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Turning to look, the crowd were all surprised.

It was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had actually grabbed the descending Incomplete Exalted Armament single-handedly.


Not to mention the others, even the Purple Star Halls Hall Master and Li Mengyue were greatly surprised.


In fact, even the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle master was stunned.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had not only blocked his attack using his hand, but there was also no trace of strain on his face at all.

It was as if blocking that attack was an extremely easy task for Chu Feng.


Right when the crowd were gasping in admiration at the scene before them, Chu Feng suddenly attacked.

Chu Feng placed his other hand on the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Masters chest.

“Its over now.”

After saying those words, a look of ruthlessness appeared in his eyes.

Then, the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master began to scream miserably.

The crowd could see that the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Masters enormous body was distorting.

His body was being refined by Chu Feng.

Soon, the body of the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master disappeared completely.

It had turned into gaseous flames that were then sucked into Chu Fengs palm.

Only his clothes, Cosmos Sack, Incomplete Exalted Armament and other treasures remained on the ground.

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng gathered all those treasures and placed them in his Cosmos Sack.

His behavior was very natural.

He was acting as if things were all meant to be this way.

However, both the people inside and outside the Purple Star Variance Realm, both the people from other powers and the Purple Star Hall, all of them were speechless.

No one had imagined that Chu Fengs battle power would be so powerful.

It turned out that even though the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master had used Demonization with his life as the price, he was still unable to withstand a single attack from Chu Feng.

What… sort of battle power was this

This must be what it truly meant to be unrivaled amongst the same cultivation level.

This thought emerged in the hearts of everyone present.


Suddenly, a palm came flying and landed on Chu Fengs back.

It was Li Mengyue.

“Brat, so you were actually able to defeat him.”

“Why didnt you defeat him earlier You caused this young lady to burn her soul and nearly lose her life too,” Li Mengyue looked to Chu Feng with complaint.

“Elder, you cant blame me for that.”

“I told you not to involve yourself in this.

You were the one who insisted on involving yourself.

Furthermore, you used a treasure to restrict my movements.”

“I thought that you were capable of taking care of him.

Who wouldve imagined that youre actually no match for him,” said Chu Feng.

“Saying those things, are you looking down on me”

“I came to your aid out of goodwill.

Yet, youre making sarcastic remarks.

How could there be a man like you” Li Mengyue cursed angrily.

However, practically everyone could tell that she was not really angry, and actually seemed to be messing with Chu Feng.

“You can have this back,” Chu Feng let out a faint smile and tossed the golden hoop back to Li Mengyue.

The golden hoop was a treasure.

After the treasure was infused with Li Mengyues power, it seemed to be able to restrain anyone weaker than her.

Of course, the golden hoop was unable to restrain Chu Feng.

“Tsk, exactly what sort of treasure do you have on you”

“I refuse to believe that youre able to possess such power as a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.”

At the same time as Li Mengyue received the golden hoop, she was also sizing up Chu Feng with a peculiar look.

Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something.

She asked, “Could it be that youve grasped the legendary Dragon Transformation Sensation”

“Dragon Transformation Sensation” Chu Fengs expression changed upon hearing those words.

“What is that Dragon Transformation Sensation” He asked hurriedly.

“Why are you pretending to be ignorant How could you not know about the Dragon Transformation Sensation” Li Mengyue revealed a look of skepticism after hearing those words.

“Does it have something to do with world spiritists”

“Could you tell me what the Dragon Transformation Sensation is” Chu Feng asked again.

He was simply too curious.

Chu Feng felt that the Dragon Transformation Sensation Li Mengyue spoke of was very possibly the mysterious power he had assimilated.

Seeing how deeply concerned Chu Feng was, a mischievous smile appeared on Li Mengyues face.

“Telling you what it is is no issue.

Just call mebig sister and Ill tell you,” said Li Mengyue with a mischievous smile.

“Big sister, please tell your little brother,” Chu Feng spoke without hesitation.

“What You, how could you…” Li Mengyue was shocked.

She had thought Chu Feng to be very unyielding.

From the aloofness and coldness that she had witnessed from him and how he had unleashed a massacre upon the Constellation Immortal Isle, she had thought that he would not easily agree to her condition.

She was originally planning to make things difficult for him.

Never would she have imagined that he would agree to address her asbig sister without any hesitation.

Because of that, she felt like she had misread him.

“Big sister, from now on, youre my good elder sister, and I will be your good younger brother.”

“Big sister, youll have to look after your little brother.

Thus, big sister, you should tell me what exactly that Dragon Transformation Sensation is,” desperate, Chu Feng actually grabbed Li Mengyues sleeve and started to question her like a spoiled child.

“Shoot! Exactly what sort of freak are you”

“You were so aloof and cold earlier, you were acting like I owed you money.

Why are you suddenly acting like a completely different person now” Li Mengyue was unwilling to accept the situation.

Chu Fengs behavior had shattered her impression of him.

“Big sister, you should tell me quickly.

Arent you my good big sister”

“Youre the one who told me to address you as big sister.

You couldnt possibly be planning to not acknowledge it, right” Chu Feng pressed on, and got closer and closer to Li Mengyue.

He looked like he would devour her whole should she be unwilling to tell him.

“Enough, enough, enough! Ill tell you, alright!” Forced with no choice, Li Mengyue decided to tell Chu Feng.

“The truth is, this Dragon Transformation Sensation is merely a rumor Ive heard too.

Ive never actually witnessed it myself.”

“After all, its something that only the powerful world spiritists from the Middle Starfields were able to grasp.

As for people from Lower Starfields like our own, simply no one possesses that sort of power.”

“Because of that, the knowledge I have of the Dragon Transformation Sensation is merely hearsay.”

“In simpler terms, it is a power that only Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists are able to comprehend.”

“This Dragon Transformation Sensation is separated into nine levels.

Each level is stronger than the last.”

“Not only will the Dragon Transformation Sensation allow a world spiritists world spirit techniques to become even more exquisite, the comprehension of every level will also allow the world spiritist to receive great battle power.”

“Reportedly, those that have comprehended the first level will gain a battle power comparable to a rank two Utmost Exalted.”

“As for the comprehension of the second level, they would gain a battle power comparable to a rank four Utmost Exalted.”

“The third level would be rank six Utmost Exalted, and the fourth level rank eight Utmost Exalted.”

“If one could comprehend the fifth level, it would be even more amazing.”

“One will gain a battle power comparable to a Martial Exalted,” said Li Mengyue.


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