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Chapter 4289 - A Modern Era Cultivator

“Its this Exalteds loss.”

“If you want to kill or torture me, do as you wish.”

The terrifying existence spoke.

Although its voice was still as resounding as before, even though it was still filled with deterrence powers, one could hear should one pay close attention that it no longer contained the arrogance of disregarding everything else it possessed before.

Furthermore, one will also notice that the terrifying existence was deliberately concealing its weakened condition.

“I was merely here to make some inquiries.

Never had I had any intention to kill.”

The mans voice sounded again.

His tone was as tranquil as before.

After saying those words, the nine-colored lightnings in the sky began to dissipate.

Not only did the lightnings disappear, the devastating aura also disappeared.

There was no trace of its existence remaining.

This region had returned to how it was before.

It was as if nothing had ever occurred here.

“Are you really not going to kill me”

The terrifying giant face was surprised.

It did not expect for its opponent to really not intend to kill it.

After all, it was really trying to kill its opponent earlier.

“Speaking of it, you couldve said to have looked after my son back then too,” said the man afar.

“Your son”


Sure enough, its that brat Chu Fengs family.”

“Speaking of it, this Exalted was a bit fond of that brat too.

He had done a lot of things for the Misty Peak.”

“While the people from the Misty Peak are merely this Exalteds playthings and puppets, they are still this Exalteds people.”

“Even though that brat was very weak and small when he came to this place back then, this Exalted already noticed that he was very remarkable.”

After saying those words, the terrifying existence suddenly laughed.

The laughter grew increasingly more complicated.

After laughing for a while, it sighed, “But, in the end, Ive underestimated that brat.”

“That said… this Exalted did not say all that with the intention of begging for forgiveness.

I\'ve been speaking things as is.”

“The victor is king whereas the loser is deemed the thief.

Youve won.

What do you want to do now Go ahead and tell me,” the terrifying existence asked the man in the distance.

“Its actually nothing major either.”

“Just tell them what they wanted to know.”

“Dont make things difficult for them.

Thatll be all.”

“As for why youre dwelling in this place, I will not ask that either.”

“I also do not care what you plan to do in the future.”

“We will each mind our respective business.”

The male voice in the distance sounded again.

That calm-toned voice was filled with generosity.

“Youve opened this Exalteds eyes toward this eras cultivators.”

“What is your name” asked the terrifying existence.

“A modern era cultivator,” The mans voice sounded for one last time.

Then, no matter what the terrifying existence asked, it did not receive any response.

With that, the terrifying existences gaze grew pensive.

“A modern era cultivator”

“Theres actually someone who has cultivated their Heavenly Bloodline to such a degree among the modern era cultivators”

“It would appear that this Exalted had underestimated the modern era cultivators.”

After thinking for a long time, the terrifying existence laughed and sighed.



Not long after, cracks appeared in the surroundings of Xianhai Shaoyu and others.

Seeing the cracks, the terrifying existence seemed to have realized something.

With that, the terrifying giant face in the sky began to disappear.


Once the face disappeared, the cracks crumbled at once.

The instant they crumbled, they turned into gaseous flames and dissipated into thin air.

Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Xiner and Xianhai Gusu regained consciousness and liberty.


After regaining their freedom and seeing the scene before them, they were completely puzzled and at a complete loss.

The terrifying oppressive might had disappeared.

It was clearly about to reach them.

Why would it suddenly disappear

Even the terrifying existence in the sky disappeared.

“Whats going on”

The three of them looked at each other in dismay.

They were unable to think of what was going on.

When they were frozen everything, their surroundings and their consciousness were both frozen.

Because of that, they were only aware of what was going on earlier and had no idea about the dialogue and subsequent confrontation between the terrifying existence and that man.

“If you want to know what happened to those three girls, have your friend come seek this Exalted himself.

This Exalted will personally tell him what happened.”

At the time when Xianhai Shaoyu and others were confused, the terrifying existences voice sounded.

Furthermore, the sealed teleportation formation was once again opened.

“Thank you senior,” XIanhai Shaoyu and others were overjoyed.

They had thought that they would not be able to escape this calamity and could only risk it all on Xianhai Shaoyus protective formation.

They never anticipated for that terrifying existence to suddenly have a change of heart.

Not knowing what happened, they had their own deductions as to why that terrifying existence suddenly had a change of heart.

They felt that the terrifying existence had never really intended to kill them from the very start.

That killing intent it emitted was merely a test.

“Senior, this junior has one request,” said Xianhai Shaoyu all of a sudden.

“What is it” asked the terrifying existence.

“Is it possible to not inform my friend that we were here”

The reason why Xianhai Shaoyu made that request was because he didnt want to reveal himself.

He didnt want Chu Feng to know that he was helping him.

“Seeing how much you valued loyalty and friendship, this Exalted will accept your request,” said the terrifying existence.

“Thank you senior.”

Xianhai Shaoyu was especially happy after hearing the terrifying existences acceptance of his request.

Xianhai Shaoyu was someone with some fame and reputation throughout the entire vast martial cultivation world.

Being praised as a genius all his life, very rarely does he act so joyous from someone accepting his request.

The reason for Xianhai Shaoyus joy was because this terrifying existence was simply too powerful.

Its cultivation was simply unfathomable.

Xianhai Shaoyu felt that the terrifying existence possessed a strength that very few people would be able to match even when placed among the entire martial cultivation world.

For it to accept his request, it would not be excessive to say that it was doing him a favor.

With that, Xianhai Shaoyu, Xianhai Xiner and Xianhai Gusu returned to the Galewind Hunting Clan.

The Galewind Hunting Clans Clan Chief already learned of everything before their arrival.

Likely, the terrifying existence had communicated with him using some special sort of method.

Thus, Xianhai Shaoyu and others didnt have to bother explaining things.


While all this was happening, Chu Feng and others trapped above the Galewind Hunting Clans territory had no idea what was going on.

They were still pondering why the people from the Galewind Hunting Clan were only trapping them with their oppressive might and not attacking them or even communicating with them.

But soon, someone from the Galewind Hunting Clan appeared.

It was the Galewind Hunting Clans Clan Chief.

He came personally to receive Chu Feng.

But, he was only taking Chu Feng alone.

At the beginning, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist and others were very worried for Chu Feng.

After all, to them, the Galewind Hunting Clans sudden shift in attitude was simply too strange.

But, they were unable to stop the Galewind Hunting Clan.

After all, if the Galewind Hunting Clan wanted to kill them, there was nothing that they can do to stop them either.As such, they could only watch as Chu Feng left with the Galewind Hunting Clans Clan Chief.

After arriving at the Galewind Hunting Clan, Chu Feng was led to that forbidden area.

Through the teleportation formation, he entered the world covered in bones.

Chu Feng immediately recognized what this place was the moment he arrived.

Chu Feng has been here before.

This place had left him a profound impression.

“This is… the Misty Peaks Martial Marking Immortal Realm!!!” gasped Chu Feng.

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