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Chapter 4116 - Rescue Failure

“Brother Shaoyu, please tell me,” Chu Feng said with a clasped fist.

“Never would I have imagined that you would actually be this stubborn.”

Seeing how determined Chu Feng was, Fumo Shaoyu could only sigh, and ultimately agreed to guide him.

But before that, he needed to rescue the people in the death prison.

The way he saw it, trying to rescue Little Fishy was a matter of near-certain death.

As such, he wanted to rescue the people here before proceeding to rescue her.

In the process, Chu Feng learned that Fumo Shaoyu had actually just recently gotten acquainted with Little Fishy.

They were also friends.

It was precisely because they were acquainted that Fumo Shaoyu was unable to watch as the people from the Netherworld Ice Hall arrested her so that they could refine her as a cultivation resource.

That was why he'd attempted to rescue her.

Unfortunately, he'd ultimately failed in his rescue attempt.

That was why he ended up being imprisoned in the death prison.

According to Fumo Shaoyu’s understanding of the Netherworld Ice Hall’s Hall Master, if they were to fail in their rescue attempt this time around, they would likely not even receive the mercy of being imprisoned.

The Netherworld Ice Hall’s Hall Master would directly refine them.

Originally, Chu Feng did not want Fumo Shaoyu to take the risk with him.

He only wanted Fumo Shaoyu to tell him where the main hall Little Fishy was imprisoned in was.

However, to his surprise, Fumo Shaoyu insisted on going with him.

He even stated that he would not guide Chu Feng should he refuse his company.

However, Fumo Shaoyu wanted Fumo Xin’er to leave.

He did not wish to involve her.

However, Fumo Xin’er also insisted on following them.

With no choice, Chu Feng ultimately ended up journeying together with the siblings.

Fortunately, with Chu Feng’s spirit formations, they managed to avoid the guards’ eyes, and enter the main hall smoothly.

Although the main hall was a truly dazzling sight, it was actually an enormous prison cell.

Merely, the people imprisoned there were comparatively important to the Netherworld Ice Hall.

That said, Little Fishy was the only person imprisoned in the main hall at that moment.

The instant they entered the main hall and saw Little Fishy, Chu Feng’s heartbeat accelerated.

Little Fishy had her back facing them.

She was lying inside a spirit formation.

As that spirit formation was transparent like a crystal, Chu Feng was able to clearly see Little Fishy.

Even though Little Fishy had her back facing them and Chu Feng could not see her appearance, her figure and posture were identical to the Little Fishy he knew.

In the blink of an eye, years had passed.

Both Chu Feng’s strength and appearance had changed quite a bit.

But, it seemed like time did not flow for Little Fishy.

There had been no change for Little Fishy at all.

At that moment, Chu Feng remembered a lot of things from the past.

Merely by seeing her back, Chu Feng began to reminisce about the past.

“Big brother, you’ve come”

Little Fishy sensed them, and turned around.

However, her gaze landed on Fumo Shaoyu instead.

She merely took a glance at Chu Feng before her gaze swept past him.

Instead, she was looking at Fumo Shaoyu with happiness and excitement.

At that moment, the excitement on Chu Feng’s face disappeared immediately.

Their backs were so similar, practically identical even.

Yet, the moment the little girl turned around, Chu Feng knew that the little girl was not the Little Fishy he knew.

He… had mistaken her.

“She’s not the one you knew”

A voice sounded.

It was Fumo Xin’er.

Whilst Chu Feng was staring at the little girl, Fumo Xin’er was staring at him.

From the change in his facial expressions, she knew that Chu Feng must’ve mistaken Little Fishy for someone else.

“No,” Chu Feng shook his head.

A look of disappointment was clearly present on his face.

Even though he had only interacted with Little Fishy for a short period of time, he'd truly wished to be able to see her again if at all possible.

He had thought that this wish of his would come true.

Yet, it turned out to be for naught.

Because of that, Chu Feng felt that he might never be able to see the innocent little girl again.

Such was life...

For some people, they appeared very briefly in one’s life, but were able to leave behind a great impression.

Little Fishy was one such special person in Chu Feng’s life.

“It would appear that little girl is extremely important to you,” Fumo Xin’er sighed.

There was a trace of jealousy in her voice.

Chu Feng did not conceal anything, and nodded, “She is very important.”

Suddenly, Fumo Xin’er looked to Chu Feng with disgust.

“You couldn’t possibly be someone who likes little girls, right It’s no wonder you’re not interested in me.

So you’re actually a pervert, a pedophile.”

“What are you talking about I consider that girl as my younger sister, okay She’s still a child, how could I have feelings for her” Chu Feng immediately refuted.

Black lines rolled down his head.

Meanwhile, Fumo Shaoyu was chatting passionately with the little girl.

Even though the little girl was not Little Fishy, she was also an innocent-looking little girl.

Even though she had been imprisoned and reduced to another’s cultivation resource, there was no trace of worry on her face.

She was acting like she was completely fine.

However, it was evident that the reason for that was because she didn’t realize the danger she was in.

At that moment, the little girl was chatting amiably with Fumo Shaoyu.

The two of them had a very close relationship.

Their relationship resembled that of Little Fishy and Chu Feng.

“Brother Chu Feng, is Little Fishy not the Little Fishy you knew” Suddenly, Fumo Shaoyu, who was comforting Little Fishy, turned his gaze to look at Chu Feng.

“No,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“In that case, brother Chu Feng, are you… still willing to save her” There was a pleading look in Fumo Shaoyu’s eyes as he said those words.

Even though he didn’t say it explicitly, he really hoped that Chu Feng would be willing to save the little girl.

“It would seem that brother Shaoyu has not given up on rescuing her the entire time.”

“Your earlier refusal must have been to deceive your little sister and I so that we would leave, and so that you could return on your own to rescue her, right” asked Chu Feng.

From Fumo Shaoyu's current attitude, Chu Feng could tell that the little girl was actually very important to him.

With how overflowing his emotions were, Chu Feng knew that Fumo Shaoyu wouldn’t possibly refuse to rescue that little girl.

“Originally, I had hoped for my grandma to come so that she could rescue her.”

“However, since my grandma didn’t come, I don’t wish to implicate others.”

“Unfortunately, my strength is limited.

The spirit formation that Little Fishy is in is simply too difficult for me to breach.”

“If brother Chu Feng is willing to help, I, Fumo Shaoyu won't be able to thank you enough.”

“That said, as this place is simply too dangerous, and the Netherworld Ice Hall’s Hall Master could show up at any moment, I will definitely not blame brother Chu Feng should brother Chu Feng not be willing to help me,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

“Rest assured, I will save her.”

Chu Feng was not someone to ignore another’s pleas.

The reason he did not directly do anything to the spirit formation was because he'd been observing it, and looking for a way to breach it.

Chu Feng had found the method to breach the spirit formation, and thus he could immediately begin setting up his own spirit formation.

Merely, the spirit formation that imprisoned the little girl was extremely powerful.

It was a spirit formation maintained with the power of an Ancient Era’s treasure.

Thus, even for Chu Feng, it would take time for him to breach it.

In the end, it took Chu Feng two entire hours to finish setting up a grand formation.

Furthermore, it took the grand formation four hours to breach the spirit formation trapping the little girl.

When the little girl walked out from the spirit formation, Chu Feng could see that both Fumo Shaoyu and Fumo Xin’er were drenched in cold sweat.

In fact, even Chu Feng himself was drenched in cold sweat.

Six entire hours.

The experts from the Netherworld Ice Hall could come in at any moment.

Furthermore, due to the special nature of the main hall, Chu Feng and the Fumo siblings would definitely be discovered should the people from the Netherworld Ice Hall come in.

Should that happen, it would most likely mean their deaths.

Being on edge for six entire hours was truly torture.

Fortunately, they succeeded.

Upon succeeding, Chu Feng and the Fumo siblings did not hesitate.

They immediately brought the little girl and left the main hall.


However, right after they left the main hall, an enormous power descended from above.

That power covered the entire region and sealed off all directions.

Like a rigid cage; it had trapped Chu Feng and others.

At the same time, a cold and gloomy voice exploded by Chu Feng and the others’ ears.

“Audacious zealots, you dare steal my possession! You all are truly courting death!”

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng and the others all turned ashen.

They suddenly realized that they had fallen for a trap.

Whilst they had managed to successfully breach the spirit formation after six hours, they hadn’t actually remained undetected.

They had evidently been discovered.

Merely… their foe had waited for them to come out before capturing them.


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