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Seeing that Li Mengyue was losing, Chu Feng intended to act.


But before that, Li Mengyue raised her arm, and a golden ring of light flew towards Chu Feng.

That golden ring of light actually locked him in place.

“This matter has nothing to do with you.”

“This is now something between this young miss and him.”

“You behave yourself and stay there.

Watch how this young miss will take care of this old fool.”

After Li Mengyue said those words, white gaseous flames began to pour from her body.

The white gaseous flames were like steam.

They did not appear sacred or special at all.

Yet, when the white gaseous flames appeared, Li Mengyue grew fiercer the more she fought.

She who was at a disadvantage in the battle was actually beginning to match the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master.

“Its here.

Thats the Purple Star Halls Third Young Misss power, the Soul-burning Divine Body!”

Cries sounded from the people outside.

The Soul-burning Divine Body was different from ordinary Divine Bodies.

Like ordinary Divine Bodies, Soul-burning Divine Bodies possessed special power capable of strengthening a cultivators battle power.

However, Soul-burning Divine Bodies possessed power that ordinary Divine Bodies did not.

With it, one could burn ones soul to obtain even greater battle power.

The appearance of the white gaseous flames meant that Li Mengyue had begun using her Soul-burning Divine Body to burn her soul.

That was also the reason why she was able to contend against the Demonized Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master.

“This girl, has she gone mad!”

“Shes actually using the power of her Soul-burning Divine Bodys power for the sake of an irrelevant outsider”

The Purple Star Halls Hall Master had a look of anger on his face as he saw this scene.

Even though the Soul-burning Divine Body would not really burn Li Mengyues soul, using it would still burden her.

Furthermore, this burden was not small at all.

As such, unless absolutely necessary, not even Li Mengyue would use her Soul-burning Divine Body to burn her own soul.

Yet at that moment, Li Mengyue was actually using her Soul-burning Divine Bodys power to protect Chu Feng.

This greatly confused the Purple Star Halls Hall Master.

That was his daughter.

He knew his daughter best.

Even though Li Mengyue was a weird individual and acted like a little girl, she was actually very cold-hearted, and not a woman that took pleasure in helping others.

How cold-hearted was Li Mengyue

She had once disregarded her dying biological younger sister.

That was why the Purple Star Halls Hall Master was so confused.

He truly couldnt understand why the cold and unfeeling Li Mengyue would go to Chu Fengs aid.




In the sky, explosions sounded all over, and energy ripples surged violently.

The battle between Li Mengyue and the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master had destroyed everything in that region.

At the same time as the crowd were shocked, they were also exclaming in admiration repeatedly.

While they had heard of Li Mengyues strength, very few people had actually witnessed it.

Seeing it for themselves today, they realized that her battle power was truly exceptional.

That could be seen from how she was able to fight the Demonized Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master to a stalemate.


Suddenly, a slash swept across the sky.

Following that, a figure was sent flying.

At that moment, the crowd noticed that the person that flew out from the battlefield was Li Mengyue.

Li Mengyue no longer had her previous calm expression.

Her body was still emitting a white gaseous flame, but she was panting and gasping.

Her tense and ugly expression allowed the crowd to realize that her condition seemed to be rather bad.

Then, something that surprised everyone occurred.

A sweet smile blossomed on Li Mengyues face.

With a beaming smile, Li Mengyue said in the direction of the battlefield, which still surged with energy ripples that were wreaking havoc everywhere, “Senior Isle Master, I was merely joking with you earlier.”

“I merely wanted to test out the strength of your Constellation Immortal Techniques Demonization.”

“Experiencing it today, it is truly exceptional.

This junior finds herself to be beneath senior.”


Once her words were said, a cold laughter sounded from within the battlefield.

Following that cold laughter, the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master walked out from the battlefield.

His body was still enveloped by black flames.

He still resembled a terrifying demon.

At that moment, there was an additional item in his hand.

It was his Incomplete Exalted Armament.

Seeing that, the crowd realized why Li Mengyue was suddenly no match for him.

When the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master had first fought Li Mengyue, he\'d been empty-handed, whereas Li Mengyue was using her Incomplete Exalted Armament.

Now that the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master had also revealed his Incomplete Exalted Armament, his battle power had increased.

With that, Li Mengyue was no longer a match for him.

“I originally didnt intend to kill you.

You were the one courting death.”

“Its too late to regret it now.”

After the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master said those words, his body shifted, and he rushed to attack Li Mengyue again.

“Chu Feng, youll have to seek lady lucks help yourself.”

After saying those words, Li Mengyue turned around and flew off into the distance.

She was actually attempting to flee.

However, the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Masters speed was evidently faster than hers.

Soon, the black flames had caught up to the white flames.

The black flames blocked Li Mengyues path of escape.

“You were originally able to live.

Yet, you insisted on dying.”

“Today, this old man will help you achieve your goal.”

After catching up to Li Mengyue, the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Masters attacks grew fiercer.

Every single attack he made with his weapon was aimed at Li Mengyues life.

Seeing that she could not escape, Li Mengyue had no choice but to face him.

She was putting forth her all to block his attacks.

But, the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master was simply too powerful.

Li Mengyue was forced to retreat repeatedly.

She was already on the verge of collapse.

Seeing this scene, the crowd were all very anxious.

As for the Purple Star Halls Hall Master, he was simply worried beyond belief.

After all, that was his most beloved daughter, his most valued daughter.

In fact, if he were to consider things from the Purple Star Halls standpoint, Li Mengyue was their future.

Absolutely nothing could be allowed to happen to her.

“Pang Youyang, get there faster!”

Overwhelmed with nervousness, the Purple Star Halls Hall Master shouted furiously in the palace hall.

He knew that it would be too late for him to act personally.

By the time he arrived at the Purple Star Variance Realm and found his daughter and the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master, Li Mengyue would most likely already be dead.

He could only entrust the fate of his daughter to Pang Youyang.

But, at the moment when the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master attacked again, the Purple Star Halls Hall Master was struck dumb.

With that strike, the Incomplete Exalted Armament Li Mengyue held in her hand was sent flying.

Having lost her Incomplete Exalted Armament, her battle power decreased.

Faced with the Demonized Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master, she simply had no way to fight back anymore.

“Prepare to die!”

Following a furious shout, the Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Master hacked downwards at Li Mengyue.

If that strike were to land, Li Mengyues body would be chopped in two.


At the moment when everyone felt that Li Mengyue would die, sparks suddenly lit up the sky.

The Constellation Immortal Isles Isle Masters Incomplete Exalted Armament had actually been blocked by someone.


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