you do this Doesnt just this make things more troublesome It wont take too long for me to settle my affairs, and it wont be too late for you to send me out by then too!”

Chu Feng desperately tried to turn the situation around, but no matter what he said, Ordinary paid no heed at all.

The latter simply continued dragging him out of the city without paying any heed to his will.

Faced with such a situation, Chu Feng was really on the brink of tears.

Just what the heck was this He was literally being sent to his grave right now!

And while Ordinary was forcefully bringing Chu Feng out of the city, the crowd from the Soaring Flower Gazebo followed him closely too.

Not only so, all of those who knew of this matter also tagged along to spectate the matter.

They wanted to see just what kind of fate would befall Chu Feng once he was out of the city.

At this moment, Chu Feng was feeling jittery inside.

It was clear that the Sagacious Grandmaster had no intention to protect him, and it was just a small casual gesture that the latter chose to bring him out of the city.

On top of that, he had no confidence that the mysterious expert would really show up to help him.

At this rate, the only fate that awaited Chu Feng was death.

“No, I cant admit defeat just like that!”

Chu Feng quickly reassessed his situation once more to find a way out of this, and finally, he turned his reddened eyes toward the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea.

“Theres no other choice.

I can only give it a try.”

With such thoughts in mind, Chu Fengs lips suddenly curled into a smile as he turned to the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea and said, “Elders, you dont believe that I know Wang Yuxian and the others If thats the case, you might want to take a look at this.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng took out a token.

It was the token which Wang Yuxian and the other disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea had given him when he took his leave the other day, the token of Dao Sea.

Back then, Chu Feng thought that the token would be useless since he had no intention of visiting the Dao Sea at all, and the only reason why he accepted it was to make Song Feifei and the others feel a little better.

After all, they did feel like they owed Chu Feng a lot.

To be honest, even at this moment, Chu Feng didnt think that it would make any difference for him, but he was really cornered now.

He could only try everything he could as long as there was still a ray of hope.

If the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea were to recognize this token and protect him, it would be for the best.

“The token of the Dao Sea”

“Is that fellow mad He actually dared to forge the token of the Dao Sea”

“He must really have gone bonkers! Putting aside the fact that theres no way that the token can be real, even if it is, does he really expect the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea to help him”

“He must be really dumb.

Does he not know of the relationship between the Soaring Flower Gazebo and the Dao Sea The Soaring Flower Gazebo is one of the few powers who are allowed to enter and leave the Dao Sea freely, and thats more than to bear testimony to their friendship!”

“After what he did to the Soaring Flower Gazebo, he hopes that the Dao Sea can save him.

What a brainless fool!”

As expected, as soon as Chu Feng took out the token, the criticisms from those around grew even harsher.

“Young friend, where did you get this token from”

But a shocking sight happened at this moment.

Right after Chu Feng brought out the token, the faces of the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea immediately changed.

They were shocked to see the token in Chu Fengs hands.

Others might not be able to tell the difference, but there was no way they would mistake the token of their Dao Sea for anything else.

“The token was given to me by your junior, Song Feifei, when we parted at the Soaring Flower Gazebo the other day.

If you dont trust my words, you can ask Song Feifei about it when you meet her.

Similarly, everything that Ive said is true.

The truth will be apparent to you once you meet Wang Yuxian and the others.”

Seeing that there was hope in this matter, Chu Feng immediately spoke on.

“Fairies, please dont believe the words of this fellow! How could he possibly know the disciples of the Dao Sea He might have stolen the token from elsewhere, or maybe, he might have even harmed your juniors even!”

“Right! This vicious man has no qualms committing even the most heinous of crimes in the world.

He wouldnt hesitate to harm the disciples of the Dao Sea at all!”

The elders of the Soaring Flower Gazebo immediately refuted Chu Fengs claims.

They were present when Chu Feng spoke about his encounters in the Soaring Flower Gazebo, and while others might shrug it away immediately as lies, as members of the Soaring Flower Gazebo, they knew very well that everything Chu Feng had said was true.

And at this very moment, they were feeling anxious within.

They were afraid that the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea would believe Chu Feng.

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