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Chapter 4199 - A Little Lesson

“Xiao Yu”

Old man Zhao took a single glance at Zhao Yu before shaking his head repeatedly.

He turned back to Chu Feng and smiled, “Lord Chu Feng, you mustve had some sort of misunderstanding.”

“How could my granddaughter fancy Xiao Yu”

Old man Zhao simply did not believe that Zhao Menglu would like Xiao Yu.

He was not pretending.

That was what he truly believed.

He felt that it was impossible.

“Senior Zhao, Ive witnessed with my very eyes your granddaughter being together with Xiao Yu.”

“Furthermore, Xiao Yu mistook me as his love rival.

Not only did he threaten me, he even punched me.”

“Look, this is the place he hit.”

With a smile on his face, Chu Feng pointed to his abdomen.

Chu Feng had no intention to retaliate.

He was merely saying all this because he felt the situation to be amusing.


“Xiao Yu dared attack Lord Chu Feng! That should be impossible, no”

“Lord Chu Feng is an Utmost Exalted-level existence, whereas Xiao Yu is a mere Martial Ancestor.”

The crowd all felt disbelief upon hearing Chu Fengs words.

Nevertheless, they still turned their gazes toward Xiao Yu.

Faced with the crowds hostile gazes, Xiao Yu was so terrified that tears started flowing from his eyes.

With his eyes narrowed and a smile on his face, Chu Feng looked at the twitching and crying Xiao Yu.

“Xiao Yu, you should admit to what youve done like a true man.”

“Lord Chu Feng, my crimes are worthy of ten thousand deaths! My crimes are worthy of ten thousand deaths!”

“Ive eaten the heart of a bear and the gall bladder of a leopard.

I dared to disrespect Lord Chu Feng.

I deserve to die.

I truly deserve to die!”

“This lowly one was simply too ignorant.

Lord Chu Feng, I beg you to give this lowly one a path to life.”

“From today on, I will keep away from Menglu.

I will never dare approach her again.”

“I will immediately turn around and walk away should I see her.”

Xiao Yu suddenly got up from the ground and then kneeled on the ground.

He began slapping himself repeatedly.

But, he was only slapping himself with a single hand.

After all, his other hand had been crippled.

“Xiao Yu, what nonsense are you spouting!”

“Youre sullying my granddaughters reputation here! Old man Zhao couldn\'t possibly tolerate it!”

Old man Zhao had grown furious.

It was one thing for Xiao Yu to admit to hitting Chu Feng.

But, his granddaughter had been dragged into his mess too.

“Grandpa Zhao, what Lord Chu Feng said is true.

We were also present.”


We were also present.”

Right at that moment, two women stood forth.

Those two women were Zhao Menglus close sisters.

The two of them were indeed present when Chu Feng had run into Zhao Menglu and Xiao Yu in the forest.

“Grandpa Zhao, you cant say its Xiao Yu that sullied Zhao Menglus reputation.”

“After all, that was the truth to begin with.”

“Thats right.

Xiao Yu was most definitely in the wrong when he dared to attack Lord Chu Feng.

But, your granddaughter Zhao Menglu had insulted Lord Chu Feng even more.”

“Thats right.

Lord Chu Feng had told Zhao Menglu that he was an Utmost Exalted.

But, Zhao Menglu simply didnt believe it.

She came to us and told us that Lord Chu Feng had mental issues, and was a fool.”

“Furthermore, she stated that she wouldnt possibly fancy someone like Lord Chu Feng, and told Lord Chu Feng to not bother her.”

“But, the truth is, Lord Chu Feng never bothered her.

She was the one that had been bothering Lord Chu Feng the entire time.”

“We all knew this matter extremely well.”

“Thats right.

How could Lord Chu Feng possibly fancy a woman like that”

“She truly knows no shame.”

The two women continued without stop.

Their words had caused Zhao Menglu to feel despair.

She had truly never expected for her two closest sisters to betray.

They were simply throwing stones at a person that had fallen into a well.

“You… youre all babbling nonsense!”

“You two are envious of my granddaughter Menglu.

Youre jealous of her close relationship with Lord Chu Feng.

Thats why youre deliberately slandering her!”

Old man Zhao still refused to believe.

Nevertheless, his complexion had turned somewhat ugly.

After all, Zhao Menglu was not the only person who had felt that Chu Feng was suffering from mental issues.

When Chu Feng had said he was an Utmost Exalted, even he had felt that Chu Feng had been suffering from mental issues.

It was only after Chu Feng revealed his strength that he realized that Chu Feng was really what he had said he was.

Before that, he wouldn\'t have believed that Chu Feng was an Utmost Exalted even if he was beaten to death.

That said, this did not affect his anger.

He truly felt that the two women and Xiao Yu were framing his granddaughter.

“Senior Zhao, we are also able to testify to this matter.”

“I was also there.”

“Me too, I was there.”

The others that were present in the forest also stepped forward.

This was what was meant bypeople will begin pushing a wall when its about to collapse.

No one wouldve expected the people that had been mocking and ridiculing Chu Feng together in the forest to stand forth on their own to testify for him.

This was the result of strength and power.

Before absolute strength, some people would reveal their hideous human nature.

“Zhao Menglu, are you still going to refuse to admit to it”

After telling the truth, those people began to pressure Zhao Menglu.

“Grandpa, I was wrong.

Grandpa, save me.”

Zhao Menglu was completely terrified.

She was on the verge of collapse.

With a putt, she knelt before old man Zhao and began to crying bitterly.

She was extremely afraid.

After witnessing Chu Fengs strength and recalling how she had insulted him, she felt that her life would surely end.

Because of that, she felt that she had no choice but to plead to her grandpa for help.

Seeing that, old man Zhao was left speechless.

He was completely flabbergasted.

As matters stood, he knew what Chu Feng said was the truth.

But, this truth was something that he found very difficult to accept.


Suddenly, old man Zhao raised his hand and took out a weapon.

“You utter disgrace! Ill kill you!”

Overwhelmed with sudden anger, old man Zhao intended to kill Zhao Menglu.


But, right after he revealed his weapon, before he could even attack Zhao Menglu, he found himself unable to move his body.

“Senior Zhao, its very normal for young people to seek out love on their own.”

“Even I didnt take offense to what happened, so you shouldnt take offense either,” said Chu Feng.

After saying those words, old man Zhao regained the ability to move.

Naturally, the person who had restricted old man Zhaos movements was Chu Feng.

Old man Zhao fell on his butt.

Completely crushed and began to cry bitterly.

He felt that his reputation had been completely ruined by his granddaughter.

“Senior, you shouldnt blame her.

She has her own pursuits, you shouldnt force your notions on her.”

Chu Feng walked over to old man Zhao and helped him back onto his feet.

He then actually also helped Zhao Menglu stand up.

Chu Feng was not a blindly kindhearted person.

Instead, he was someone who would definitely take revenge.

He was someone who refused to suffer losses.

To those that were good to him, he would return their kindness two fold.

As for those that were hostile towards him, he would also return their hostility two fold.

But, Chu Feng did not wish to bicker with Zhao Menglu, Xiao Yu and the others.

Had it been according to his usual demeanor, he would definitely not have allowed them to continue living after having insulted him.

But, on his journey so far, Chu Feng had matured a lot.

It was not only his strength that had grown, his temperament had also changed.

If Zhao Menglu, Xiao Yu and others were at the same cultivation as Chu Feng, he wouldnt let them have an easy time.

But, there was simply too enormous of a difference in cultivation between them.

It would not be excessive to say that they were ants to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng truly didnt want to lower himself to bicker with them.

In short, Chu Feng felt that it would be a disgrace to his status if he took their lives for something so minor.

That said, not bothering to bicker was not equivalent to exercising forbearance for the wrongs he had suffered.

That was the reason why Chu Feng had brought up the matter of Zhao Menglu and Xiao Yu.

He had done it precisely to teach them a little lesson.

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