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After Han Xiu approached, the All-heaven Sects sectmaster finally asked her, “Han Xiu, what is the meaning of this”

Although he had a calm look, his eyes were burning with rage.

Faintly, the crowd could sense that he was emitting extreme killing intent.

Everyone knew that Han Xius action had touched the All-heaven Sect\'s sectmasters baseline.

“Whats this Liu Shuo, are you afraid”

“It seems that you also know of my reason for coming here today.”

“Thats right, Im here to reveal the truth of what happened back then, and let everyone know exactly what sort of person you are,” Han Xiu said with a stern voice.

Once Han Xiu said those words, the crowd subconsciously turned their gazes to Liu Shuo.

The truth of what had happened back then

What sort of person

Those simple words caused the crowd to think of one thing.

What Han Xiu planned to talk about could very well be related to what had happened to the Reincarnation Sect.


Suddenly, a boundless oppressive might swept towards Han Xiu like a tide.

That was the oppressive might of a rank four Utmost Exalted.

The All-heaven Sects sectmaster had attacked.

Furthermore, his attack contained killing intent.

Whilst Han Xius cultivation was not weak, she was a rank three Utmost Exalted.

She was still completely powerless before the oppressive might of a rank four Utmost Exalted.

This was even more so for an oppressive might containing killing intent like the one that had been unleashed by the All-heaven Sects sectmaster.

That oppressive might had all intentions of taking Han Xius life.

It was determined to kill her.


Suddenly, the space before Han Xiu started to distort and sway like a wave.

When the oppressive might of the All-heaven Sects sectmaster entered that distorted region, it began to react as if it were being devoured.

Soon, that fatal oppressive might disappeared completely.

This scene puzzled the crowd.

How could Han Xiu possibly take on such an oppressive might

“Liu Shuo, are you trying to silence Han Xiu”

Right when everybody felt confused, a voice suddenly sounded from the war chariot.

At the same time as that voice sounded, the doors of the war chariot opened.

A figure walked out of the war chariot and appeared before the crowds vision.

It was a woman.

That woman wore a long red skirt, and gave off an extraordinary air.

She resembled a celestial fairy, a saintess, but had an ice-cold look and a gaze of insufferable arrogance.

It was like she was an empress overlooking the entire world.


Seeing that woman, the great majority of the crowd merely had curious expressions on their faces.

The reason for that was because they did not recognize the woman, and were all carefully sizing her up.

They seemed to be trying to figure out who the woman might be from the clues on her body.

Compared to the rest of the crowd, the expressions of Liu Shuo and Chu Feng changed enormously.

Astonishment was present on both of their faces.

The only difference was that Liu Shuos astonishment had more fear, whereas Chu Fengs astonishment was one of delight.

Chu Feng knew that woman.

Zhao Hong.

Chu Feng had become acquainted with Zhao Hong in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

By pure chance, Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang had become lovers.

Back then, Chu Feng, Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang had moved throughout the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm completely unhindered.

The three of them had forged a profound friendship.

Later on, they had attempted to enter the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm together.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen events on their way to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, the three of them had been separated.

Later on, Chu Feng had found Wang Qiang in the Void Sacred Tree.

Yet, he had been unable to find Zhao Hongs whereabouts the entire time.

Never would Chu Feng have imagined that he would meet Zhao Hong again there.

“Liu Shuo”

“I remember now!”

“So hes the one that caused Zhao Hongs death.”

When Chu Feng looked to the All-heaven Sects sectmaster again, rage filled his eyes.

His anger now was different from before.

Before Zhao Hong had appeared, Chu Feng had already considered the All-heaven Sects sectmaster his enemy.

Merely, the reason for that was because the All-heaven Sect had helped the Linghu Heavenly Clan take on the Chu Heavenly Clan back then.

That was why Chu Feng had viewed the All-heaven Sect as his enemy.

However, the situation now was different.

The hatred Chu Feng had for Liu Shuo now far surpassed his hatred from before.

His hostility now originated from deep within his heart.

At that moment, Chu Feng itched to tear Liu Shuo to pieces.

All of that was due to Zhao Hongs appearance.

With Zhao Hongs appearance, Chu Feng had recalled some things.

He suddenly remembered her history.

Back when he was still in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, back before Zhao Hong was the current Zhao Hong, back when she was still a demoness brimming with hatred towards men and would willfully slaughter them, Chu Feng had learned of Zhao Hongs history from the plain-clothed monk.

It turned out that Zhao Hong was the daughter of the Reincarnation Sects sectmaster, and the genius of the Reincarnation Upper Realm.

She was the person who had become the strongest existence in the Reincarnation Upper Realm at the young age of twenty.

How talented was that

How dazzling was she

Chu Feng could very well imagine all of that.

Later on, Zhao Hong fallen in love with a man called Liu Shuo.

The two of them were even going to get married.

Unfortunately, Liu Shuo had ulterior motives.

Not only did he not love Zhao Hong, but his purpose for marrying her was merely to obtain their Reincarnation Sects sect protection treasure, the Reincarnation Pearl.

On the day of their marriage, Liu Shuo had decided to act.

He had poisoned everyone in Zhao Hongs Reincarnation Sect.

He had interrogated Zhao Hong for the location of the Reincarnation Pearl.

When Zhao Hong refused to reveal its location, Liu Shuo had killed everyone in the Reincarnation Sect.

Later on, Zhao Hong and Liu Shuo had ended up fighting.

Both sides had ultimately suffered disastrous losses.

Discouraged and depressed, Zhao Hong had left the Reincarnation Upper Realm with the Reincarnation Pearl and had hidden herself in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

However, due to her serious injuries, Zhao Hong had ultimately died.

However, miraculously, the Reincarnation Pearl had reincarnated her.

Unfortunately, the reincarnated Zhao Hong had not only lost her previous lifes cultivation, but she had also lost her previous lifes memory.

The only thing she still possessed was her bone-deep hatred for men.

Because of that, Zhao Hong had become the infamous demoness of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

When Chu Feng had learned about Zhao Hongs history from the plain-clothed monk, he was still not acquainted with her.

However, he still felt deep disgust towards Liu Shuo\'s conduct.

Although Chu Feng had ended up becoming close friends with Zhao Hong, he\'d ultimately had some doubts about her past.

Chu Feng didnt know why the plain-clothed monk had known her past so well.

After all, what had happened to Zhao Hong happened many years before.

Not even Zhao Hong herself remembered her past.

Thus, how could that plain-clothed monk know her past so well

Because of that, Chu Feng was slightly skeptical regarding the authenticity of the plain-clothed monks story.

He didnt suspect the plain-clothed monk was lying to him.

Merely, he\'d suspected that the monk had only heard about Zhao Hongs story from other people, and believed that there must be errors in his story.

After Chu Feng befriended Zhao Hong, he learned that she really didnt remember her past life.

He thought that it might be a good thing that she didnt remember it.

On top of that, as what had happened to her happened long ago and Chu Feng had encountered many things afterwards, he gradually forgot about the matter.

However, at that moment, Chu Feng had suddenly recalled everything.

It turned out that the Reincarnation Upper Realm was the Upper Realm Zhao Hong had belonged to back then.

As for the All-heaven Sects sectmaster, he was that ruthless and unfaithful rat of a man, Liu Shuo.

Furthermore, judging from the appearance of things, what he had learned from the plain-clothed monk back then seemed to have really happened.

Furthermore, Zhao Hong seemed to have arrived at that moment to get her revenge.


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