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Chapter 4321: Xiaoxiao Is In Danger

“What else do you want” Long Pingfeng grumbled in irritation.

While he knew that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was of high standing, no matter what, he was still a young master of the Dragon Clan.

Having kneeled down and admitted his fault, he felt that he had already done all he could to ask for forgiveness.

If the Ox-nosed Old Daoist still wasnt willing to let the matter go after this, that would be his own problem.

“Just as I thought, a complete lack of manners.”

In the face of the fuming Long Pingfeng, the Ox-nosed Daoist simply smiled wryly.

By the side, Long Duan had also fully understood the intention of the Ox-nosed Daoist too.

He pointed his finger at Long Pingfeng and the others and bellowed, “Ignorant fools, how dare you talk back to Lord Ox Slap yourselves!”

“Supreme Elder, I…”

Long Pingfeng felt so wronged that he could burst into tears on the spot.

To him, it was already a humiliation in itself for him to apologize to Chu Feng and the Ox-nosed Daoist, but Long Duan actually wanted him to slap himself before the two of them on top of that!

What would become of his reputation if he were to do so

“What are you dazing out for Dont you hear Elder Long Duans orders”

“Other than Long Nanxun, all of you are to slap yourselves.”

“Even if you havent shown any disrespect to Lord Ox, you have stood idly by the side and allowed such insolence to happen.

That is deserving of punishment as well.”

The other Supreme Elders spoke up as well.

Facing such a situation, there was no way Long Pingfeng and the others would dare to hesitate.

No matter how unwilling they were, they had no choice to slap themselves.

Pah pah pah pah!

Crisp sounds reminiscent of firecrackers echoed loudly before the imposing entrance of the Dragon Clan.

But these humiliating sounds were coming from the clan members of the Dragon Clan themselves.

They were kneeling on the floor, slapping themselves.

The clan members who served Long Pingfeng were all kneeling on the ground, swinging their powerful arms toward their own cheeks.

This was a direct order from a Supreme Elder, so they didnt dare to hold back at all.

As a result, it only took a short moment for them to start bleeding.

All of their faces swiftly swelled up like pig heads.

Even Long Nanxun was shocked to see such a sight unfolding right before his eyes, let alone the outsiders.

One must know that they were in the territory of the Dragon Clan, right before the entrance of its base.

Just how formidable must one be to make the clan members of the Dragon Clan, including one of their young masters, to kneel down to mere outsiders and slap themselves

But the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and Chu Feng managed to pull off such a feat.

“Chu Feng, if its within your means to do so, please help Xiaoxiao.”

A voice suddenly drifted into Chu Fengs ears.

It was from Long Nanxun.

Hearing those words, Chu Fengs heart squeezed a little.

He realized that Long Xiaoxiao was in trouble.

“Long Xiaoxiao What happened to her” Chu Feng asked discreetly through voice transmission.

“Her situation isnt very optimistic at the moment.

She might be in a life-threatening position right now.

All of us are powerless to help her, but perhaps… you might be able to save her,” Long Nanxuan replied.

Chu Feng was alarmed to learn that Long Xiaoxiao was in such grave danger, but there wasnt any time for him to enquire more deeply into it.

This was because Long Duan and the others had already found out about the matter concerning the Dragon Vein Source

Due to that, they didnt waste too much time here.

Right after punishing Long Pingfeng and the others, Long Duan invited the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and Chu Feng into the Dragon Clan.

So, Chu Feng requested to have Long Nanxun come along with them as well.

By convention, while Long Nanxun was a young master of the Dragon Clan and was of lofty standing, he wasnt qualified to get involved in what was going to happen next.

However, out of consideration of how important the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was to them right now, Long Duan made an exception and permitted the request.

On the way there, Long Nanxun used voice transmission to explain the situation concerning Long Xiaoxiao to Chu Feng.

Long Xiaoxiaos mother and Long Mumus mother were in a hostile relationship with one another, and they had been competing with one another both on the surface and in the shadows over the years.

But in the past few years, Long Mumus mother had managed to claim the upper hand in the fight.

Not too long ago, she even framed Long Xiaoxiaos mother and overthrew her for good.

As a result, Long Xiaoxiaos mother was thrown in prison, and she was cruelly tortured by formations every single day.

Long Xiaoxiao herself was implicated in the matter as well.

While her plight wasnt as bad as her mothers, she was still placed in confinement.

Those who had tried to plead on the behalf of Long Xiaoxiaos mother, be it Long Busheng or the others, they, too, were placed in confinement.

That incident had major rippling effects, and it implicated quite a lot of people.

It showed everyone the attitude the Dragon Clans Clan Chief had toward Long Xiaoxiao and her mother.

If this were to go on, it was only a matter of time before Long Xiaoxiao was sidelined in the Dragon Clan.

If Long Mumus mother was allowed to continue acting as she pleased, it was only a matter of time before Long Xiaoxiao and her mother lost their lives.

After all, Long Mumu and her mother were both callous individuals.

From the very start, they had never intended to allow Long Xiaoxiao and her mother to live.

All in all, just like what Long Nanxun had said, Long Xiaoxiao really wasnt in a good position at all.

Having learned of this matter, Chu Feng was also put in a spot.

Putting aside the fact that he had a good impression of Long Xiaoxiao, just by how the latter kept going around calling himbenefactor, he couldnt allow anything to happen to her.

However, it wouldnt be easy for him to intervene in this matter.

He would be up against a true powerhouse of the Holy Light Galaxy, the Dragon Clan, not to mention that the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was involved in this matter as well.

Even the clan members of the Dragon Clan wouldnt dare to interfere in the Clan Chiefs household affairs, so what could Chu Feng possibly do to help as an outsider

This left Chu Feng in a difficult position.

While Chu Feng was still deep in thoughts, he arrived before the resplendent palace above the clouds under Long Duans lead.

But this time, not only was Chu Feng allowed to enter the premises, he could do so openly without any worries.

At this moment, the most powerful figures in the Dragon Clan were all gathered inside the palace.

As soon as Chu Feng stepped into the premises, he could immediately feel their powerful presence.

There was no one here who should be underestimated.

Every single glance directed in Chu Fengs direction felt like an invisible mountain crushing down on him.

However, Chu Feng was a person who had weathered through storms.

Such a situation wasnt enough to intimidate him.

Instead, he began to observe his surroundings carefully.

The first thing that came to his eye was the black-haired elder sitting on the main seat in the room.

He had a lanky figure, but his eyes felt like those of a carnivorous beast, commanding deference from others naturally even though he wasnt releasing any oppressive might at all.

He outshadowed every single person in this room in terms of presence.

And he was no other than the incumbent master of the Dragon Clan, the birth father of Long Xiaoxiao and Long Mumu, Clan Chief Long Ao.

Long Duan had already informed the Clan Chief Long Ao about Ox-nose and Chu Feng to him, as well as the happenings in the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain, right after arriving in the room.

His aim was to let everyone understand just how important the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and Chu Feng was to the Dragon Clan.

Initially, the other Supreme Elders couldnt even be bothered to spare Chu Feng and the Ox-nosed Old Daoist a glance, but after Long Duan said his piece, they began to re-evaluate the two men standing before them.

The same went for Clan Chief Long Ao too.

Afterward, the Clan Chief and the Supreme Elders even personally led Chu Feng and the Ox-nosed Old Daoist to where the Dragon Vein Source was.

The Dragon Vein Source was a little different from the Dragon Clans Ancestral Ground.

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