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Chapter 4378: Such An Outcome

Chu Feng had said before that Ma Chengying and the others would do well to kill him, or else the plight that awaited them wouldnt be pretty to look at.

And even before all of this happened, Ma Chengying and the others were already frightened.

Despite being tortured to the point where it was hard to discern his flesh from his blood anymore, Chu Feng didnt let out a cry at all.

Instead, all they could see in his eyes were tenacity and savagery.

It was at that moment that their fear of Chu Feng was already imprinted into their minds.

They realized that they might have messed with a person whom they couldnt afford to offend.

Due to that, they wanted to kill Chu Feng, and they really tried to eliminate Chu Feng too.

It was just that they failed in the end.

After their failure, their fear only served to deepen.

They were worried that Chu Feng would attempt to exact vengeance on them, and that was why they sought the Supreme Elder for help despite the risk of punishment.

However, everything still eventually came down to this.

As they cried from the unprecedented pain inflicted on them, they really regretted their actions.

They were not regretting their failure to kill Chu Feng but that they shouldnt have offended him in the first place.

They had never imagined that this would be the fate that was awaiting them as a result of their actions.

It was just that there was no way to rewind time and do things over.

They could do nothing more than to plead for a quick death.

They didnt even want to plead for mercy anymore.

All they wanted now was to end their suffering.

“Kill me! Just kill me!”

“Im begging you, I already know my mistakes! Please, end this pain!”

“You beast, I dare you to kill me! Do you hear me”


Ma Chengying and the others yelled hoarsely at Chu Feng, hoping to be freed from this torture and die in peace.

But no matter how they pleaded or insulted Chu Feng to incite him into making a move, the latter remained unmoved.

Chu Feng gazed coldly upon everything that was happening from above, and there was no sympathy in his eyes but ridicule.

In Chu Fengs view, they deserved what was coming to them.

“This feeling…”

But all of a sudden, Chu Fengs face suddenly changed.

He suddenly sensed a change in the spirit compass that was tracking the black streak.

He quickly took out the spirit compass, and indeed, it was reacting extremely strongly at the moment.

It seemed like the black streak wasnt too far away from him at the moment, or else there wouldnt have been such a reaction from the compass.

“Is it really possible for things to be so coincidental, such that the black streak is actually in the vicinity too Did it finally tire of hiding, so it chose to expose its location”

Even though Chu Feng had no idea why the compass was suddenly reacting, he knew that tracking down the black streak was his priority at the moment.

So, without any hesitation, he decided to leave the area and follow the compass.

But before leaving, he turned around to take one last look at Ma Chengying and the others, and he said, “You wanted to die, didnt you Ill show you one last mercy and fulfill your wish!”

After he said those words, the formation began to morph once more.

The torture tools in the hands of those demons became even more frightening as they plunged deep into Ma Chengyings body.

It tore through their skin, sliced through their flesh, severed their bones, and obliterated their souls.

The cries of agony resounded in the valley for a very long time to come.

Soon, some of their souls began to dissipate as their bodies fell limply to the ground.

One after another, the disciples collapsed to the ground and died.

Chu Feng continued to strengthen the prowess of the formation, and after the job was done, he turned around and left the area.

Shortly after he left, the main formation in the mountain range began to revert back to its original state.

Due to that, the Supreme Elder of the Soaring Flower Gazebo and the others swiftly noticed the disappearance of the treasure, as well as the fact that the main formation had been tampered with.

Realizing that the situation had gone out of control, they immediately charged out of the formation cores they were in toward the main formation, wanting to figure out what was going on.

But before they could arrive at the main formation, they passed through the valley where Chu Feng and the others were at a moment ago, and they were absolutely horrified by the sight that welcomed them.

It was as if someone had brought the purgatory to the living world.

The overpowering stench of blood that assaulted their noses was nothing more than the starting dish.

There was much more to come.

The disciples of the Soaring Flower Gazebo had become nothing more than mishmash of blood and flesh, such that it was nearly impossible to discern who was who anymore.

Most of them were dead, but there were still a small number of them who had a breath in them.

That being said, they had all become crippled.

Their cultivation had been destroyed cleanly, and it was impossible for them to recover anymore.

Even their souls had been partially destroyed too, such that they could no longer be said to be a complete being.

Those who were still alive included Ma Chengying, Li Rui, and the stronger disciples of the Soaring Flower Gazebo.

The Supreme Elder rushed up to Li Rui and cried out in shock, “Li Rui, what happened over here How did you end up in such a state Who was the one who did this Who was the one!!”

That was the personal disciple whom he had the highest expectations for!

“Master, i-its… that Chu Feng…”

Li Ruis voice was extremely feeble, and when he finally saw his master once more, tears streamed down his face.

As the saying went,men dont cry easily.

But Li Ruis sorrow came from the very depths of his soul.

He knew that he had been utterly ruined.

The bright future that was awaiting him was no longer possible anymore.

On the other hand, looking at how his confident disciple was reduced to such a state within just a short period of time, the Supreme Elder felt a deep ache in his heart.

“Chu Feng, I dont care who you are, but Ill skin you and rip out your tendons alive!”

The Supreme Elders furious bellow caused the cliff by the sides of the valley to shatter.

Soon, the other elders and disciples of the Soaring Flower Gazebo arrived at the scene as well, and they didnt dare to say a word at all upon seeing such a sight.

They could sense the livid rage of the Supreme Elder, and they understood just how serious this entire matter was.

During such a moment, it would be best for them not to say a thing at all.

“W-who is that”

All of a sudden, someone pointed to the other end of the valley, where the core of the main formation was.

A silhouette was floating in their direction.

It was a person lying horizontal to the ground, and he was benign dragged over to them by the power of the main formation.

Upon seeing the face of the silhouette, everyone jolted in shock.

This person looked extremely miserable.

It was obvious that he had been charred by intense flames, such that even his skin had cracked.

The miserable state he was in didnt pale in comparison to Ma Chengying and the others at all.

He must have gone through some inhuman torture.

“I-its the guest elder!”

Soon, someone finally recognized that person.

Even though he was already disfigured, it was still possible to figure out his identity through the weak aura he emanated.

As it turned out, after Chu Feng left the area, the guest elder managed to regain control over the main formation and escape.

It was just that he was already crippled for good at the moment.

His spirit power had been assimilated by the formation, and his cultivation had been ruined as well.

As a result of that, his ability to control formations had been greatly discounted.

The only reason why he was still able to control the main formation was due to the smaller formation the Soaring Flower Gazebos sectmaster had inscribed on his chest.

However, due to the feeble state he was in, even if he was able to control the main formation, the extent of his control was miserably little.

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