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Chapter 4328: The Arrogant Long Mumu

“Ill be counting on you then, little benefactor!”

Long Xiaoxiao accepted Chu Fengs offer joyfully.

So, Chu Feng began to help Long Xiaoxiao recuperate from her injuries.

Even though Long Nanxuns perception of Chu Feng had improved considerably, he still couldnt help but feel deeply uncomfortable inside when he saw how warmly Long Xiaoxiao was treating Chu Feng.

Whenever she looked at him, there would be a lively glow in her eyes, a look she had never directed at him before.

As someone who liked Long Xiaoxiao, it was inevitable that he wouldnt be able to stand such a sight.

However, he didnt lose his temper or stomp out of the gazebo.

Instead, he stood on the spot and looked at Long Xiaoxiao intently.

It would be a lie if he said that he wasnt envious of Chu Feng for having Long Xiaoxiaos affection, but at the same time, he also earnestly wished for Long Xiaoxiao to recuperate swiftly and become healthy once more.

Under Chu Fengs efforts, Long Xiaoxiaos condition improved at a rapid pace.

While her complexion still looked a little pale, at the very least, she didnt look as emaciated as before.

Her youthful and lively appearance had also mostly returned.

It shouldnt take long before she made a full recovery.

“The gall of your audacity, Long Nanxun!”

All of a sudden, a furious roar sounded by the horizon.

It was so resounding that even the air itself was vibrating to it, let alone the mountains.

Turning their eyes in the direction of the voice, Chu Feng and the others saw an army of cultivators flitting over imposingly from the distance.

They were no other than Elder Lingtao and the other elders.

It was just that the number of people this time around was far greater than before.

Other than Elder Lingtao and his group, there were also many other clan members of the Dragon Clan that he had never seen before too.

However, the furious rebuke directed toward Long Nanxun didnt come from Elder Lingtao, but a young woman standing at the forefront of the elders.

There was no denying that this young woman was extremely beautiful, such that it wouldnt be overboard to say that she was a fairy that had descended from the high heavens.

She was dressed in graceful clothes, and she commanded an extraordinary air of nobility.

It was clear with a glance that she was no ordinary person.

But the face of this young woman was steely, and her eyes carried wintry hostility.

It was apparent that she was no kindhearted soul.

While Long Xiaoxiao was no pushover either, at the very least, she still looked innocent and adorable.

On the other hand, just by looking at this woman, it was apparent that she had thorns on her.

“Long Mumu! Whats she doing here”

Upon seeing this woman, a hint of fear surfaced on Long Nanxuns face.

With the Dragon Clans Clan Chief Token in his hand, he didnt even fear the rank eight Utmost Exalted-level Elder Lingtao, but he actually showed such a frightful expression when faced with this woman.

This made Chu Feng even more cognizant of the fact that Long Mumu was not an easy person to deal with.

“Long Nanxun, do you plead guilty”

In the blink of an eye, Long Mumu had already descended onto the peak of the mountain together with her people.

And the first thing she did after landing was to march right up to Long Nanxun.

“Your Highness Mumu, I-I dont know what crime I have committed!”

Despite knowing that Long Mumu was the enemy, Long Nanxun still quickly bowed without any hesitation.

In fact, he even ended up stuttering a little in the midst of his words.

He was painfully aware of the fact that Long Mumu was the one person in the Dragon Clan that he couldnt afford to offend at all costs.

She was someone who could overthrow even Long Xiaoxiao and her mother, so what would someone like him count as

“You dared to forge Lord Fathers personal token, and you still have the cheek to feign ignorance Men, execute this vermin for his insolence!”

Long Mumu was not joking when she said those words.

She truly had the intention to have Long Nanxun killed.

Right after she said those words, the elders behind her actually drew their weapons and began making their way toward Long Nanxun.

From the airs they were giving off, they were really going to behead Long Nanxun.

This scared Long Nanxun out of his wits.

“Who dares!”

It was at this moment that Long Xiaoxiao stepped forth and intervened.

“Yo, Long Xiaoxiao.

You dare to side with him Looks like youre also an accomplice behind the forgery of Lord Fathers token!”

Long Mumu glared at Long Xiaoxiao with eyes filled with disdain and hostility.

However, those words also made Long Nanxun realize what was going on too.

“Is Your Highness Mumu suspecting that the token I have is a fake Even if I, Long Nanxun, had a hundred guts, I wouldnt dare to forge Lord Clan Chiefs token! You can look at it yourself to verify its authenticity!”

So, Long Nanxun took out the token and showed it to Long Mumu.


Upon seeing the token, Long Mumus face warped in shock.

She could discern that the token was authentic, but couldnt bring herself to believe it.

How could someone like Long Nanxun be worthy of bearing her fathers personal token

One must know that she had once wanted to borrow the token to play around with it, but her father rejected her!

How could it be possible that Long Nanxun was carrying it

“How did you lay your hands on that token Tell me the truth! If theres any falsehood in your words, Ill have your entire family executed!” Long Mumu pointed her finger at Long Nanxun as she bellowed domineeringly.

“T-t-this token was bestowed to me by Lord Clan Chief himself!”

Even though there was nothing wrong with the origin of the token, Long Nanxun was still scared to the point where cold sweat was dripping from his face.

“Youre saying that Lord Father passed it to you himself Thats impossible.

Who do you think you are How could Lord Father entrust something as important as this to you”

Long Mumu refused to believe what she was hearing.


It was hard to tell whether Long Nanxun was too nervous, or that he was apprehensive of Long Mumu, but he seemed to not know how to explain this matter.

“Its because of me,” Chu Feng suddenly spoke up.

“You Who are you”

Long Mumus eyebrows arched as she began to assess Chu Feng with eyes filled with antagonism.

“Her Highness Xiaoxiao and I are close friends.

I have specially come by today to pay her a visit.

Usually, Brother Nanxun would be more than qualified to bring me around, but due to a few dogs barking around, this area ended up being sealed off, so we couldnt access it through normal means.

Left with no choice, I could only approach Lord Clan Chief for help, and he entrusted this token to Brother Nanxun.”

Chu Feng was telling the truth, but it was just that his words were simply too provocative.

With those words, he had insulted Elder Lingtao and his group, as well as Long Mumu.

Displeased looks immediately appeared on the faces of Long Mumu and her men.

Long Nanxun couldnt help but feel frightful in Chu Fengs stead.

There was no one in the current Dragon Clan who would dare to speak to Long Mumu in such a manner, not to mention that Chu Feng was an outsider!

“Who do you think you are Do you think that someone of your caliber is worthy of having my father offer his token just so that you can roam freely on our land”

Long Mumu eyed Chu Feng in skepticism.

While her words revealed her disbelief, she didnt go so far as to put Chu Feng in a spot either.

Long Mumu might be a willful person, but she was no fool.

On the contrary, she was an extremely sharp-minded person.

From the moment she had verified the authenticity of the token, she had already realized that there was more to the situation than what she knew about.

She had no doubt that someone of Long Nanxuns standing couldnt possibly make her father take out the Clan Chief Token.

If anyone had a chance of pulling it off, other than Long Xiaoxiao, the only possible person would be this outsider.

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