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Chapter 4174 - Decisive Killing


The Dragon Clans Supreme Elders body shifted, and he disappeared.

When he appeared again, he was standing before Long Tonghe.

His aged hand was solid and powerful.

Like a sharp blade, it pierced Long Tonghes body.

When he pulled out his palm, a sphere was actually present in his hand.

The sphere was only the size of a pearl.

But, it was actually a treasure similar to a Cosmos Sack.

The capacity of that sphere was enormous.

It was much more spacious than a Cosmos Sack.

Long Shengbu crushed the sphere in his hand.

Immediately, countless treasures floated out from the crushed sphere.

There were so many treasures that they actually covered the entire sky.

It was truly a dazzling sight to behold.

Those were the treasures that Long Tonghe had accumulated throughout the years.

Among them were three Dragon Vein Source Stones.

“Lord Supreme Elder, I was wrong, I was wrong.”

With the evidence before him, Long Tonghe was unable to deny the truth.

Thus, he began to kowtow and beg for forgiveness.

He even raised his arms and began to slap himself repeatedly.

“This subordinate deserves to die, this subordinate deserves to die.”

He cursed himself as he slapped his face.

However, his actions were truly unnecessary.

No one would sympathize with him.

“Indeed, you deserve to die.

However, taking into consideration that youre from our Dragon Clan, I will not take your life.”

“That said, whilst you can escape death, you cannot escape punishment.”

After saying those words, Long Xiaoxiao extended her hand and grabbed.

The poisonous pellet that was held by the Nine Principles Dragon Sects young sectmaster was sucked into her hand.

“Men, feed Long Tonghe this poisonous pellet.”

As Long Xiaoxiao ordered this, she casually tossed the poisonous pellet to the people from the Dragon Clan.

It just so happened that the person she tossed the poisonous pellet to was one of Long Tonghes trusted aides.

Long Xiaoxiao had done so on purpose.

However, that Dragon Clansman had no choice.

He held the poisonous pellet and proceeded to walk towards Long Tonghe.

Long Tonghe was under the restriction of Long Shengbus oppressive might.

Because of that, he was unable to resist at all.

He could only look on helplessly as his trusted aide walked toward him with the poisonous pellet in hand.

“Your Highness, please spare me! Your Highness, please spare me!” Long Tonghe shouted frantically.

He was begging for forgiveness and putting up a final struggle.

“Long Tonghe, this medicinal pellet is not fatal.

Youre the one who said that.”

“Why are you crying and shouting now What a scandal,” said Long Xiaoxiao.

But, everyone knew that the poisonous pellet was fatal.

Likely, Long Tonghe had never imagined in his wildest dreams that the poisonous pellet he had intended to feed Chu Feng would ultimately be fed to him.

Long Tonghe was truly reaping what he had sown.

Soon, his trusted aide arrived before Long Tonghe.

He pinched Long Tonghes mouth and forcibly fed him the poisonous pellet.

Once the poisonous pellet entered his mouth, Long Tonghe was unable to even beg for forgiveness anymore.

He began to scream in miserable pain.

His screams were truly tragic.

Hearing those screams, one would feel very uncomfortable.

One would feel even more unwell upon seeing Long Tonghe.

Not only was his skin ulcerating, but his body was also emitting a stinky odor and green liquid.

There were also bugs squirming through the green liquid.

‘This old fart is truly vicious, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself, and cursed in his heart after seeing Long Tonghes current appearance.

Fortunately, the Dragon Clans princess had appeared.

Else, he would have ended up like that.

As he continued to scream in pain, Long Tonghe fell from the sky and began rolling on the ground.

Although his appearance was tragic, his screams were very resounding and powerful.

Everyone knew that he would not die right away.

Instead, he would live for a very long time and slowly be tortured to death by the poison...

But, no one dared to plead for forgiveness for him.

The people present needed to worry for themselves.

Thus, how could they possibly dare worry about Long Tonghe

“All of you can rise.

I will not make things difficult for you,” Long Xiaoxiao said to the people from the Dragon Clan.

“Your Highness, we are guilty.”

But, those people simply did not dare to stand.

Although they were people that would show their strength all the time, there was still a social ranking within the Dragon Clan.

Both Long Shengbu and Long Xiaoxiao were people that they would not be able to interact with even if they wanted to.

Whilst they were mighty beings that stood high and above before Long Daozhi and others, Long Shengbu and Long Xiaoxiao were beings that stood even higher, so high that they were simply unapproachable.

They were beings that possessed the power to determine life and death within the Dragon Clan.

Yet, just then, they had actually attacked them.

Their actions were simply courting death.

“Were telling you to rise.

Her Highness is someone who can see grudges and gratitudes clearly.

She will not make things difficult for you all,” said Long Shengbu.

“Thank you, Lord Supreme Elder.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Although they stood up, the people from the Dragon Clan were still trembling with fear.

None of them dared show the slightest bit of carelessness.

However, there were a group of people that did not stand back up.

They were the people from the Nine Principles Dragon Sect.

Those from the Nine Principles Dragon Sect were extremely scared, so much so that they could die from fear.

Some among them had failed to withstand the extreme fear, and had fallen unconscious.

Among them, the Nine Principles Dragon Sects young sectmaster was extremely afraid.

He was so scared that his heart beat so hard that it was about to rupture.

After all, he was the main culprit in all of this.

Long Shangsong was kneeling beside Chu Feng.

As such, Chu Feng could sense how terrified he was.

Seeing how the young sectmaster of the Nine Principles Dragon Sect was all huddled up in fear as he kneeled on the ground, Chu Feng recalled what he had said to him earlier.

“It would appear that your backing is nothing great,” mocked Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Long Shangsong suddenly pounced on Chu Feng.

He grabbed Chu Fengs leg and began to cry bitterly, “Young Hero, I was wrong! I was wrong!”

“I dont possess any malicious intentions! I was forced into all this! Please, please spare me!”

Helpless, the Nine Principles Dragon Sects young sectmaster actually turned to beg Chu Feng.

“Its useless to beg me.

Youve not only offended me, youve offended Her Highness and the Dragon Clans Supreme Elder,” said Chu Feng.

But the truth was, Chu Feng would not have spared Long Shangsong even if the Dragon Clans Princess and Supreme Elder werent involved.

“Girl, what do you plan to do with these people” The Dragon Clans Supreme Elder Long Shengbu turned to Long Xiaoxiao.

“Youre talking about the people from the Nine Principles Dragon Sect”

“A bunch of wicked trash.

Theyre a disgrace to our Dragon Clans bloodline.”

“Kill them all.”

Once Long Xiaoxiao said those words, the people from the Dragon Clan immediately rushed into action.

With their weapons drawn, they surrounded the people from the Nine Principles Dragon Sect.

Their blades shone under the light as they sliced past, and a rain of blood soon sprinkled from the sky.

In merely the blink of an eye, all the people from the Nine Principles Dragon Sect that were present had been killed.

Their sectmaster, their young sectmaster and all their other clansmen were all killed.

None were spared.

Seeing that, the crowds hearts tensed up.

The matters of the world were truly ever-changing.

Who couldve imagined that the Nine Principles Dragon Clan whom had been enjoying all the glory earlier would be wiped out in the blink of an eye

Compared to the others, Chu Feng gasped with admiration at how ruthless Long Xiaoxiao was.

Even though her actual age was most definitely older than her appearance of a young girl, Chu Feng could tell that she should be a person of the younger generation.

In the martial cultivation world, she could not even be considered to be a girl.

Her age was simply akin to that of a child.

Yet, Long Xiaoxiao was no ordinary character.

She was a girl with a decisive mindset who was willing to kill without hesitation.

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