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Chapter 4122 - Divine Lightning Affliction

“We were just sucked into a space-time vortex.

A space-time vortex has an enormous amount of temporal power.

While we were not injured, that power will still affect our souls.”

“Some time is needed for us to recover from the effect.”

“In this sort of condition, it is normal that your tracking talisman is unable to capture the location of your younger sister.”

“Let me have a look.

Perhaps I can use my world spirit techniques to strengthen this tracking talisman’s power.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he took the talisman paper from Fumo Shaoyu and used his spirit techniques to strengthen it.

After being strengthened by Chu Feng’s spirit techniques, the tracking talisman began to emit a faint light.

That was the indication of Fumo Xin’er’s location.

Even though the indication was very faint, it was an enormous improvement compared to before.

“In the end, brother Chu Feng is the amazing one.

As expected of a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.”

“With this, we’ll be able to find that girl,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

“There’s no time to lose.

Let us set off immediately,” Chu Feng prepared to leave as he said those words.

“Wait.” Fumo Shaoyu suddenly grabbed Chu Feng.

“What’s wrong” asked Chu Feng.

“Brother Chu Feng, what’s up with you I just praised you earlier, how come you’re already disgracing yourself” Fumo Shaoyu asked with a beaming smile.

“What do you mean by that” Chu Feng revealed a confused look.

He did not understand what Fumo Shaoyu was trying to say.

“No matter what, you’re a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

Did you not notice the special aspect about this place” asked Fumo Shaoyu.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately activated his Heaven’s Eyes to carefully examine their surroundings.

It was only then that he discovered that there was a spring located in the depths of the forested mountain.

It would be one thing if it were an ordinary spring.

But, the water in the spring contained lightning.

The lightning was identical to those found in Heavenly Bloodlines.

Furthermore, it seemed to be alive.

Most importantly, the lightning-filled spring water actually contained martial comprehension.

Chu Feng’s current world spirit techniques allowed him to contend against rank four Utmost Exalted.

But, his cultivation was only that of a rank eight Exalted.

Miraculously, the lightning spring water in the mountain beneath was a great fit for Chu Feng’s bloodline’s power.

It was simply a cultivation resource prepared precisely for Heavenly Bloodline possessors.

Perhaps he might even be able to make a breakthrough in his long stalled cultivation.

“Never would I have imagined that brother Shaoyu had such exceptional vision.” Chu Feng looked to Fumo Shaoyu.

Gratitude filled his eyes.

The spring water was very well-hidden.

If Chu Feng hadn’t used his Heaven’s Eyes, he wouldn’t have discovered it at all.

If it wasn’t for Fumo Shaoyu’s reminder, he could very well have missed the rare cultivation resource.

“Although my world spirit techniques are far inferior to yours, the people of our Demon Vanquishing Clan are born with exceptional perception.”

“As such, if there are natural oddities or cultivation treasures near us, we will be able to sense them,” Fumo Shaoyu said with great pride.

“That perception of yours is truly extraordinary,” said Chu Feng.

“However, they must be fully natural.

If the natural oddities or cultivation treasures are guarded by a spirit formation, my perception would be completely useless.”

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re a Heavenly Bloodline possessor.”

“That thing just so happens to be useful for you.

As such, you cannot let it go to waste.

You should quickly gather it,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

The reason why he knew that Chu Feng was a Heavenly Bloodline possessor was because Chu Feng had mentioned it in their conversation earlier.

“In that case I’ll not hesitate,” Chu Feng chuckled.

Then, he entered the earth with the intention of retrieving the spring water.

He was more hurried to make a breakthrough than anyone else.

As such, he naturally would not allow himself to miss the opportunity.

“This water…”

The spring water was clearly surging with lightning.

Yet, when Chu Feng retrieved the water, the lightning disappeared.

The water had turned into ordinary water.

“It would appear that the lightning spring water has taken root here.”

“Brother Chu Feng, it will be impossible for you to take it away.

How about you directly undergo training here instead”

Fumo Shaoyu followed Chu Feng and discovered the change to the spring water.

“But, your younger sister…”

Chu Feng felt apologetic.

After all, their top priority was to find Fumo Shaoyu’s sister.

If he were to stay and train there, he would definitely end up delaying their task.

“Since we have the tracking talisman, we aren’t going to lose her.”

“However, this training opportunity is extremely rare.

Brother Chu Feng, you must not miss out on this opportunity,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

“Very well.

In that case, Brother Shaoyu, please wait a moment.”

After making the decision to stay and train, Chu Feng immediately leapt into the lightning spring water.

The lightning spring water was extremely berserk.

If one wanted to use it to train, one must first subdue it.

The process took quite a bit of effort from Chu Feng, but ultimately, he managed to undergo training inside the lightning spring water.

However, upon doing so, he felt a headache.

Even though the lightning spring water contained an impressive amount of martial comprehension, and Chu Feng had already gathered a sufficient amount of natural energies to reach rank nine Exalted, he failed to find that juncture to make a breakthrough.

It was like there was a gate blocking his path.

With only a final push, Chu Feng would be able to gain the cultivation of a rank nine Exalted.

Yet, that gate just so happened to be extremely firm.

Even when Chu Feng put forth all of his strength, he was unable to push that gate open.

This made him feel extremely helpless.

However, he was unwilling to give up.

Thus, he tried his hardest to think of a way to make a breakthrough and continued to make attempts.

With the situation like that, Chu Feng’s thoughts became chaotic.

Irritation and restlessness filled his heart.

Without any sign, he suddenly unleashed his killing intent.

His current state was extremely dangerous.

It was a sign that he was about to lose control over himself.

For many cultivators, a single realm in cultivation could baffle them for their entire lives.

For the sake of making a breakthrough, cultivators would all rack their brains.

As such, many people ended up losing control over themselves in training.

Those who lost control would, in less serious cases, lose control of their emotions or, in more serious cases, willfully slaughter the innocent.

In more serious cases, they would die from their body exploding.

“Brother Chu Feng.”

Suddenly, a thunderous voice entered Chu Feng’s ears.

That voice suddenly calmed Chu Feng, who had lost control over his reason.

It was Fumo Shaoyu’s voice.

After calming down, Chu Feng felt lingering fear.

He knew that he had been in a state where he had lost control.

Fortunately, Fumo Shaoyu had woken him up.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

“This is”

After opening his eyes, Chu Feng had wanted to thank Fumo Shaoyu.

However, when he saw the scene before him, his face turned pale with fright.

The lightning in the spring water had turned exceptionally frantic.

One could see with one’s naked eyes that they were very terrifying.

They were emitting a might capable of destroying everything in their path.

But, the lightning spring water had not been like that earlier.

“Why would it become like this” Chu Feng had a confused look on his face.

The change to the lightning spring water came as a shock to him.

“It was caused by you,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

“Caused by me” Chu Feng felt even more surprised upon hearing those words.

He truly did not expect for the lightning spring water’s transformation to have been caused by him.

‘Could it be that my irritable mood earlier affected the lightning spring water’

Whilst Chu Feng was pondering, Fumo Shaoyu spoke again, “Brother Chu Feng, you are truly remarkable.

You’ve actually trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique that’s extremely difficult to train.”

Chu Feng felt even more surprised upon hearing those words.

Even though he had mentioned to Fumo Shaoyu in their conversations that he was a Heavenly Bloodline possessor, he had never mentioned to him that he had trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

“Brother Shaoyu, how did you know” asked Chu Feng.

“Your Divine Lightning Affliction appeared, only a fool wouldn’t be able to tell,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

“Divine Lightning Affliction” The shock in Chu Feng’s eyes grew even more intense.


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