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Chapter 4343: Played In His Palms


At this moment, a figure blocked their way.

It was none other than the Dragon Clans Clan Chief, and he got down on his knees again.

But this time, he was kneeling to his daughter.

This action left Long Xiaoxiao stunned too.

Complicated emotions surfaced in her eyes.

This was her prideful and lofty father, the person who had the power to determine the fate of others in the Dragon Clan.

A look from him was more than enough to have anyone, including his wife and his daughter, killed.

In the eyes of Chu Feng and the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was just the Clan Chief of the Dragon Clan, but to Long Xiaoxiao, he was a father too.

He had a special place in her heart.

Before this, she could have never imagined that her high and mighty father would one day kneel before her.

This matter really dealt a huge blow to her.

She was so shocked that she didnt know what to do at all.

“Xiaoxiao, its my fault.

I have wronged you.

However, the Dragon Vein Source really didnt appear on you earlier! I couldnt sense it, and the others couldnt sense it either! Its a huge misunderstanding! I ask you not to hold this against us.

Please, dont leave the Dragon Clan,” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief spoke with a look of remorse on his face.

“Lord Father, youre my father.

You can hit me and reprimand me, and I wont hold it against you.

But those two over there, they have tried every means they could think to put me and my mother to death.

“Youre well-aware of it too.

If Chu Feng hadnt come to the Dragon Clan today, my mother and I would have still been imprisoned, and who knows what kind of fate would eventually befall us How can I dare to remain in such a Dragon Clan” Long Xiaoxiao said.

“Xiaoxiao, say no more.

Your father knows what to do.”

As the Dragon Clans Clan Chief spoke, he got back to his feet and took several steps back.

However, he didnt turn his gaze straight to Long Mumu and her mother.

Instead, he raised his voice and bellowed, “Who was the one who beat my daughter, Long Xiaoxiao, earlier Kneel down and plead guilty to your deeds!”

Those words sounded particularly jarring in everyones ears.

Long Mumu and her mother immediately kneeled down and pleaded with Long Xiaoxiao for mercy.

Having seen through the situation, the mother-daughter duo didnt dare to put on airs anymore, and they couldnt garner the will to retaliate anymore.

At this point, all they could think about was just how they could survive this incident.

“Kneel outside!” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief bellowed.

Long Mumu and her mother were horrified.

They crawled over to Long Xiaoxiaos side and desperately begged with her.

Their smug and vicious faces from earlier on were filled with tears, making them look miserably pitiful.

Those who didnt know the inside-out of the matter might have thought that the two of them had suffered great grievances.

But Long Xiaoxiao didnt even want to spare a glance for Long Mumu at her mother.

Just the sight of them left her feeling disgusted.



But all of a sudden, two spurts of blood rained across the land, and everything fell silent.

The dantians of Long Mumu and her mother had been pierced by someone.

And the culprit behind that was none other than the Dragon Clans Clan Chief.

This sight was already shocking enough for everyone present, but who could have thought that something even more extreme was awaiting them

Shoosh shoosh!

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief raised his hand, and two puddles of blood splattered all around.

Long Mumu and her mother had been reduced to mere crimson blood, dissipating right before Long Xiaoxiaos eyes.

“Xiaoxiao, from this day onward, no one in the Dragon Clan will be able to threaten you anymore,” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief said.

It looked almost as if the Dragon Clans Clan Chief cared dearly for Long Xiaoxiao and sought to protect her, but in Chu Fengs eyes, all he could see was just the Clan Chiefs callousness and cruelty.

Logn Mumu and her mother should have been the two family members that he cared for and doted on the most, but for the sake of the future of the Dragon Clan, he was able to bring himself to execute them without any hesitation.

From this, it could be seen just how vicious the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was.

Had Long Xiaoxiao not fused with the Dragon Vein Source today, the one to die would have been her.

Such a father wouldnt have shown her any mercy.

Perhaps the same thoughts had arisen in Long Xiaoxiaos head, but after witnessing the cruelty of her father, she jolted in fright.

Her body suddenly swayed to the side, and she fainted just like that.

“Grandmaster, hurry up and take a look at Xiaoxiao!” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief exclaimed anxiously after Long Xiaoxiao fainted.

Seeing this sight, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist quickly took out a pill and fed it to Long Xiaoxiao.

An amazing scene happened.

After consuming the pill, not only did Long Xiaoxiaos distorted face return to normal, but even her aura had calmed down significantly.

“Lord Clan Chief, you need not worry.

The flame in Princess Xiaoxiaos heart has quelled significantly, so she shouldnt be in any danger anymore.

If nothing else happens, Princess Xiaoxiao should be able to fully fuse with the powers of the Dragon Vein Source without any trouble.

All she needs right now is time,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist replied.

“You have my deepest gratitude, Grandmaster!”

Chu Feng could tell that the gratitude the Dragon Clans Clan Chief had toward the Ox-nosed Old Daoist at this moment was not feigned.

It was an earnest feeling from the bottom of his heart.

Facing such a Dragon Clans Clan Chief, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist nodded with a smile.

It was just that upon seeing this smile, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief and the Supreme Elders began sweating profusely from nervousness.

Chu Feng felt a bit of sympathy for them.

He had already realized that, from start to end, there was one person who had been in complete control of the situation, and it was none other than his master.

These were the most important figures of the Dragon Clan, but in the end, they were still played in the palms of the Ox-nosed Old Daoists hands.

Most likely, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had schemed all of this from the get-go.

Even those seemingly unexpected situations seemed to have been part of his masters plan, be it the suddendisappearance of the Dragon Vein Source and Long Xiaoxiao getting blamed for it, or the abruptreappearance of the Dragon Vein Source shortly afterward, and the Dragon Clans Clan Chief and the Supreme Elders regretting their actions.

It was thesecoincidences that had led to Long Mumu and her mothers death in the end.

It was too hard to believe that all of these had happened by chance.

What made it even more astounding was that Chu Feng wasnt able to see through it at all.

He was worried due to the circumstances turning awry, and his emotions fluctuated as a result of that.

Even he had been played by his master too.

“This master of mine sure is a terrifying figure, but I like it!” Chu Feng remarked as his lips curled into a smile as well.

Having climbed all the way up here from the Lower Realm, he had met a lot of expert cultivators, and he had become the disciple of several powerhouses.

Back then, they were all lofty and formidable figures to Chu Feng, and he felt respect for them from the bottom of his heart.

But there had never been a person who was able to win his respect and yet still leave him feeling so uncertain inside.

And Chu Feng loved this kind of feeling.

It felt like things had gotten more interesting after he found himself such a master.

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