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What Chu Feng didnt know was that it was not only the world that he was in that was undergoing an enormous change.

At the same time, change was also visible on the surface of the pearl.

Cracks actually appeared on the pearl.

“Why would this…”

Seeing the cracks on the pearl, the expression of the fox spirit changed enormously.

She was nervous, panicking and at a complete loss as to what to do.

“Could it be…”

Soon, the fox spirit thought of something.

With that, her expression changed again.

Joy appeared in her eyes.


Suddenly, the pearl shattered.

The powerful impact and shockwaves sent even the fox spirit into the corner of the room.

When everything had settled, a figure had appeared.

That person was Chu Feng.

Chu Fengs appearance meant that the pearl had shattered completely.

At that moment, both Chu Feng and the fox spirit were able to sense a special sort of power surging in the room.

In fact, it was not only this room.

Throughout the stone cases world, everyone could sense a power surging.

In fact, even the people outside the stone case were able to sense that power.

Merely, that power was currently disappearing...

The crowd were confused.

They did not understand why such a thing was happening.

The only thing they could imagine was that such a change should not have happened without cause.

They felt that it was very possible that someone had changed something.

They knew that the only person capable of making any change would be Chu Feng, who had disappeared.

“Damn it! Could it be that that guy managed to have his way”

Thinking of that, the people from the six great powers all began to gnash their teeth furiously.

Meanwhile, compared to the crowd of people outside, the fox spirit seemed to know what the current change represented even more.

The fox spirit was looking at her surroundings with a joyous expression.

Then, she actually began to dance around out of joy.

As she spun around, her long skirt and her hair fluttered in the air.

It was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

It could be seen that she was truly overjoyed.

“Young master is truly extraordinary.”

“You actually managed to breach the spirit formation.”

After dancing briefly, the fox spirit looked to Chu Feng.

“Thus, even without having me release you, young lady is already free” asked Chu Feng.

“Of course not.

Although young master has breached the spirit formation, the lock on me still requires young master to unlock it.”

“Ill have to trouble you.”

As the fox spirit spoke, she arrived before Chu Feng and took out the pendant again.

“As promised.”

Chu Feng did not hesitate.

He took out the sacred key and placed it into lock.


Once the sacred key entered the pendant lock, the key immediately disappeared.

Then, energy ripples swept forth from within the pendant and covered the fox spirit completely.


Seeing that, the fox spirit burst into sudden laughter.

She looked to Chu Feng again.

Merely, this time around, her gaze had changed quite a lot.

The humility and restraining fear towards Chu Feng were no longer there.

Instead, her gaze was incomparably tyrannical.

“Young master, since youve breached the pearl, you mustve obtained a lot of treasures.”

“Why dont you take them out so that I can see exactly what youve obtained,” the fox spirit said to Chu Feng.

“Young lady, what I obtained is my business.

There is no reason for me to show them to you.”

“Since Ive freed you, you should leave this place.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he began walking towards the exit.


Suddenly, a fragrant aroma assaulted Chu Fengs senses.

A figure had blocked Chu Fengs path.

It was the fox spirit.

“Young master, the way youre behaving is wrong.”

“Youre my master now.

How could you abandon me like this”

“If you insist on having me not follow you, thats possible.”

“Young master, you merely need to hand the treasures you obtained from this place and I\'ll keep them safe.”

“Oh, thats right.

Its fate that brought us together.

As such, young master, why dont you give me your world spiritist cloak as well” The fox spirit said to Chu Feng.

Seeing that Chu Feng narrowed his brows.

Then, stepped back repeatedly.

Alertness filled his eyes.

“Sure enough.

I\'d felt that you weren\'t simple from the very start.”

“Now that Ive helped free you, youve revealed your foxs tail,” said Chu Feng.


Revealing a fox tail = revealings one evil intentions.]

Hearing those words, the fox spirit covered her mouth and laughed.

“What are you saying, young master My tail has always been revealed.

You saw it the moment you saw me.”

“Ive never hidden anything from young master,” laughed the fox spirit.

“Young lady, we can be said to be acquaintances.

Why dont we part without hard feelings”

“If you allow me to leave, I will not make things difficult for you either.

How does that sound” said Chu Feng.


Hearing those words, the fox spirit burst into sudden laughter.

Her smile was very beautiful.

Her every movement was very beautiful.

However, the smile on her face was very strange.

Seeing that, Chu Feng felt his blood run cold.

“Young master, oh young master, Id thought that you were a smart person.”

“Why did you suddenly become so stupid”

“Truth be told, Im reluctant to kill a little fellow like you.”


After saying those words, the fox spirits skirt started fluttering.

Then, a boundless oppressive might swept forth.

That fox spirit was very powerful.

Her strength was that of an Utmost Exalted-level expert.

However, she was no ordinary Utmost Exalted.

Chu Feng suspected that even if she wasnt a peak Utmost Exalted, she was infinitely close.

“Sure enough, you were concealing your strength.”

“Since you possessed such power, why didnt you attack me from the very start” asked Chu Feng.

“Without the removal of that lock, I was unable to attack you.”

“However, the situation is different now.”

“Oh, thats right.

Young master, didnt you ask me how I dealt with the corpses of those people that died outside”

“I can tell you now.

I ate them all,” the fox spirit said to Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

“You evil creature, you are truly ruthless,” said Chu Feng.

“Its not too late for young master to know that.”

“Hand over your treasures of your own accord and I can spare your life,” said the fox spirit.

“And If I refuse” asked Chu Feng.

“Humph, in that case, youll be refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.”

As the fox spirit spoke, her oppressive might turned into an enormous hand that rushed to grab Chu Feng.

That fox spirits cultivation was simply too powerful.

Her cultivation far surpassed those of the six great powers leaders.

As such, it was simply impossible for Chu Feng to avoid her attack.

He could only look on powerlessly as her attack grew closer.

In merely an instant, that oppressive might landed on Chu Fengs body.


However, after the oppressive might landed on Chu Feng, he was not only completely unharmed, but it was instead the fox spirit that ended up flying.

When she landed, not only did she grab her dantian region with her hand, but she was also vomiting blood.

Most importantly, she currently appeared to be very weak.

She had been seriously injured.

“How could this be Why am I unable to injure you” The fox spirit looked to Chu Feng with an astonished expression.

“Its actually very simple.”

Chu Feng, who had shown a look of panic earlier, suddenly started smiling.

As he spoke, he opened his palm.

There was an item floating in his hand.

It was the sacred key.

“You! You deceived me!”

Seeing the sacred key, the fox spirit came to a sudden realization.

It turned out that the sacred key Chu Feng had used to unlock her pendant lock earlier was a fake.

In other words, the lock was still present on her body!


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