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MGA: Chapter 418 – Bet Everything

“Crap, this boy can already agilely control that magical bodily martial skill! Ive been tricked!!”

Only then did the Hundred-faced Old Man come to a realization and knew that he fell for the trick because Chu Feng was already able to control the Dragon Travelling Through Nine heavens however he wished to and use it in battle.

Before, the reason why he escaped towards all places was to diminish the Hundred-faced Old Mans heart of alert to make this strange attack.

Even though the Hundred-faced Old Man was surprised by Chu Fengs move, he was no ordinary person.

He who had extremely abundant fighting experience was only lightly taken aback before he hurriedly thought, causing a layer of blue-coloured Spirit Formation to surge out and it formed in front of him.

However, he never would have thought that in such a crucial moment, an Attacking Talisman would appear in Chu Fengs left hand and the Attacking Talisman had landed on the Spirit Formation he condensed out.

That Attacking Talisman was created by Vice-head Gao.

Its might was extremely strong and it could even break open the Spirit Formations that Jie Yan laid.

The Hundred-faced Old Mans Spirit Formation had no way of fighting back.

*boom* An explosion rang out and the Hundred-faced Old Mans Spirit Formation had been broke open.

At the same time, Chu Fengs Asura Ghost Axe had fiercely chopped onto the body of the Hundred-faced Old Man.


A painful cry rang out and a thin line of blood gushed out.

The Hundred-faced Old Man became a line of light and fell.

At the end, he fiercely fell onto the ground underneath and a deep, huge pit was created.

Some dense smoke also charged into the air.

“Thats not right.” However, Chu Feng who had extremely sensitive Spirit power did not feel happy because he struck the Hundred-faced Old Man.

Instead, he tightly furrowed his brows and tightly stared at the rolling smoke underneath and a hint of uneasiness rose from his heart.

Because, he astonishedly discovered that as his axe chopped onto the body of the Hundred-faced Old man, there was some power that dissolved the might of his attack and caused the power of the Asura Ghost Axe to be unable to be fully used.

Chu Feng didnt kill the Hundred-faced Old Man from that chop of the axe.

“Damn cunning brat.

If I didnt have this Elite Armament as protection, I would have taken quite a hit.”

Indeed, just as Chu Feng felt that something was off, the Hundred-faced Old Man became a line of light and from the rolling dense smoke, he gradually rose into the air.

There were still traces of blood on the corners of the current him.

His face was also a bit white and there was also a blood wound on his chest, but he did not receive the fatal blow.

Also, there was a layer of radiant armor surrounding his body.

Looking at its appearance, it had the exact same effect as the bracelets Song Qingfeng and the others used.

Without a doubt, it was the radiant armor that saved his life.

“Bai Yunfei, Liu Xiaoyao, and Tang Yixiu were killed by you” Chu Fengs eyes glittered as he loudly questioned.

“Thats right.

They were all killed by me.

I intentionally killed them, then pushed the crime onto your head to cause the four big powers to be greatly angry at the same time.

Then, I recommended myself so they would ask for me to kill you.” The Hundred-faced Old Man replied.

“So its like this.

But I dont understand.

If you want to kill me, you could have done it back then.

Why did you need to wait until now Also, if you want the reward, you could have gotten it after you killed me.

Why did you need to so troublingly recommend yourself” Chu Feng puzzledly asked.

“The reason is very simple.

I want your Elite Armament, but I also want the reward.

So, I got them to pay me half of the reward first then I would kill you afterwards.

With this, even if I go back on the contract, I wont lose much.”

“But the four big powers arent idiots.

No matter how much better my reputation is, they wouldnt give me five hundred thousand Profound beads for no reason at all.

After all, even to them, it is not a small number.”

“So, I had to make them more furious so they impatiently wanted to kill you without being able to wait for a single moment.”

“And currently, I have already succeeded.

Right now, the last step is to take away your life and take your Elite Armament.” The Hundred-faced Old Man said.

“That means you have five hundred thousand Profound beads on you” Chu Feng intentionally asked after a thought in his heart.

“Haha, boy, you arent thinking about my Profound beads right” Hearing the implications within Chu Fengs words, the Hundred-faced Old Man couldnt help but loudly laugh and within his laughter, mock was filled.

“Actually, I want to say that Ill be taking your five hundred Thousand Profound beads.”


Suddenly, Chu Feng leaped, became a line of light, and flew straight towards the Hundred-faced Old man.


You think that I, right now, will still be afraid of you” However, the Hundred-faced Old Man was not afraid in the slightest and he had actually flew back towards Chu Feng

*boom boom boom boom boom*

With a blink, the two of them fought together.

Ripples of powerful energy constantly exploded in the sky, and they were as striking as fireworks.

That scene caused the citizens in the city who were looking to be dumbstruck.

At present, the city was sealed by layers of Spirit Formation and the people in the city could not escape.

At first, they didnt know what was happening, but after seeing Chu Feng and the Hundred-faced Old Man in the sky, they finally knew what was happening.

So the Hundred-faced Old Man was there to chase after Chu Feng, and that city became the battlefield of the two people.

But luckily, the Hundred-faced Old Man laid many Spirit Formations, and to limit Chu Fengs speed, he even specially shrunk the range of the Spirit Formation inside.

That also caused their circle of battle to shrink, causing the citizens within the city to not be affected.

Or else, with their strengths and after a while of great battle, the city would certainly be flattened and the citizens of the city would also die.

With the manmade Elite Armament, the Hundred-faced Old Mans speed and power increased greatly.

They were even several times stronger than before, and he who was extremely practiced in Spirit Formation techniques was already one with attack and defense.

As for Chu Feng, the attacking might of him, who grasped a Elite Armament, was also not to be underestimated.

Especially when joined with his absolute speed, even the Hundred-faced Old Man didnt dare to be careless.

The battle between the two was extremely intense.

With the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm, and with special methods and outstanding skills, the result of the battle was extremely difficult to determine when he was fighting the Hundred-faced Old man, the number one assassin in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm.

An ending did not appear even after battling for several hours.

“Brat, I must admit that you are a genius.

Being already so outstanding at this age, if you step into the Heaven realm in the future, perhaps even the Jiang Dynasty must look at you straight.”

“But sadly, today, you will die by my hands.

My patience has been completely whittled away and I dont that time to continue fooling around here with you.

Lets quickly finish this.”

The Hundred-faced Old Man flashed and got rid of Chu Feng.

Quickly after, he landed underneath and changed the Spirit Formation once again.

He wanted to shrink the battle space even more so that Chu Feng would not have a strand of chance to escape.

With that, he could easily put Chu Feng to death.


It seems like I can only use that to give it a try.”

Chu Feng was quite smart so he immediately understood the Hundred-faced Old Mans intentions.

He first swept his gaze for a while, then after looking at the city that was covered by layers of Spirit Formations, quickly after, his gaze suddenly turned fierce and he leaped, then dashed towards the Hundred-faced Old Man who was changing the Spirit Formation.


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