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“Why are you still standing there then Quickly, retrieve it,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

Although Fumo Shaoyu had a feeling that there was a treasure, he didnt know what the treasure was, or where it was located.

Hearing Fumo Shaoyu, Chu Feng hesitated no more, and immediately went deep underground.

He intended to retrieve the lightning pearl.

But, after going deep underground, he discovered that the lightning pearl was covered in a protective formation.

It was no wonder that Chu Feng didnt notice the lightning pearl at all, had it not been for Fumo Shaoyus suggestion, even though he was so close to it.

The reason was because of that protective formation.

The protective formation was not very powerful.

However, it had concealed the lightning pearl.

Likely, it was because of the protective formation that Fumo Shaoyu was unable to determine the lightning pearls location even though he could sense it\'s presence.

Apart from that, there was something else Chu Feng noticed -- the lightning pearl was extremely berserk.

If the spirit formation was breached, the lightning pearl would definitely release its lightning.

The lightning pearls lightning had a very strong offensive nature, and would injure Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyu.

Because of that, after Chu Feng finished setting up a spirit formation to breach the protective formation on the lightning pearl, he and Fumo Shaoyu left the underground and hid themselves in the sky.

Only then did Chu Feng activate his spirit formation.



Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had anticipated.

Once Chu Feng activated his spirit formation and breached the protective formation on the lightning pearl, an enormous ruckus occurred deep underground.

Countless lightning bolts exploded from beneath the ground and soared into the sky.

The surrounding tens of thousands of miles were all enveloped by the dazzling lightning.

The lightning was extremely powerful.

Even space itself was destroyed by them.

From a glance, that region had been completely devastated.

It was like doomsday had arrived upon it.

“Brother Chu Feng, your foresight is truly amazing.

Fortunately, you managed to tell that this lightning was so dangerous.”

“If it wasnt for you, the two of us wouldve suffered a calamity.” Fumo Shaoyu praised.

The two of them were both hidden far away from the attacks of the lightning.

“Brother Shaoyu, that lightning pearl is useful for me.

I will be subduing it and using it to attempt a breakthrough.”

“But, that lightning pearl is extremely precious, and was discovered by you.

Normally, it should belong to you.”

“As such, I will borrow it first.

In the future, I will compensate you with other treasures,” Chu Feng said to Fumo Shaoyu.

“You must be talking nonsense,” Fumo Shaoyu was suddenly enraged upon hearing Chu Fengs words.

Anger filled his eyes as he stared at Chu Feng.

He seemed like he was itching to give Chu Feng a vicious beating.

He was not pretending.

Fumo Shaoyu was truly angered.

“Brother Shaoyu, whats wrong”

Chu Feng was confused by Fumo Shaoyus reaction.

“Chu Feng, Im telling you this.

If you consider me, Fumo Shaoyu, as your friend, do not say that sort of thing ever again.

Else… you will no longer be this Fumo Shaoyus friend.”

“Friends should not make distinctions between what is whose.

They should not speak of what benefits who.

If they are to do that, it is no pure friendship at all.

People who do that are not real friends,” Fumo Shaoyu said as he pointed at Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng realized how serious things were.

He did not expect for the happy-go-lucky Fumo Shaoyu to take friendship so seriously; to a level of stubbornness even.

In Fumo Shaoyus eyes, friendship was a sort of selfless affection between people.

Should his friend need help, he would not hesitate to sacrifice himself.

To him, friendship could not be tainted with anything else, especially not ones own interests.

What Chu Feng said earlier had violated Fumo Shaoyus idea of friendship.

Because of that, he immediately apologized to him.

Even though he had said those words with good intentions, even though he didnt want to take advantage of Fumo Shaoyu, it was clear that his good intentions had harmed him.

No matter what, it was wrong to harm ones friend.

As such, Chu Feng would naturally have to apologize.

That said, Chu Feng also remembered Fumo Shaoyus friendship.

A friend like him was someone that could only be discovered, and not sought after.


Suddenly, the lightning wreaking havoc began to disappear.

Seeing that, Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyus expression changed greatly.

The two of them both realized that the reason the lightning was disappearing was because of the appearance of another power.

That power had forcibly suppressed the lightning.

Then, an old mans voice sounded.


This old man is truly fortunate.”

“Here I was planning to find some Heavenly Vein Spring Water here, but who wouldve expected that I\'d actually discover such a miraculous item.”

When that voice sounded, Chu Feng noticed that the lightning pearl deep underground had been sucked into the sky.

Looking over, Chu Feng saw a white-haired old man standing in midair.

The lightning pearl had landed in the old mans hand.

An expert.

That old man was a martial cultivation expert.

Chu Feng could not confirm what his cultivation was.

But, it was most definitely superior to his own.

Furthermore, after the old man obtained the lightning pearl, a bottle gourd appeared in his hand.

The bottle gourd released a beam of light that shot straight underground.

Following the beam of light, the lightning spring water was actually sucked into the bottle gourd.

Chu Feng clearly remembered the lightning spring water turning into ordinary water the moment it left that area.

Yet, when enveloped by that beam of light, lightning continued to surge in the water.

Seeing that, Chu Feng realized that the bottle gourd in the old mans hand was no ordinary bottle gourd.

However, that was not what was important.

Most importantly, the lightning pearl had been taken away by the old man.

“Senior, that lightning pearl was discovered by this junior,” Chu Feng said with his fist clasped.

His attitude was very respectful.

He merely wanted to explain things to the old man and hope that he could be reasonable and return the lightning pearl to him.

“So what if it was discovered by you”

“Right now, its in my hands.

Thus, it belongs to me,” said the old man.

“Thats called robbing,” said Fumo Shaoyu angrily.

“Heh…” The old man laughed all of a sudden.

His laughter was filled with contempt.

“Brat, I am robbing you.”

“What is this, are you unconvinced”

“Very well,” As the old man spoke, he lifted his clothes and revealed the title plate on his waist.

On the title plate were the wordsZuoqiu Heavenly Clan.

“I am Zuoqiu Hanxun of the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan.”

“If youre unconvinced, you can come find me at the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan.”

After saying those words, the old man swaggered off.

Even though he had disappeared, his laughter was still echoing in the surroundings.

That laughter was very savage, and very displeasing to hear.

“That old bastard actually stole our treasure!”

“Brother Chu Feng, do you know about this Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan” asked Fumo Shaoyu.

While Fumo Shaoyu belonged to the knowledgeable Demon Vanquishing Clan and knew about a lot of things that not even Chu Feng knew, it remained that he had grown up in the Heaven-devouring Realm.

Thus, he did not understand the structure of the Holy Light Galaxy.

However, what Fumo Shaoyu didnt know was that Chu Feng was also lacking knowledge in regards to the structure of the Holy Light Galaxy.

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