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Chapter 4231 - Encountering Trouble

One needed to pass a test in order to enter the Ancient Compliance Castle.

The test was aimed at world spiritists, and was rather difficult.

But, the difficulty was simply not an issue to Yu Ting.

After all, Yu Ting was not only a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, she was also someone that had grasped rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation.

Perhaps she was not an outstanding disciple in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but her talent and strength were extremely impressive when placed outside the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Thus, the test that was able to baffle the majority of the younger generations world spiritists was easily passed by Yu Ting.

After Yu Ting passed the test and walked out of another spirit formation gate, she entered the Ancient Compliance Castle.

The interior of the Ancient Compliance Castle was even larger than Yu Ting had imagined.

There were no other people inside.

It was very quiet.

Yu Ting did not bother to think too much about why she was the only person there.

Instead, she began examining the interior of the Ancient Compliance Castle.

The first thing that entered her eyes was an enormous signboard.

The signboard was hung on top of the castles most interior location.

On the signboard was carved the wordsHeavenly Compliance God.

Merely by seeing the signboard, Yu Ting felt her heart shake.

Those characters must have been left behind by a powerful world spiritist.

‘Is this the might of a world spiritist from the Ancient Era, the true master of this Ancient Compliance Castle Yu Ting gasped with admiration in her heart.

The signboard did not possess any spirit formations, but it contained the aura of a powerful world spiritist.

One could not determine the strength of the world spiritist that had left that signboard from the aura.

But when we sensed it, she felt reverence and respect from the bottom of her heart.

She then turned her gaze to her left.

On her left stood three enormous stones.

Every stone measured a hundred meters in height.

The first stone was placed directly on the ground.

The second stone was floating in the air, higher than the first stone.

The third stone was also floating, and was taller than even the second stone.

Yu Ting suspected that those three stones should be the Talent Steps.

On the right side of the Ancient Compliance Castle was an enormous mirror.

That mirror seemed to be made from copper, and appeared very ancient.

That was most likely the so-calledCompliance Mirror.


Suddenly, another spirit formation gate appeared.

Then, a person stepped out of it.

It was Yuan Shu.

“Miss Yu”

Yuan Shu was rather surprised to see Yu Ting.

He had entered the Ancient Compliance Castle multiple times already.

Thus, the test to enter the Ancient Compliance Castle had long since become a walk in the park for him.

It had nothing to do with his strength.

His experience itself had allowed him to pass the test at a much faster speed than others.

Whilst Yuan Shu could not guarantee that he would be the first person to enter the Ancient Compliance Castle, he had never imagined that Yu Ting would enter ahead of him.

At that moment, he was unable to help but size her up with a whole new level of respect.

He suddenly realized that he had underestimated her.

She was much more powerful than he had anticipated.

It was very possible that she was also a genius of the younger generation like Chu Feng.


Suddenly, another spirit formation gate appeared.

As that spirit formation gate appeared, another person entered the Ancient Compliance Castle.

“Yuan Shu”

When that person saw Yuan Shu, his expression immediately turned ugly.

The reason for that was because he was the disciple of the Revered Master Beast Tamer, Li Fengxue.

“Li Fengxue, you dare show up here!”

Killing intent immediately appeared in Yuan Shus eyes once he saw Li Fengxue.

Yuan Shu was not easily angered.

But, he was incapable of tolerating what Li Fengxue and his master had done.

“Yuan Shu, that kids death had nothing to do with me.

If you want revenge, you should be looking for my master.”

“Truth be told, even for my master, what he did was not intentional.”

“My master had placed those Realms Ghost Talisman Insects on the incomplete maps to keep others from snatching them from him.

He had merely forgotten to remove those insects that day.”

“By the time my master remembered, it was already too late.

The reason why he didnt return to explain things was because he was afraid that you would have a misunderstanding,” Li Fengxue explained nonstop.

A look of panic had actually appeared on his face.

The reason he had been able to defeat Yuan Shu that day was because of the special centipede that his master had placed in his body.

Although he had also grasped rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation, Li Fengxue simply had no confidence in being able to defeat Yuan Shu using his own ability.

“Who would believe your bull**!”

The anger on Yuan Shus face had not decreased.

Instead, it had grown even more intense.

He had released his spirit power.

He was planning to fight Li Fengxue.

As for Yu Ting, while she didnt say anything, her gaze was fixed on Li Fengxue too.

Despite it being her first meeting with him, she had heard what happened that day.

When she learned that Chu Feng had nearly died from their scheme, Yu Ting, who was now an ally to him, would naturally not watch with folded arms.

Suddenly, an aged voice was heard, “Private grudges are not allowed to be settled within the Ancient Compliance Castle.”

“If you insist on fighting, get out of here.”

That voice was deep and powerful.

Although it was just a voice with no sign of origin, Yuan Shu immediately turned to the signboard and bowed.

“Junior Yuan Shu pays his respects to senior.”

Li Fengxue immediately did the same.

Both of them knew who the owner of that voice was.

It was none other than Old Man Compliance.

Yuan Shu truly wanted to teach Li Fengxue a lesson.

Even though he had been defeated by Li Fengxue that day and knew that he might not be a match for him even if he tried to force a fight, he was still itching for a fight.

However, after Old Man Compliance issued his warning, he suddenly remembered that people were not allowed to fight at will within the Ancient Compliance Castle.

Unless one accepted the special challenge of the Ancient Compliance Castle, no matter how deep of a hatred one might have, Old Man Compliance would not allow them to do battle there.

After that, more and more spirit formation gates appeared.

Accompanying the appearance of those spirit formation gates were more and more people entering the Ancient Compliance Castle.

Included among them were Yue Yang and Chen Guang.

“Sure enough, the opening of the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain has attracted the younger generation of Holy Light Galaxys strongest world spiritists.”

Yue Yang and Chen Guangs relationship seemed to be pretty good.

After they sized up Yuan Shu, Li Fengxue and the others, they turned to one another and smiled.

The two of them evidently knew Yuan Shu and the others.

But, they didnt pay any attention to them.

They also didnt bother to greet them either.

After all, the two of them were younger.

As such, they believed their talent to be stronger.

But, as more and more people appeared in the Ancient Compliance Castle, Yuan Shu began to panic.

‘Wheres Chu Feng

He felt that even if the speed at which Chu Feng entered the Ancient Compliance Castle was slower than his, he should still be able to enter very quickly.

Thus, why would there still be no sign of him even after so many people had successfully passed the test to enter the Ancient Compliance Castle

This did not comply with Chu Fengs strength.

In fact, Yuan Shu had felt that, among the people present, Chu Feng could very possibly be the first person to enter the Ancient Compliance Castle.

“He… couldnt possibly have encountered some sort of trouble, right”

Yu Tings eyes were flickering.

She had a faint feeling of unease.

She felt that, normally, it should be impossible for Chu Feng to fail to pass the test.

If Chu Feng really failed to enter, it would most definitely mean that he had encountered some special sort of trouble.

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