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Witnessing the behavior of the crowd, Chu Feng knew without anyone telling him… that this person must be the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

But, seeing the Purple Star Halls Hall Master bringing his clansmen here, including even his injured Lord Clan Chief, and how the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were all trembling in fear, Chu Feng narrowed his brows and revealed an ugly expression.

In fact, even his tone was lacking in respect as he spoke, “Lord Hall Master, what is the meaning of this”

“What other meaning could this old man have I\'m here to congratulate young friend Chu Feng.”

“Young friend Chu Feng, the Star-guiding Stone you snatched from the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master should be the Star-guiding Stone that absorbed the greatest amount of natural energies.”

As the Purple Star Halls Hall Master spoke, he landed on the plaza.

Even though he had a smile on his face the entire time, everyone was worried for Chu Feng.

The people who knew the Purple Star Halls Hall Master all know that he was no benevolent character.

“Lord Hall Master, what youre saying is incorrect.”

“It is not I, Chu Feng, who snatched that Star-guiding Stone from the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master.

After all, that Star-guiding Stone belonged to my Chu Heavenly Clan to begin with.”

“Ive merely taken back what was originally ours.”

Chu Feng was neither servile nor overbearing as he corrected the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

“Is there a difference between the two” The Purple Star Halls Hall Master smiled.

His smile was, surprisingly, slightly mocking.

This brought even more displeasure to Chu Feng.

However, as Chu Feng knew that the Purple Star Halls Hall Master most definitely had a cultivation superior to Pang Youyang, he had no choice but to endure his displeasure.

“Young friend Chu Feng, this here is a rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill.

It is yours now,” as the Purple Star Halls Hall Master spoke, he took out a scroll and handed it to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng extended his hand to receive the scroll.

But, the Purple Star Halls Hall Master flicked his wrist and pulled it back.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you havent given me the item for this rank three Exalted Taboo,” said the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

Seeing this, Chu Feng took out his two Star-guiding Stones and handed them to the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

Even though those Star-guiding Stones had indeed absorbed quite a lot of natural energies, they would not provide much help to Chu Feng.

He believed that a rank three Exalted Taboo would provide him with even more help.

Since two Star-guiding Stones were capable of being exchanged for a single rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill, it was only natural for him to not hesitate.

However, to his surprise, after the Purple Star Halls Hall Master saw the two Star-guiding Stones in Chu Fengs hand, he smiled and shook his head.

“Young friend Chu Feng, what this old man wants isn\'t them.”

“In that case, what might Lord Hall Master want” asked Chu Feng.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you shouldnt pretend to be confused.

How could you not know what I want”

“What I want is naturally the Purple Star Variance Realms cultivation treasure.”

The Purple Star Halls Hall Masters eyes were fixed onto Chu Feng as he said those words.

His gaze was as sharp as a blade.

Even though his tone was gentle, his words were actually extremely threatening.

“Lord Hall Master, I have not obtained that cultivation treasure,” said Chu Feng.

“Not obtained it”

“That abnormal sign is still up in the sky.

We have all witnessed what happened inside the Purple Star Variance Realm.”

“You withstood the lightning tribulation.

Together with the cultivation treasure, that lightning tribulation entered your body.

Yet, youre still saying that you didnt obtain that cultivation treasure” said the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

“I said I havent, therefore I havent.”

“Besides, even if I obtained it, why must I give it to you”

“Wasnt it your Purple Star Hall that said that everything we obtain in the Purple Star Variance Realm, including the cultivation treasure, belongs to us” refuted Chu Feng.

“Someone else mustve said that.

I never said such a thing.”

After saying those words, the Purple Star Halls Hall Master looked around and questioned loudly, “Has anyone witnessed me saying that sort of thing”

His words were met with silence from the vast crowd.

Even if they knew that the Purple Star Halls Hall Master had said those words, they did not dare to voice it.

Before absolute strength, right and wrong were no longer important.

What was important was ones life.

Because of that, everyone chose to protect themselves and keep quiet.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I can tell that youre a rare cultivation genius.

I am someone who cherishes talented people.”

“I will not bicker with your intention to covet my Purple Star Halls treasure for yourself should you hand over that cultivation treasure now.”

“If you do that, I will consider it like nothing happened.”

“Furthermore, I will also give you this rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill as promised,” said the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng suddenly laughed.

Even though the Purple Star Halls Hall Master was clearly the one in the wrong, he was acting as if Chu Feng was the one in the wrong.

“Lord Hall Master, Ive already told you that I do not possess your cultivation treasure,” said Chu Feng.


Right after Chu Fengs words left his mouth, he felt an enormous pressure emerging from thin air.

It was oppressive might, a rank six Utmost Exalteds oppressive might.

Once that oppressive might appeared, Chu Feng felt that he was completely restricted.

Even breathing became difficult.

The power of the oppressive might pressed on him from all directions.

It could kill him at any moment.

Naturally, this powerful oppressive might came from the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

Even though Chu Fengs world spirit techniques were exceptional, and even the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master was no match for him, he was simply unable to fight back against a rank six Utmost Exalted who possessed battle power surpassing his own.

“Chu Feng, youd best not refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.”

The smile had disappeared from the Purple Star Halls Hall Masters face.

He had turned incomparably overbearing, and looked extremely fierce.

This was his true identity.

“Ive already told you that I do not possess the cultivation treasure you seek,” Chu Feng said with a stern voice through clenched teeth.

Chu Feng was not deliberately lying.

He could not be certain if the tiny golden body of light within his dantian was that cultivation treasure or not.

Besides, what if it was

It was simply impossible for him to retrieve that little golden body of light from his dantian.

If he insisted on taking it out, he would not only suffer damage to his cultivation, but he might even lose his life.

As matters stood, he could only cling to his proclamation that he did not receive the cultivation treasure.

That said, seeing how reluctant Chu Feng was, the Purple Star Halls Hall Master laughed coldly.

The coldness in his eyes grew more intense.

“Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, you are truly one to refuse to confess.”

“Did you really think that this old man would not dare to do anything to you just because you possess exceptional talent”

“Let me tell you this, martial cultivators speak with strength, not talent.”

“So what if your talent is exceptional At least for now, youre nothing more than an ant before this old man.”

“For me, killing you is as easy as pinching an ant to death.”

“Youd best obediently hand over that cultivation treasure.

Else, not only will you not be able to leave today, but all your Chu Heavenly Clansmen will not be able to leave either.”

The Purple Star Halls Hall Master had completely revealed his true nature.

His facial expression had turned sinister, and killing intent was surging out from him.

He was determined to force Chu Feng to hand over the cultivation treasure.

Even though everyone knew that the Purple Star Halls Hall Master was in the wrong for doing this, no one dared to say anything.

Among the people looking at Chu Feng were those taking joy at his calamity, and those sympathizing with and pitying him.

Although their reactions were different, they all had common ground.

They all believed that if Chu Feng failed to take out that cultivation treasure today, he would suffer a calamity.

The Purple Star Halls Hall Master was determined to find that cultivation treasure.

For the sake of obtaining it, he would not hesitate to split open Chu Fengs dantian and shatter his soul.

“Are you still refusing to hand it over Are you really intending to refuse the face that is given to you”

Sure enough, the Purple Star Halls Hall Master started to act upon his words.

However, he did not attack Chu Feng directly.

Instead, he reached behind him.

Once he made his grabbing motion, screams were immediately heard.

Many people were dragged before the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

Those were the Chu Heavenly Clansmen.

Seeing that his clansmen were about to suffer, Chu Feng shouted furiously, “Dont touch them! If you have the ability, come at me!”

“Ignorant fool, youre already powerless to protect yourself, yet you still dare to speak such conceited nonsense”

“Do you really think that I wouldnt dare touch you”

Chu Fengs shout had evidently angered the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

Because of that, he turned his palm to Chu Feng.

He made a grabbing motion, and a burst of wind and suction power immediately swept forth toward Chu Feng.

However, before that suction reached Chu Feng, it disappeared.

Everyone was all taken aback upon seeing this scene.

The Purple Star Halls Hall Master was also surprised by the sudden disappearance of his suction power.

As for the crowd, they were surprised by how Chu Feng was uninjured and not even moved by the Purple Star Halls Hall Masters attack.

Everyone was confused as to what had happened.

They wondered whether the Purple Star Halls Hall Master truly did not dare to touch Chu Feng, or if something else had happened.

At the moment when the crowd were confused, a furious shout exploded in the sky.

“I shall see who dares touch him!”

That furious shout was extremely resounding.

Not only did it shake heaven and earth, but it also caused the expressions of many people present to distort and hold their ears in pain.

In fact, many peoples eardrums burst apart from hearing that furious shout, and they ended up losing consciousness.

That said, there was one thing worthy of mentioning.

The furious shout that all the experts were unable to withstand did not affect Chu Feng and all the Chu Heavenly Clansmen.

Because of that, everyone realized that the person who had let out that furious shout was likely related to the Chu Heavenly Clan.

It was very possible for that person to be the Chu Heavenly Clans helper.

At the time when that thought appeared in the crowds heads, that voice sounded again.

“What a Purple Star Hall.

You actually dared to bully the people from our Ancestral Martial Starfield!”

“Did you really think that our Ancestral Martial Starfield does not have anyone to take you on!”

That voice was still as resounding as before.

Furthermore, it was even more powerful this time around.

When that voice echoed in the air, there were actually people that started vomiting blood, and people that exploded and died.

A single shout caused a vast amount of people to fall to the ground.

The people that had fallen were all people from the Purple Star Hall.

Even the Purple Star Halls Utmost Exalted-level experts were unable to escape unaffected.

At this moment, fear appeared on the faces of everyone from the Purple Star Hall.

They had realized that the person who had come was extremely powerful.

It was so much so that the Purple Star Halls Hall Masters expression had changed enormously too.

He was astonished to discover that the oppressive might he surrounded Chu Feng with had been neutralized.

Yet, he was only able to hear that persons voice, and had no idea where they were, and was unable to sense what cultivation that person had.

That said, he was certain of one thing -- that this person who had come was most definitely a great foe!


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