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MGA: Chapter 424 – Divine Body

“Heavens! Yo…youre Chu Feng!”

After seeing Chu Feng, the face of the previous incomparably furious elder instantly became pale-white because at that very instant, Chu Feng had already used the power of the lightning and raised his cultivation to the 8th level of the Profound realm.

Chu Feng who had that cultivation could even defeat those in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm, let alone an elder in the 1st level of the Heaven realm.

So, at that very instant, Chu Feng was pressing his hand on the elders skull, and was helping Eggy absorb his Source energy.

“Ahh~~~~~~~~~~” Finally, as the elder miserably cried, Chu Feng absorbed all of his Source energy and the elder had no more life force.

He powerlessly laid on the ground, and had died.

“Your Fire God School dares to put me, Chu Feng, on a wanted list Today, all of you will die!” With the lightning methods, after killing the elder, Chu Feng furiously roared towards the sky.

Within the circumference of several miles, both birds and beasts were frightened and many Monstrous Beasts were terrified to the point they howled in low voices and escaped towards the distance.

“Chu Feng! Hes actually Chu Feng! Quick! Quickly lay formations and catch him!” At that instant, the people from the Fire God School finally reacted and the World Spiritists in the Profound realm started to lay Spirit Formations and wanted to use Spirit Formations to catch Chu Feng.

“Even a group of garbage want to catch me” However, Chu Feng casually threw out a palm and as ripples exploded, the bodies of three World Spiritists shattered and they were crushed alive by Chu Feng.

“All of you quickly back away.

Ill take care of this child.” Seeing that, the elder in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm attacked.

He emanated layers of Heaven power and they swept towards Chu Feng.


Even the Hundred-faced Old Man wasnt able to defeat me.

You think youre worthy to fight me”

Chu Feng coldly snorted and used the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.

He leaped, and became a blur of light as he dodged the elders attack.

At the same time, he arrived behind the elder, the Asura Ghost Axe appeared in his hand, and he, without mercy, chopped towards that elders back.

“Youre wrong.

I never thought of killing you.

I just wanted to imprison you.” However, just as Chu Fengs axe was going to land, the elder suddenly turned around and a smile, that showed a scheme succeeded, formed by the corners of his mouth raising and a strange but special little bowl appeared in his hand.

*hmm* After the little bowl left the elders palm, it quickly enlarged and had actually covered Chu Feng and at the end, it fell onto the ground.

“Quick! Quickly go back and notify the school head! Say that Chu Feng has already been caught by me while using this Profound Bagua Bowl, but I must continuously channel Heaven power into it in order for this child to be unable to escape.

Quickly ask for reinforcements from the school head!”

After using the so-called Profound Bagua Bowl to cover Chu Feng, that elders face was quite unsightly.

Although the power of the bowl was extremely powerful, it clearly needed boundless Heaven power as support.

However, he was still ecstatic because he caught Chu Feng.

That was a meritorious deed and he would definitely be heavily rewarded by the school head.

“Elder Zhao, Ill stay behind and help you channel Heaven power into this Profound Bagua Bowl.” Another elder said.

“No need.

I am enough myself to support it.

Right now, quickly go back and notify the school head or it will be too late.” The elder refused.

Hearing those words, after the elder in the 1st level of the Heaven realm bit his teeth, he didnt hesitate anymore and he leaped into the air, then ran towards the Fire God School.

“Elder, we…”

At that instant, the remaining seventeen World Spiritists blankly stood there, and they didnt really know what to do.

It was because they discovered that even though they were also in the Profound realm, in front of Chu Feng, they were really too weak.

Chu Feng was truly as powerful as the legends.

Even a manager elder in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm needed to use so much strength in order to temporarily suppress Chu Feng.

“All of you, stay behind and protect me.

I must use my entire body and heart to fortify this Profound Bagua Bowl or else despite this bowl being extremely special, without my Heaven powers fortification, it can still be broken apart by Chu Feng with his Elite Armament.” That elder seriously said.

“Yes sir.” Seeing that, the seventeen World Spiritists also didnt dare to hesitate and they hurriedly, with the manager elder as the center, started to lay Spirit Formations from the outside to the inside.

After all, the Beast Capitol Mountain Range was also a gathering location for Monstrous Beasts.

Although it wasnt as powerful as the Thousand Monster Mountain and there werent any Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts there, there were Monstrous Beasts in the peak of the Profound realm.

Without the cultivation of the Heaven realm, it was extremely troubling for them if they wanted to take care of them.

With that, the elder never-endingly used Heaven power to fortify the so-called Profound Bagua Bowl, and the seventeen World Spiritist in the peak of the Profound realm guarded around him desperately and protected him.

Up until the time changed, after the day turned into night, only then did Chu Feng suddenly speak, “Still not coming out If you still dont, Ill be bored to death in this broken bowl.”

At first, facing Chu Fengs abrupt howl, the crowd of the Fire God School were surprised, but they didnt understand the meaning behind Chu Fengs words.

“Truly annoying.” However, only after a beautiful figure flew out from a nearby forest, and with simple actions, broke the Spirit Formation they laid and killed all seventeen World Spiritists in the peak of the Profound realm did the manager elder come a realization.

They were tricked.

So that was a trap that Chu Feng had laid at an earlier time.

“You! Youre Zi Ling” That manger elder had went to the Prestigious Villa before so he instantly recognized Zi Ling.

But he never would have thought that Zi Ling who was only in the 9th level of the Profound realm would actually be that powerful.

She could so casually kill seventeen World Spiritists from his Fire God School.

Those seventeen World Spiritists could be said to be the most excellent World Spiritists in his Fire God School.

All of them cultivated for dozens of years, and they were existences who had very excellent battle experience and Spirit Formation methods.

But even so, they could not even take a single strike from Zi Ling.

“Thats right.

Im Zi Ling.

However, actually, I can tell you a secret.” Zi Ling lightly strode forward, and as she elegantly walked towards the manager elder, she sweetly smiled.

“What What secret” Although Zi Ling was only in the 9th level of the Profound realm, for some reason, that manager elder felt an extremely dangerous aura from Zi Lings body.

“Actually, Im a Divine Body.” Suddenly, Zi Lings pupils started to change and they instantly became purple-coloured.

At the same time, layers of purple-coloured flames surged out of Zi Lings body.

Extremely terrifying might descended from the sky.

That power was very strong, and even if that manager elder was in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, he was unable to fight against it.

“Dammit.” At that instant, the elder was suddenly shocked.

He finally discovered that Zi Ling, the beautiful little girl, was a monster even scarier than Chu Feng.

Divine Bodies.

Those were existences only in legends.

They were divine bodies bestowed by the heavens, and what they had was power that was granted by the heavens.

Their powers werent something ordinary people could fight against.

Thinking to that point, how could the elder still care about continuing to bind Chu Feng He held the Profound Bagua Bowl, and threw it towards Zi Ling.


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