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Chapter 4153 - Destroying The Bridge After Crossing The River

Twenty-one stones appeared on the ground.

The stones were all red in color, bright red like fresh blood.

Apart from their colors being special, the stones appeared very ordinary.

However, those were no ordinary stones.

The reason for that was because the aura that brought ecstatic joy to Long Daozhi and the others was being emitted by those stones.

To the people that had the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, those stones were rare treasures that could only be encountered and not sought after.

Not only were they able to increase one’s bloodline’s power, they were also able to restore it.

Long Daozhi and the others had damaged their bloodline power earlier in order to activate the formation keys.

Thus, to encounter treasures like the twenty-one stones would simply be charity from the heavens.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you’re truly amazing, truly amazing.”

The four leaders that had been looking at Chu Feng with malicious intent earlier changed their attitudes again and began to praise him.

After they praised Chu Feng, they turned to insult the four world spiritists behind them.

“You four useless trash.

Didn’t you say that this direction was wrong”

“Since this is the wrong direction, how come we discovered these stones”

“Do you know what these stones are They’re Dragon Vein Blood Stones!”

“To people with the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, these are able to greatly increase our bloodline power.”

“Although they can’t compare to Dragon Vein Source Stones, they’re still extremely precious treasures that can only be encountered, and not sought after.”

“Fortunately, we listened to young friend Chu Feng and came here.

If we had listened to the four of you then we would’ve wasted this opportunity to restore our bloodline power!” the four leaders cursed fiercely.

They seemed like they were itching to give the four world spiritists a ruthless beating.

Their anger was not a pretense.

They were truly angry.

For the sake of activating the formation keys they’d exhausted their bloodline power and lifespan.

Exhausting their lifespan was something that they could accept.

After all, there were a lot of treasures that could restore one’s lifespan.

However, damage to one’s bloodline power was very difficult to recover from.

Special treasures were needed to restore their bloodline power.

Those Dragon Vein Blood Stones were one of the most optimal treasures to restore their damaged bloodline power.

Those Dragon Vein Blood Stones were a very rare treasure.

They had nearly missed out on an opportunity to obtain those Dragon Vein Blood Stones.

It was none other than the four world spiritists that had caused them to nearly miss the Dragon Vein Blood Stones.

Thus, how could the four leaders not be furious with them

If it wasn’t for the fact that they believed that the four world spiritists would still be useful, they would’ve smashed them to death with their palms.

When Chu Feng revealed the Dragon Vein Blood Stones, the four world spiritists were all so ashamed that they were unable to show their faces.

Because of that, they were silently enduring the insults from the four leaders with their heads lowered, undaring to look up.

“Senior Long, is this really useful for you”

Chu Feng arrived before Long Daozhi.

In his hand was a spheroid of light.

The spheroid was transparent, and was formed by Chu Feng using a spirit formation.

Inside that spheroid of light were the Dragon Vein Blood Stones.

There were a total of twenty-one Dragon Vein Blood Stones.

Every one of them were blood-red and the size of a goose egg.

They appeared especially beautiful as they floated in the transparent spirit formation,

“Useful, of course they’re useful.”

Seeing the Dragon Vein Blood Stones that had been brought over to him, even Long Daozhi became especially excited.

As for the four other leaders, their eyes were shining and their mouths salivating with excitement.

“City Master Long, as there are twenty-one Dragon Vein Blood Stones, it’s impossible to divine them evenly.”

“Is it possible to hand me the extra one I am willing to purchase it with a high price,” the old lady among the four leaders said with a smile on her face.

The reason why she had said that was because there were twenty-one Dragon Vein Blood Stones.

Normally, with them being allies they would be evenly dividing what they obtained.

If it wasn’t for Chu Feng they wouldn’t have discovered the Dragon Vein Blood Stones.

Thus, if every one of them were to take four stones each, the extra stone would naturally belong to Long Daozhi.

But the thing with Dragon Vein Blood Stones was that their effect would be better the greater their numbers.

Because of that the old lady wanted to obtain the extra Dragon Vein Blood Stone from Long Daozhi.

Should that happen, she would have five Dragon Vein Blood Stones, and would be able to restore her damaged bloodline power with even better effects.

However, she also knew that Long Daozhi’s bloodline’s power had also been injured.

Thus, he would naturally also want to use all five Dragon Vein Blood Stones to restore his own bloodline power.

That was the reason why she said she would purchase it from him at a high price.

“I’m willing to double whatever she might be willing to pay for it.

City Master Long, sell the extra stone to me instead,” someone else suddenly voiced a counter.

“City Master Long, I’m willing to offer an even higher price than them.

You should sell the extra Dragon Vein Blood Stone to this old man instead.”

Soon, another leader countered with a higher offer.

“Have you all gone mad”

“You’re actually haggling with him”

Right at that moment, the middle-aged man with the beard spoke too.

However, compared to the other three leaders that were all asking Long Daozhi to sell the extra stone to them, his attitude was rather malicious.

Especially his eyes.

They were shining with an ominous glint.

Furthermore, after he glanced at Long Daozhi with his ill-intended gaze he looked to Chu Feng.

“Young friend Chu Feng, perhaps Long Daozhi might be a top character in your Ancestral Martial Starfield.”

“However, when placed amongst the entire Holy Light Galaxy he’s nothing more than trash.”

“You, on the other hand, are different.

With your exceptional talent, your future accomplishments are beyond measure.

You shouldn’t be following trash like him.”

“You should follow me instead.

I will give you the best cultivation resources to assist you in training your world spirit techniques.”

“I will definitely help you become a well-known world spiritist in the Holy Light Galaxy,” the middle-aged man said to Chu Feng.

Even though he'd looked at Long Daozhi with a very ill-intended gaze, the tone with which he spoke to Chu Feng was still as gentle as before.

However, it was clear that Chu Feng did not appreciate his good intentions.

“What’s this You’re trying to bribe me instead” Chu Feng sneered.

“Not a bribe, but a sincere invitation.

I hope that you’ll be willing to join my clan,” said the middle-aged man.

“And what if I refuse” asked Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, that man’s expression changed.

The gentleness in his eyes disappeared, and was replaced with a fierce and vicious gaze.

“Chu Feng, don’t you refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.”

“Do you really think that you can threaten us just because your world spirit techniques are powerful”

“You’re mistaken.

Even your life is within our grasp.”

“In this place you are not the one in charge.

Instead, it’s us.”

As that middle-aged man spoke, he extended his hand and made a grabbing motion towards the Dragon Vein Blood Stones, intending to seize them from Chu Feng.

He was planning to snatch away Chu Feng’s Dragon Vein Blood Stones.


However, before his hand could even reach the Dragon Vein Blood Stones, another hand had grabbed his wrist.

The person who had grabbed his wrist was Long Daozhi.

“It would appear that you all are planning to destroy the bridge after crossing the river” Long Daozhi asked with a stern voice.

“Long Daozhi, we all know how important those Dragon Vein Blood Stones are.”

“Trash like you is not qualified to use them.

Thus, you should instead give those precious treasures to us,” as the middle-aged man spoke, he released his boundless oppressive might.

Like a formless ferocious beast, his rank five Utmost Exalted level oppressive might swept towards Long Daozhi.

As his oppressive might swept past Long Daozhi, Long Daozhi’s hair scattered violently in the air, and his clothes fluttered loudly.

But, Long Daozhi was completely unharmed.

Even his clothes showed no signs of damage.

This scene had completely astonished the middle-aged man.


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