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Chapter 4280 - Immortal Sea Fish Clan

“Regarding the Nine Dragons Aura that you spoke of, this old man is unable to sense or see it.”

“But, this place is indeed extraordinary.”

“While I do not know what sort of existence that Nine Dragons Sage was, but with how powerful that flood dragon was, this old man will definitely not be able to handle any other existences that might be here.”

“The world of martial cultivators is unfathomable.

At times, the experts hidden in deep underground or in remnants are even more terrifying and powerful than the colossuses that ruled the surface.”

“Because of that, young friend Chu Feng, do not come here again.”

Old Man Compliance warned Chu Feng with a serious expression on his face.

“Thank you senior for your warning.

This junior understands,” said Chu Feng thankfully.

It was only natural that hes grateful.

After all, had Old Man Compliance not accompanied him here today, Chu Fengs body mightve been seized by that black dragon.

He had only helped Old Man Compliance with a minor task whereas Old Man Compliance had saved his life.

“Theres no need for thanks.

If anything, this old man should be the one to thank you.”

“If it wasnt for you helping this old man unlock that lock, this old man would not know how long I would have to wait.”

“Right now, I am finally able to leave this place and check out the place that Ive wanted to go.”

As Old Man Compliance said those words, a smile actually appeared on his face, the face of someone who has always had a cold and detached expression.

That smile was a smile of joy from the bottom of his heart.

While the help Chu Feng gave Old Man Compliance might be something completely insignificant to Chu Feng, it was akin to the act of saving ones life to Old Man Compliance.

Chu Feng knew that it was inevitable for an existence of Old Man Compliances caliber to leave this place.

Thus, he did not bother to inquire why Old Man Compliance was leaving.

Instead, he asked, “Senior, where are you proceeding to”

“The vast martial cultivation world is simply enormous.

This old man wanted to check out its entirety.”

“I am still uncertain as to where I will end up staying.

But, my first destination will naturally be the neighbor of the Holy Light Galaxy, the Nine Souls Galaxy.”

“With young friend Chu Fengs talent, the Holy Light Galaxy will definitely not be able to keep you either.”

“Although the vast martial cultivation world is a boundless place, we will definitely meet again if fate has it,” said Old Man Compliance.

The unspoken implication behind those words was that it would be very difficult for them to meet again after they part.

Chu Feng felt emotional after hearing those words.

Although he had only just gotten to know Old Man Compliance, he had a very good impression of Old Man Compliance.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and Old Man Compliance continued to chat for some more.

Then, they parted.

Before parting, Old Man Compliance sent Chu Feng back through the teleportation gate.

But, he did not return back through the gate.

Instead, he directly left in the Ancient Compliance Castle.

“Never would I imagine that Old Man Compliance to be that powerful.

Hes even able to take care of a monster of that caliber.”

Fumo Shaoyu, Lady Gusu and Fumo Xiner were standing in the sky above the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound.

Fumo Shaoyu looked in the direction Old Man Compliance left in and gasped in admiration.

At this moment, he realized that he had still underestimated the hidden experts of the Holy Light Galaxy.

“Young master, there seemed to be some sort of treasure hidden inside this Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound.

Should we go down and investigate things” asked Lady Gusu.

“That monster is very remarkable.

Even if we are to join hands, well only be able to barely defeat it.”

“If there are other experts hidden deep underground, we will not be a match for them.”

“While I am also very interested in exactly what is hidden here, but… its better that we forget it.

After all, this place is not our territory,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

“Young master is the heir to the Immortal Sea Fish Clans Clan Chief.”

“Who could possibly dare to do anything to young master” said Fumo Xiner.

Turned out, the Fumo surname was merely fabricated.

They were actually from the Immortal Sea Fish Clan.

Shaoyus true name was Xianhai Shaoyu.

Xiners name was Xianhai Xiner.

As for Lady Gusu, her name was Xianhai Gusu.

The reason for Xianhai Xiners confidence was because of how powerful the Immortal Sea Fish Clan was.

Not only were they the overlord of a galaxy, they also enjoyed an impressive reputation in the entire martial cultivation world.

Not to mention the Holy Light Galaxy, even the ruler of the Nine Souls Galaxy was far inferior to the Immortal Sea Fish Clan.

“Xiner, for those that are truly vicious and fiendish, they would not care who you are.”

“Besides, in this martial cultivation world, we should rely on our own abilities and not the reputation of our clan,” said Xianhai Shaoyu.

“Xiner was wrong,” said Xianhai Xiner.

“Theres nothing wrong with something like this,” Seeing Xianhai Xiners cautious reaction, Xianhai Shaoyu felt helpless as usual.

“Young master, are we returning to find Chu Feng” Lady Gusu looked to the spirit formation gate that was about to close.

“Theres no meaning in us staying here.

Let us return.”

After Xianhai Shaoyu said those words, the three of them flew into the spirit formation gate.

Chu Feng had returned to the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain where Ox-nosed Old Daoist, Grandmaster Tang Chen and the various world spiritists were.

The instant they saw Chu Feng, Grandmaster Tang Chen and others immediately inquired about Old Man Compliance.

Chu Feng had asked Old Man Compliance if he could inform others about him before they part.

He knew that the crowd would definitely ask him about it upon his return.

Old Man Compliance told Chu Feng that he didnt have to hide things.

As such, Chu Feng did not conceal anything and informed the crowd that Old Man Compliance had left.

Chu Feng doesnt know exactly how powerful Old Man Compliance was.

Thus, he did not bother describing things to the crowd either.

But, even without Chu Feng mentioning too much, the crowd already knew that Old Man Compliance was someone extremely powerful merely from the giant spirit formation gate he unleashed earlier.

Only Chu Feng knew that the enormous spirit formation gate simply cannot manifest the true might of Old Man Compliance.

If the crowd were all able to witness the battle between Old Man Compliance and that black dragon, they would be able to truly realize how powerful of an existence Old Man Compliance was.

Of course, Chu Feng did not mention the matter regarding the black dragon.

He only mentioned it in private to Grandmaster Tang Chen and the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

With this, the curtains dropped on this subject.

Chu Feng and the others set off again.

They were proceeding for the Reincarnation Upper Realm.

Chu Feng wanted to figure out exactly what happened to Ya Fei, Murong Wan and Yan Ruyu.

En route, Chu Feng asked the question he wanted to ask the most.

“Master, do you know how to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect” Chu Feng asked Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was where Zi Ling was suffering at.

The reason why Chu Feng was in a rush to find the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was because he wanted to figure out how to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Although they were proceeding to settle the matter regarding Ya Fei and others, what Chu Feng wanted to do the most was rescuing Zi Ling.

“Brat, you already have me as your master, yet you still want to become a disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect”

Ox-nosed Old Daoist revealed a frown and curled his lips in a slightly displeased manner.

“No, master.

Thats not it.

Its something else,” said Chu Feng.

“What other reason could it be” asked Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

Seeing that, Chu Feng glanced to Yu Ting.

After seeing Yu Ting nod at him, Chu Feng informed Ox-nosed Old Daoist everything.

“Who wouldve imagined that someone as stubborn and obstreperous like you would have such an outstanding lady infatuated with you.

Kid, youre quite capable.”

Ox-nosed Old Daoist burst into a laughter.

“Master, Zi Ling is extremely important to this disciple.

I cannot disregard her.”

“Master, please tell me if theres a way to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect,” Chu Feng inquired with a serious expression on his face.

Seeing Chu Fengs reaction, Ox-nosed Old Daoist laughed.

Then, he said, “There is.”

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