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Chapter 4224 - Too Weak

Afterwards, Chu Feng left the Red-dress Holy Land and returned to the Seven Suns Mountain Range to meet with Grandmaster Tang Chen, Yuan Shu and Yu Ting.

Upon Chu Fengs return, Grandmaster Tang Chen decided to set off for the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain ahead of time.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist had not left a grand formation at the location of the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain.

As such, Chu Feng and the others could not use the Ox-nosed Old Daoists grand formation to reach the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain, and would instead have to use the Ancient Eras Teleportation Formations.

Because of that, their journey was relatively longer.

For the sake of not being potentially delayed by accidents, they had decided to set off for the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain ahead of time.

En route, Chu Feng thought a lot about what could have happened to Zhao Hong.

Chu Feng was not afraid of getting into trouble.

To him, his own life and death was not as important as those of his close friends and relatives.

As such, it was impossible for Chu Feng to not worry when his friends and relatives were all being threatened.

Although the attitude displayed by the person threatening him was not filled with extreme malice, Chu Feng was still extremely worried.

Although he was trying hard to maintain his peak state of mind, Grandmaster Tang Chen had still managed to discover that he was acting strange.

He walked over to Chu Feng and asked, “Young friend Chu Feng, is there something on your mind”

He had actually been observing Chu Feng for some time.

Whilst they were having conversations, Chu Feng would act normally.

But, whenever he was alone, Chu Feng would appear to be deeply pondering something.

Furthermore, he would, from time to time, subconsciously reveal a worried look in his eyes.

“Senior, this junior is fine.” Chu Feng smiled and shook his head.

He did not wish to tell Grandmaster Tang Chen about what happened.

It wasnt that he didnt trust Grandmaster Tang Chen.

He just did not wish to implicate him.

Even though Chu Feng had learned that Grandmaster Tang Chen was a very powerful rank one Martial Exalted and that it was also Grandmaster Tang Chen who saved him from the Galewind Hunting Clan, his intuition told him that the person who had captured Zhao Hong was so powerful that not even Grandmaster Tang Chen would be able to take care of them.

“Young friend Chu Feng.”

“That old codger Ox-nose and I are close friends of many years that have gone through life and death tribulations together.”

“Its just that no one knew of my close relationship with him.”

“If our relationship wasnt so close, he wouldnt have deceived everyone with his fake suicide, but then told only me the truth.”

“As youre his disciple, youre also equivalent to being my disciple too.

If theres anything on your mind, go ahead and tell me.

As long as its something that this old man can help you with, I will definitely help you.”

“We are family.

If you encounter troubles, do not try to shoulder it on your own,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

Grandmaster Tang Chen did not say those words casually.

Chu Feng could tell that he truly intended to help him.

But, Chu Feng had already made his decision.

He still wanted to conceal the matter from Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Senior, how familiar are you with the Galewind Hunting Clan” asked Chu Feng.

Whilst Chu Feng did not plan to tell Grandmaster Tang Chen about Zhao Hong being captured and his clansmen being used as a threat against him, he felt that Grandmaster Tang Chen might be able to help him with the matter regarding the Galewind Hunting Clan.

After all, Grandmaster Tang Chen was an existence that had defeated the experts of the Galewind Hunting Clan.

Perhaps he would be capable of entering the Galewind Hunting Clan to help Chu Feng rescue Ya Fei, Yan Ruyu and Murong Wan.

Cultivators were not sages.

Every one of them had done wrong at some point.

When Chu Feng was young and frivolous, he had also done things that had crossed the bounds of what was considered proper.

Ya Fei, Yan Ruyu and Murong Wan were all women that Chu Feng had wronged.

Chu Feng had always wanted to remedy his mistakes, but there had never been a chance for him to do so.

He suspected that the three of them had their bodies forcibly occupied by the Galewind Hunting Clan.

This made Chu Feng very sad and depressed.

Generally, there could only be two sorts of conclusions for people who had their bodies seized.

One would be like Su Rou and Su Mei.

Although the two of them had their bodies seized by the Moon Immortal, the Moon Immortal did not hold any malice toward them, and thus their souls and consciousness were still present and safe.

As for the other possibility, it would be that the person who had seized the other\'s body had gained complete control over it.

The original consciousness would end up being completely eliminated.

Even though the body was still living, it would no longer be the same person.

The original person wouldve completely disappeared from the world and be replaced by someone else.

When Chu Feng had met Ya Fei, Yan Ruyu and Murong Wan in the Galewind Hunting Clan, the three of them had clearly not recognized him.

Because of that, Chu Feng felt that it was very possible that the three of them have had their souls and consciousness wiped clean from their bodies, that they were very likely dead.

At least, the possibility of them being alive was very low.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng still had a trace of hope, and did not wish to give up.

Even if they really had died, Chu Feng was determined to avenge them.

Unfortunately, Chu Fengs current strength was lacking.

He was simply incapable of entering the Galewind Hunting Clan and wreaking havoc there.

Whilst asking for help was not Chu Fengs desire, there was currently no other choice apart from that.

Whilst he could take his time getting his revenge, what if the three of them still had their consciousnesses

If they were still alive, time was of the essence.

“The Galewind Hunting Clan comes from the Ancient Era.”

“Apart from that, I am not particularly knowledgeable of them either.”

“But, apart from originating from the Ancient Era, apart from the blood of the Ancient Era flowing through them, the Galewind Hunting Clan is not that different from us,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Senior, if I wanted to go to the Galewind Hunting Clan to rescue three people, could senior help me” asked Chu Feng.

Hearing Chu Fengs request, Grandmaster Tang Chen frowned.

A difficult expression had appeared on his face.

Soon, Grandmaster Tang Chen smiled awkwardly.

“Chu Feng, its truly not that this old man doesn\'t want to help you.”

“Due to special reasons, the Galewind Hunting Clan is unable to exit that underground world.”

“But, their strength is actually unfathomable.

They are so powerful that its difficult to estimate their strength.”

“If this old man is to fight the true experts within their clan, I will not be able to win.”

“Young friend Chu Feng, you were extremely lucky to have escaped from the Galewind Hunting Clan alive.”

“You must not enter it again.


Grandmaster Tang Chen warned Chu Feng with an extremely serious tone.

“This junior understands.”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng realized that he had underestimated the Galewind Hunting Clan.

Sure enough, a clan from the Ancient Era was not as simple as he had imagined them to be.

At the same time, Chu Feng realized that there was simply too enormous of a disparity between him and them.

Even though Chu Feng could sense how much he had grown when he encountered the Golden Crane True Immortal and plain-clothed old monk again, he was still extremely small and weak when compared to the Galewind Hunting Clan and other colossuses of the Holy Light Galaxy.

If he couldnt even defeat those existences in the Holy Light Galaxy… how was he supposed to challenge the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion

‘I must grow stronger quickly.

‘I must hurry.

‘Hopefully the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain will present me with an opportunity, Chu Feng thought in his heart.


There was a world in the Holy Light Galaxy that was occupied by a single individual.

Apart from him and the people he knew, no other power dared to establish themselves there.

In fact, without his permission, very few people would dare to rashly enter.

That world belonged to that person alone.

As for that person, he was the current strongest world spiritist in the Holy Light Galaxy, the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted!

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