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Chapter 4220 - Strongest Bloodline

“Rulers Bloodline”

Yuan Shus expression turned marvelous upon hearing those words.

Bloodlines were special inherited abilities that martial cultivators possessed.

Different sorts of bloodlines would give martial cultivators different sorts of power.

Even among those with the same bloodline, there was a disparity in power.

However, powerful world spiritists had bloodlines too.

Like martial cultivators, their bloodlines also differed in power.

Yuan Shu knew that the Rulers Bloodline that Grandmaster Tang Chen had spoken of must be a world spiritist bloodline.

“Bloodlines differ in might.

Whether ones bloodline is strong or weak will depend on the individual.”

“There is nothing absolute.”

“But, the Rulers Bloodline is publicly accepted to be the strongest world spiritist bloodline,” emphasized Grandmaster Tang Chen.

Hearing those words, Yuan Shu couldnt help but look at Chu Feng again.

Chu Feng was still unconscious.

But, the look of pain had practically disappeared from his face.

The Realms Ghost Talisman Insects that had been tormenting him had all practically disappeared too.

In other words, the Realms Ghost Talisman Insects had pretty much all been refined by Chu Fengs bloodline power.

“Master, could it be that brother Chu Feng also possesses the Rulers Bloodline” Yuan Shu asked with a stern voice.

His voice was trembling slightly as he asked that question.

If Chu Feng really possessed the Rulers Bloodline, it would mean that his future prospects would far surpass their expectations.

After all, the Rulers Bloodline was extremely rare even within the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

“That is difficult to tell.” Grandmaster Tang Chen shook his head at Yuan Shus question.

“What Is it not obvious” Yuan Shu asked.

“The Rulers Bloodline is not something that anyone can possess.

One must first go through the Seven Realms Sacred Mansions special test to determine if one possesses the Rulers Bloodline.”

“Furthermore, even though it is said that the Rulers Bloodline is capable of refining Realms Ghost Talisman Insects, nobody said that only the Rulers Bloodline is capable of it,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Thats true.” Yuan Shu nodded his head.

After all, the little girl from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion had been a child without cultivation.

Compared to the little girl, Chu Fengs current body was much stronger.

Thus, in terms of astonishment, the matter of the little girl was most definitely even more unbelievable.

“That said, theres one thing that we dont have to doubt.

Chu Fengs bloodline power has reached a level so powerful that its simply unattainable for ordinary people,” a look of envy appeared in Grandmaster Tang Chens eyes as he said those words.

Naturally, he was envious of the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

How could he not have wanted to find a disciple as outstanding as Chu Feng

Unfortunately, he knew that he would not be able to find a disciple as outstanding as Chu Feng in his entire life.

Currently, the talent for world spirit techniques displayed by Chu Feng was the strongest among all the people of the younger generations that he had encountered.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng regained consciousness.

“Chu Feng, how do you feel”

Grandmaster Tang Chen and Yuan Shu immediately stepped forward to ask him about his condition.

“Some things seemed to have bored themselves into my body earlier.”

“Those things entered my soul and tried to take my life,” said Chu Feng.

Everything had happened too quickly.

After the Realms Ghost Talisman Insects had entered Chu Fengs body, Chu Feng\'s mind had gone completely blank.

His struggles and screams had merely been his body reacting instinctively.

As such, he didn\'t know exactly what had happened.

Naturally, he also had no idea about the conversation between Grandmaster Tang Chen and Yuan Shu.

“They were Realms Ghost Talisman Insects.

That bastard Revered Master Beast Tamer hid Realms Ghost Talisman Insects in his two Ancient Eras Spirit Domains Incomplete Maps.”

“The Realms Ghost Talisman Insects are an extremely dangerous poisonous creature.

Furthermore, they are extremely hidden.

“Before they attacked, even I was unable to detect their existence.”

“When I discovered them, it was already too late,” Grandmaster Tang Chen said to Chu Feng.

“Thank you for saving me, senior.”

“This junior has brought trouble upon senior.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he bowed respectfully toward Grandmaster Tang Chen.

He\'d thought that it was Grandmaster Tang Chen that had saved him.

But, Grandmaster Tang Chen shook his head repeatedly.

“I didnt save you.

The Realms Ghost Talisman Insects are extremely powerful poisonous insects.

They have a special origin, and contain powerful spirit formations within their bodies.”

“Should one be afflicted by them, unless one possesses a cultivation of Martial Exalted or has the antidote, not even the gods would be able to save you,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Senior wasnt the one who saved me”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng turned to Yuan Shu.

“Brother Chu Feng, when even my master was powerless to do anything, I would be even more incapable of doing anything,” said Yuan Shu with a smile.


Hearing what they said, Chu Feng was completely baffled.

Exactly what had happened

Wasnt it said that the Realms Ghost Talisman Insects were extremely powerful, and could not be treated

If that was the case, how was he completely cured

Furthermore, Chu Feng felt that his mental state seemed to be even better than before.

Especially his spirit power.

Chu Feng felt as if it had even increased slightly.

Whilst it was only slightly, Chu Feng could clearly tell that it had increased.

“You did it on your own.

If this old man has guessed correctly, its your awakened world spiritist bloodline that refined the Realms Ghost Talisman Insects.”

“As the Realms Ghost Talisman Insects contain spirit formations inside their bodies, none of the other powers that you possess in your body will be able to do anything to them.”

“The only thing that could possibly handle them would be your world spiritist bloodline,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“I refined them”

“No wonder.

No wonder I feel as if my spirit power has increased slightly.”

He was surprised.

Even though he knew that his world spiritist bloodline was very powerful, so much so that it strengthened his battle power, he had no idea that a world spiritist bloodline would possess such a special ability.

“Your spirit power has increased”

Hearing Chu Fengs words, Grandmaster Tang Chen and Yuan Shus expressions changed.

Even though they both knew that Chu Feng had refined those terrifying Realms Ghost Talisman Insects, they had no idea that one would actually benefit from refining them.

“It would appear that this was a false scare.”

Chu Feng laughed.

Then, he looked at the four incomplete maps in his hand.

“There shouldnt be any more issues now, no” asked Chu Feng.

“There shouldnt be anymore Realms Ghost Talisman Insects.”

“But, just in case, you should let this old man have a look at them.”

Grandmaster Tang Chen took the four incomplete maps from Chu Feng.

After carefully examining them, he returned them to him.

“Theres no issue now,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

Chu Feng however, only accepted three of the four incomplete maps.

He handed the other one back to Grandmaster Tang Chen.

“Senior, this was yours,” said Chu Feng.

Grandmaster Tang Chen smiled.

He understood Chu Fengs intentions.

However, he pushed the incomplete map back to him.

“Young friend Chu Feng, this old man understands your good intentions.”

“Today, youve won back face for this old man.”

“However, since youve won it, it is yours now.

You dont have to say anything anymore.


this old man will consider it as you trying to pity me by giving me charity,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

When he said it like that, it was difficult for Chu Feng to continue insisting on giving it back to him.

Because of that, he put away all four incomplete maps.

That said, Chu Feng was still unable to keep himself from asking, “Senior, exactly what sort of place is the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain Why would these incomplete maps be so important”

“Chu Feng, there are countless remnants in the Holy Light Galaxy.”

“The Ancient Eras Spirit Domain is deemed as the remnant left behind by the greatest world spiritist of the Holy Light Galaxy.”

“There have long been rumors that if anyone is able to obtain the inheritance of the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain, they will become the most powerful world spiritist in the Holy Light Galaxy.”

“Because of that, all world spiritists eye the Ancient Eras Spirit Domain covetously,” said Grandmaster Tang Chen.

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