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Chapter 4197 - Revealing Ones Cultivation

As the rumbles of the battle were excessively ear-piercing, and the conversation between the Golden Crane True Immortal and the plain-clothed old monk was not spoken publicly, old man Zhao and the other residents did not hear their conversation at all.

Nevertheless, they were still very nervous and afraid.

They were able to tell that the spirit formation beasts were different from the ones theyd encountered in the past.

That was the reason why they\'d all hidden themselves in the protective formation.

The protective formation they were in had been formed by a treasure.

It possessed very powerful defensive abilities.

That was the final refuge that the Golden Crane True Immortal had prepared for them before setting out to fight the spirit formation beasts.

But, even with that being the case, they were still trembling in fear.

This was the first time theyd witnessed the Golden Crane True Immortal and the plain-clothed old monk having to put forth such strenuous effort, even when theyd joined hands.

This was especially true for the younger generations such as Zhao Menglu.

They were so scared that they were curled up and shivering behind old man Zhao and others.

Suddenly, a voice was heard, “Senior Zhao, whats going on here”

“Why would so many monsters suddenly appear”

Turning towards the voice, the crowd noticed that it was Chu Feng.

“Young friend Chu Feng, quickly, get inside the protective formation.” Old man Zhao immediately opened up the protective formation and dragged Chu Feng inside.

Seeing Chu Fengs return, Zhao Menglu Xiao Yu and the others were so scared that their faces changed color.

Not only had they insulted Chu Feng earlier, Xiao Yu had even attacked him.

At that time, theyd lost their sense of reasoning due to fear.

Now that their reason had returned, they became more and more afraid the more they recalled what theyd done.

They were scared that Chu Feng would reveal the truth.

If he were to reveal what had happened, none of them would have an easy time.

To their surprise, Chu Feng did not mention what had happened to old man Zhao.

He acted as if nothing had happened at all.

Seeing that, Zhao Menglu, Xiao Yu and the others gathered together.

They were feeling very delighted.

Some amongst them even sent voice transmissions to Xiao Yu, praising him.

“Brother Xiao, your punch was not in vain.

That kid has been scared by your punch.

He didnt even dare to look at us.”

“Right, right, right.

What bull** genius.

Turns out, hes nothing more than a spineless coward.”

Not only were they praising Xiao Yu, they were also insulting Chu Feng.

This was the behavior of vile characters of low stature.

Even though it was clearly Chu Feng that was not bickering with them over what had happened, they instead viewed it as Chu Feng being cowardly.

Hearing the voice transmissions, Xiao Yu became extremely pleased with himself.

But, at the same time, he looked to his sleeve.

His hand that he had hidden within his sleeve still hadnt healed.

In fact, the injury to his hand was becoming worse over time.

This made him extremely worried.

“So its because senior plain-clothed returned.”

“Its alright, let me take care of this.”

Chu Feng learned of what had happened.

As he spoke, he began walking for the formation barrier.

He was planning to help the Golden Crane True Immortal and the plain-clothed old monk take care of the spirit formation beasts.

“Young friend Chu Feng, have you gone mad”

“You must not go.

If you go, you will only cause trouble for Lord Golden Crane and Lord Plain-clothed.”

Before Chu Feng could walk out, he was forcibly pulled back by old man Zhao and others.

Others also began to dissuade him against it.

“Chu Feng, its fine if you want to die, but you mustnt drag us down with you!”

At that moment, Zhao Menglu and the others also began to shout at Chu Feng.

If it had been before, the people of the older generation would definitely lash out at Zhao Menglu and others for shouting at Chu Feng in such a manner.

They might even punish them severely.

But, as this concerned their life and death, they didnt say anything.

In fact, Zhao Menglu and others said precisely what they wanted to say.


Right at that moment, with a series of frightening roars, a spirit formation beast escaped from the Golden Crane True Immortal and plain-clothed old monks defensive line and began rushing straight towards the crowd.

Before the spirit formation beast approached, it opened its mouth and shot out a beam of light.

With a loud bang, the martial power beam landed on the protective formation.

Even though the spirit formation that had been made by the Golden Crane True Immortal using a treasure had managed to block the beam of light, cracks still filled the protective formation.

It looked like it could crumble at any moment.

Everyone could tell that the protective formation they were in couldnt take another attack from the spirit formation beast.

“Run away! All of you, run away now!”

The Golden Crane True Immortal was blocked by other spirit formation beasts and was unable to get away to rescue the crowd.

Helpless, he ended up shouting at them to run.

Hearing the Golden Crane True Immortals shout, old man Zhao and the others did not say a single word.

They turned around and immediately started running.

However, after old man Zhao ran for only a short period of time, he immediately turned around.

He discovered that Chu Feng was not fleeing.

Not only was he not fleeing, he was actually walking towards the spirit formation beast.

“Young friend Chu Feng, are you trying to die! Quickly, come back!” Old man Zhao shouted at Chu Feng.

His shout caught the attention of the others.

All eyes present, including those from the Golden Crane True Immortal and plain-clothed old monk, all landed on Chu Feng.

At that moment, the spirit formation beast had arrived before Chu Feng.

It stretched its long black foot and stomped towards him.

The spirit formation beast was planning to stomp Chu Feng to death.

As for Chu Feng, he raised his hand and shot forth a punch.

Then, a loudboom was heard.

Without even a single howl, the spirit formation beast was shattered into pieces by Chu Fengs punch.

The crowd were all stunned by this scene.

They simply did not dare to believe what they were seeing.

In fact, they were doubting their eyes.

Due to being shocked and losing their focus, the Golden Crane True Immortal and plain-clothed old monk also found themselves in danger.

The spirit formation beasts that had surrounded them took the opportunity to attack them from all sides.

By the time they realized their situation, it was already too late.

They did not even have the chance to fight back.





Right at that moment, explosions sounded in succession.

The spirit formation beasts that had surrounded the Golden Crane True Immortal and plain-clothed old monk had all exploded.

It was not only the spirit formation beasts that had surrounded them.

The tens of thousands of spirit formation beasts that had come to attack them were all exploding too.

Explosions sounded nonstop in the distant sky.

Those terrifying spirit formation beasts were blooming like fireworks.

This scene completely baffled the Golden Crane True Immortal and plain-clothed old monk.

Soon, they discovered a figure.

It was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng, who had been behind them earlier, was actually within the army of countless spirit formation beasts.

Furthermore, he was returning from their direction.

“Chu Feng, you…”

Both the Golden Crane True Immortal and the plain-clothed old monk were shocked to see Chu Feng.

They suddenly realized that his cultivation couldve very possibly surpassed theirs.

They knew that it must have been Chu Feng that had killed the spirit formation beasts.


Right at that moment, roars sounded from afar again.

Looking towards the direction of the roars, the crowds faces all turned ashen.

A vast area of black covered the distant sky.

Upon looking carefully, the crowd could see another army of spirit formation beasts.

Those spirit formation beasts each measured several hundred meters.

Accompanying them were even more terrifying auras.

Sensing the oppression, even the Golden Crane True Immortal and plain-clothed old monk felt despair.

Exalted realm!

The numerous and densely-gathered spirit formation beasts were all at the Exalted realm.

Not to mention countless of them coming at once, any single one of them would be an existence that neither the plain-clothed old monk nor the Golden Crane True Immortal could fight.

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